Beautiful Stranger, Iíve fallen into your big eyes
I open my heart to the mysterious feeling, the foreign language
Beautiful stranger, people say that youíre dangerous
They donít try to see you they way I do, no

Donít hesitate, hold my hand, take me, Mysterious stranger
You know that Iím different than them, look into my eyes
You came as a colorless light from far away, with a different look from a different world
No matter where that is, Iím ready, take me to the place where you are

|| fijota || LGBT representation || English written and spoken || Started at 03-06-2017 || Ended at 16-06-2017


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
CHAPTER ONE 2155 111 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER TWO 2369 73 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER THREE 3207 55 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER FOUR 3383 67 3 jaar geleden
CHAPTER FIVE 1444 33 3 jaar geleden
EPILOGUE 2450 31 3 jaar geleden

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