North made a huge mistake. During the Dark Ages, he fell in love with a mortal young woman and she got a child. But North was so distracted by the young lady, Christmas was almost cancelled. The Man in the Moon did not allow this to happen and made the woman vanish, after she found the child another home and giving the child her white and blue violin.

Some centuries later, Jack Frost joined the Guardians and fought Pitch Black together with them. The times became quite tranquil. Jack visited Jamie sometimes, but then someone unexpected joins them. A teenage girl, named Helia Heather, is Jamie's and Sophie's new babysitter. She should be too old to see Jack, but strangely enough they meet and start to have feelings for each other. Helia was found on the front porch of her foster parents' house and has a little half-sister and an older half-brother. She is incredibly gifted as she plays the notes on her white and blue violin with grace. The violin that was left with her on the front porch...

Helia and Jack start to love each other, but Helia too is a mortal. When North finds out about the relationship of Helia and Jack, he grows furious, but as soon as he and Helia meet up a thought will appear in North's mind. But it can't be, his child must've died years ago, during the Dark Ages.

But what was not yet known by anyone was that North's love didn't vanish for good. She became the Guardian of Time...


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Prologue 362 512 7 jaar geleden
Chapter 1 558 328 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 2 645 421 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 3 763 306 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 4 516 353 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 5 756 429 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 6 376 568 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 7 691 400 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 8 966 467 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 9 940 279 6 jaar geleden
Chapter 10 895 580 6 jaar geleden

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    Love it. Abo.

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