Call of the void.

Did you ever have that moment you see something strange? Something that wasn't... quite right. Like a shimmer of darkness in that one stranger's eyes, or a shadow that shouldn't - that couldn't - be there. No?

Good. Because you don't want to have.
However, there are people who can. They see the monsters. They hunt them down.
And they kill them. Oh no, this isn't Twilight.

It's September 2015 and Greenstone (USA) has never been so undead. The Pack is bigger than ever, the Colony is expanding power over the area. Hunters are somehow still managing to keep balance. It's hard, it's difficult, it's even nearly impossible, but they can do it. With the Accord, local agreements and a try for peace, they can keep up.

Or at least that's what théy think. While in reality...
Who's hunting whom?

16+ for explicit violence and mature themes


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
PROLOGUE O.1 1 253 3 jaar geleden
PROLOGUE O.2 1722 49 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER 1.O 11 149 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER 1.1 1530 300 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER 1.2 1359 44 3 jaar geleden
Update 34 36 2 jaar geleden

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  • Allmilla

    Abo!:)(Kan ik ook mijn Engels wat bijschaven...)

    5 jaar geleden
  • Galactica


    5 jaar geleden

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