Wie van de DDC gang ben jij?

Speciaal voor de DDC vriendengroep heheh ik had hier zin in

Also yes Iím still alive

1. Easy start: whats your sexuality?

2. Favorite colour?

3. What animal would your main OC/sona be?

4. Do you like anime? (Very important question)

5. Another important one: are you a furry?

6. Do you consider yourself an artist?

7. Are you a cosplayer?

8. Someone offers you a drink: what do you do?

9. If you could buy anything for free, without the price mattering, what would you buy?

10. Whatís your hogwarts house?

11. Whatís your height

12. Ehehe

13. What is the OTP

14. Last question: opinion on this quiz?

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