Am i a Psychic?

Have you always wondered why there were people whispering your name? Have you always wondered why you feel sad when others are sad too? Have you always seen things walking past you? Have animals always feel chill when they are next to you? Maybe you’re a psychic!

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Psychic (12 x uitgekomen)

I think you’re a Psychic. You can see things like, dead people, the future, ghosts and more. Im not sure which one you are but you can always check other quizes to see which kind of Psychic you are. (or maybe im gonna make another quiz about Psychics)

50% - 50% (3 x uitgekomen)

To be honest, im not sure if you’re a psychic. Its 50% 50% soo.. ye.. You’re kinda a
Mr. Mystery. Maybe you can try a other Psychic quiz?

You’re not a Psychic! (5 x uitgekomen)

Aw.. You’re not a Psychic. Maybe you should be happy for not being a Psychic, because being a Psychic isn’t always fun. If you’re a Psychic you will see people staring at you, when you sleep, or dark shadows walking past you...



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