What makes me happy?
A question not many people are capable to answer.
I am trying.
I've always tried.
Not to give up on thngs I wanted.
To give things I was used to.
I wanted to be special for someone.
Now I know that I am special to me.
It's normal in this world to be married, to have childeren, to work for money, and being buzzy.
I don't want that.
Life is so much more.
I do love childeren, but I don't want to carry them.
I do like man, but I am not searching for love. I have already love.
Family, friends, hobbies, me.
And money?
I'd rather go back to the system that they switched things.
And it's okay to be buzzy, but it's not what I want.
Of course you can't always get what you want.

To live in a house you must pay rent.
To get food you must earn money.
And so on.
But does count if hunderds of lifes are in danger because you want that phone?
Is worth it to buy a new car if there are trees dying?
What makes me really sad is that we're dying.

You, me, your father, your neighbour, the cat, all of them.
One day, before we extinct, the earth is dead.
This is my story.
How I came to be who I am now.
Not by memories, but by thougths today.
My name?
You'll know, when the time is ready.
I am now a book.
Once I was girl.
Do you remember?
That lesson at school, about the war?
Which one you'll ask.
All of them I say.
The first world war, the second, the third…
All of them.
And then I ask you, did you know?
That the bosses never really cared?
They never have cared about you, about me, about the dying trees, or animals or even the planet.

We are dying.

ONLY in English
Correct me when I am wrong
Take abo
And I post when I want with no regular scedule


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