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Frozen Solid || Inazuma Eleven

Door: Requiemz
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After all the things she's gone through, she still only believes in herself. Even though everyone wants to help her, she still refuses any kind of help. As she cannot rely on anyone else for getting ahold of herself. She has to take back the control. The pain inside her only grows as she proceed and there is nothing she can do about it. Or can she? Maybe when it's forced out of her, maybe then the pain will go away. But maybe it will be too much to handle and she will never be able to change back.

We will always be at your side! Even when you're not on our side anymore!

• I will be using random happenings from the series. So it won't be completely the same. Some parts might be the same and I will follow a part of the storyline, but at this point I'll just let my mind lead me into writing this.
• I will be using the Japanese names!
• Any OC characters belongs to me. If you want use any of them, please contact me!
• Warning 16+, I'm not sure yet when or how I am going to put it in this story as I am making a remake of a previous one I made. I might leave it out.
• Because of the 16+ warning, there are no such things as 'Jr' High.. It's normal high school so things won't be weird.
• Starting date: 09.05.2017
• End date: ~

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This story is a remake of the story Soccer Girl I made four years ago!


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Chapter one 1117 83 4 maanden geleden
Chapter two 1341 48 4 maanden geleden
Chapter three 996 42 4 maanden geleden
Chapter four 1373 32 3 maanden geleden
Chapter five 925 34 3 maanden geleden
Chapter six 1041 40 3 maanden geleden
Chapter seven 1249 33 3 maanden geleden
Chapter eight 1141 32 2 maanden geleden
Chapter nine 1228 30 2 maanden geleden
Chapter ten 1193 29 2 maanden geleden
Chapter eleven 1221 33 2 maanden geleden
Chapter twelve 1090 31 2 maanden geleden
Chapter thirteen 949 27 1 maand geleden
Chapter fourteen 1215 37 1 maand geleden
Chapter fifteen 1380 29 1 maand geleden
Chapter sixteen 1114 19 1 maand geleden
Chapter seventeen 1734 13 3 weken geleden
Chapter eighteen 1488 11 2 weken geleden
Chapter nineteen 1333 10 1 week geleden
Chapter twenty 1268 8 6 dagen geleden


  1. Chlorisse
    Chlorisse 4 maanden geleden

    Ik was even heel bang dat de story in het Engels was door al die Engelse tekst, maar gelukkig dus niet! Abo en kudo van mij!


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