"Do you love me?"
"No, I don't."
"Yesterday you told me you wanted to marry me."
"Yesterday I didn't know your definition of love."

Sam is twenty-three years old when he meets Jules. Jules is a twenty-year-old, overly enthusiastic, who sometimes seems to disappear from the face of the earth, only to resurface just when Sam starts to believe he should move on. Sam tries to find out what Jules hides from him, only to find out that Jules seems clueless to what she has been hiding from herself.

"I once knew a girl named Jules, until I found out Jules didn't even know herself."

Short Story
Written in English
Story for Go Short
I published this story before, but I'm rewriting it, now four years later, with new ideas.
All Rights Reserved


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Reacties (2)

  • Fagerman

    waah dit klinkt zo goed

    5 jaar geleden
  • Donwell

    I neeeeed more of this written gold.

    5 jaar geleden

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