Hold me close and don’t let go,
I'm so scared to be alone.
I've been by myself for far too long,
And always had to be so strong.
Now I only want to rest,
And lay my head down at your chest.
Hold me close and don’t let go,
These wars I fight no one knows.

hold me close tonight.

-ziall story.
-16+ parts.
-special meanings.
-the poems aren't mine.
-inspired by a book.
-don't like, don't read.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Proloog 251 219 7 jaar geleden
Number 1. 444 350 7 jaar geleden
Number 2. 259 246 7 jaar geleden
Number 3. 339 256 7 jaar geleden
Number 4. 294 215 7 jaar geleden
Number 5. 381 275 7 jaar geleden

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  • Appelpudding

    Abo numero 1 omdat ik van pudding hou en mijn naam paula is en jij de allerliefste beste smuff bent ;D

    7 jaar geleden

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