His smile faded quickly when the cold wind went right through every layer of clothes he had on, freezing him thoroughly within mere seconds. The snowflakes fell down onto his black coat and black beanie and even stuck to the few strands of red hair peeking out from underneath the fabric. His feet were freezing - he was wearing converse, which werenít really winterproof shoes - and he forgot gloves and it was just so cold and all he really wanted was to be cuddled up on the couch and watch a goddamn movie. He grumbled and frowned, wrapping his hands around himself in an attempt to stay warm and glancing at the door longingly, looking actually like a distraught kitten.

Or Michael doesnít like snow but he goes outside anyway, just for Luke.

# © Cockles.
# Oneshot.
# Written & spoken in English.
# Read on AO3.


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