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Clerical Error

Door: Arrancar Co-auteurs: Cipher
Laatst bijgewerkt: 8 maanden geleden
Geactiveerd op: 11 maanden geleden

Everyone is assigned a guardian angel who helps them through life,
however due to a clerical error a demon was assigned to you.


Chax Overlord is 19, in college and a starter on the basketball team. He mostly is a laid back guy, but also a pretty good liar and he hates the wrong kind of attention. His fate however, chose Noah, a demon, to be his guardian since birth. As Chax is fairly quick to judge, he always blames his demon for getting him into unwanted situations. But how true are the claims to the cause of his problems?


Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. [James, 4:7]
"That's just great." [Chax Amadeus Overlord]


♆ English
♆ Own Characters
♆ Violence & Profanity
♆ 01|05|2017
♆ Soundtrack
Touou & Tamatoa


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  1. Bladgroen
    Bladgroen 10 maanden geleden

    Oml, dit klinkt zo cool! U heeft er een abo en een kudo bjj (:

  2. Spunlay
    Spunlay 11 maanden geleden

    De layout is echt wauwie maar damn Engels


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