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Voodoo Doll × Lashton

Door: Jug Co-auteurs: Barrowman
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I don't even like you,
Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?
And I don't understand what's happened,
I keep saying things I never say.

I can feel you watching,
Even when you're nowhere to be seen,
I can feel you touching,
Even when you're far away from me.

Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll,
'Cause I can't control myself,
I don't wanna stay, wanna run away,
But I'm trapped under your spell.
And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,
And I'm having trouble catching my breath.

Won't you please stop loving me to death?

I don't even see my friends no more,
'Cause I keep hanging out with you.
I don't know how you kept me up all night,
Or how I got this tattoo.

I can feel you watching,
Even when you're nowhere to be seen,
I can feel you touching,
Even when you're far away from me.

••• ••• •••

Never thought that I'd say
I wish I didn't love you ever since we first met, when
You got close my heart would just stop,
Thought me and you together would end up on top, you
Changed me for better for worse,
I know I was caught up always put you first, I
Never once thought you would be triflin,
But oh I was blinded...

Never wanna let you go
I was open before
But now I know...
Love made me blind so I couldn't see
All the lies you told
Were right in front of me
Since love made me blind
You made a fool of me
You made it look so perfect
When it wasn't meant to be
Your love made me blind

••• ••• •••

Meeting you was a fate,
Becoming your friend was a choice.
But falling in love with you,
Was beyond my control.


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  1. MaritxCrazy12
    MaritxCrazy12 3 jaar geleden


  2. xoxPrisxox
    xoxPrisxox 3 jaar geleden

    Leuke story! Je hebt er een nieuwe abo bij!!!

  3. AnoukIrwin
    AnoukIrwin 3 jaar geleden

    waneer ga je verder?

  4. OutOfTheWoods
    OutOfTheWoods 3 jaar geleden

    Plaats alsje alsje alsjeblieft snel een stukje ik sterf zonder dit verhaal! x

  5. blackromanceboy
    blackromanceboy 3 jaar geleden

    This is so cute! +aboooo


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