Which board member are you?

Find out which NEST-boardmember you are.

Mogelijke uitkomsten

Myron - Chairman (7 x uitgekomen)

You have what it takes to lead a group of crazy NESTers! When someone keeps rambling on about new logos, you are the one to cut them off to talk about more important stuff. What is important stuff, you ask? Food of course! But even though you can hardly keep your mind off kip nuggets during meetings, you have the perfect face to represent the association!

Anne - Secretary (2 x uitgekomen)

You can type so fast that it is almost invisible to the naked eye! And still you find the time to make sarcastic comments in between typing the minutes. When you are giving your fingers a well-deserved break, you are busy with the administration and considering throwing your least favourite NEST-members out of the association. Some people just have it coming!

Tessa - Treasurer (3 x uitgekomen)

When it comes to money, you know your stuff. Even though some people forget to declare their costs (a completely theoretical example: members of the PR-committee), you always know what is going on in the financial world of NEST. You might not be the tallest, but you still know how to make people do their jobs, which is not always easy with wild NESTers!

Karlijn - Commissioner of Productions (1 x uitgekomen)

When any member or director needs something, you know how to fix it for them. Although not everyone is aware of it, you know enough about being passive aggressive to get what you want. Of course, the large quantity of creativity in you is mainly used for making colourful schemes and pointing NESTers towards the right rooms.

Piet - Commissioner of Public Relations (1 x uitgekomen)

Your crazy amount of passion for the association is mainly used for convincing people to come to all the NEST shows! With your knowledge of design, you know your way around making flashy representations for NEST. Sadly, your skills are not always available, since you die every now and then.



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