It had been a year since Hannah had passed away. Things had mostly returned to the way they were but the thing was, it never really could. Clay Jensen had not been the same. None of the people on the tapes had been the same. All changed by the tapes and by Hannah's voice. They had all changed, but were still desperately trying to cling to what once had been. Clay, completely shattered by the events had often sought the comfort of his best friend Tony, much the same as it always had been, but now this was about to change too.

- Clay Jensen / Tony Padilla
- Also on Archive of our Own; here
- Fully written in English
- This is a draft, just written because there wasn't enough Clay/Tony in the world yet.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Tony 1065 66 4 jaar geleden
Clay 1002 54 4 jaar geleden
Tony 1233 60 4 jaar geleden
Clay 923 40 4 jaar geleden
Tony 949 56 4 jaar geleden
Clay 965 73 4 jaar geleden
Tony 1051 31 4 jaar geleden
Clay 1017 32 4 jaar geleden
Tony 1568 14 3 jaar geleden

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