Louis Tomlinson is not a popular guy who is in the 4th class.
Secretly he is very jealous of Styles, a popular boy who is in the 4th class. The same class.
One day, he got into a fight with Styles.
He was angry, but unfortunately continued the feud also haunt him in the summer...

Styles, the most popular guy of school.
A mysterious guy, and nobody knows his first name.
He has always hated Louis Tomlinson, the boy who always looked at him, and after me exactly did, with everything.
The day, they had an argument changed everything.
For Styles, but also for Louis.

one direction facts
where much really happend and examined

Niet toegestaan om deze Story te kopieren. Of mijn idee te stelen. Hij is bedacht en geschreven door Whitehall

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Written in: Dutch
Talking in: Dutch

Start on: the 20th of July 2013
Ends on: the 25th of June 2014


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Proloog 167 255 7 jaar geleden
Chapter 001 812 245 7 jaar geleden
Chapter 002 198 181 7 jaar geleden

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