How could this place ever grow so old?
Signs of people living here for ages,
The rain washed them away.
But this place I call home,
Is not the place it used to be anymore.
The clouds grow darker,
The rain is heavier.
It feels like a whole different world.
A world full of unexplained things.
It's like a horror movie.
And to be honest,

It's scaring the shit out of me.

These woods,
The trees keep growing.
No sign of death,
Everything's alive.


'Hi, I'm Daisy.'
I immediately close the window.
I turn around, to see a little light downstairs.
Didn't I already put it out?
'Hi, I'm Daisy.'
The voice seemed closer this time.
Someone was inside my house.
'Hi, I'm Daisy.'
By the time I turned around,
It was too late.

|| This is fiction
|| Based on Slenderman
|| If you shit yourself, it's not my fault.
|| It's funny how I mean to write this story, while I get scared all the time. Not very smart. Oops.
|| 12+
|| Written in English and Dutch.
|| May contain random languages.
|| Please leave reactions, I love them. Criticism is welcome, why shouldn't I improve, right? (:


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