What is your spirit animal version 2

I have made a quiz about spirit/totem animals before, but there were only 7 different animals you could get.
Since there are many more spirit animals, i have decided to make another quiz so you can find your true protector!

1. Would you consider yourself a sensitive person?

2. Are you assertive, or shy?

3. Are you social or more of a loner?

4. How confident are you?

5. Are you a leader or a follower?

6. Which of these characteristics describes you the best?

7. How are you as a friend?

8. Are you introverted or extroverted?

9. Are you more creative or logical?

10. Pick a habitat.

11. Pick the Animal that you feel the most connected to.

12. Are you good at showing your emotions?

13. Do you trust people easily?

14. How do you see other people?

15. How social are you?

16. When you see something dangerous happening, you...

17. A negative trait of yours;

18. A great capacity of yours;