Appearing YouTubers:
Jacksepticeye {&Antisepticeye}
Markiplier {&Darkiplier}
Not sure if Tyler and/or Kathryn have a YouTube channel, but they appear too!

Faith is in her last year of school.
She is doing ICT and started a little YouTube channel called FaithTalk, a channel on which she post videos about subject she voices an opinion over.
Aside from that she loves watching both Jack's and Mark's videos to relax.
One day she receives an instant message via Tumblr from Jack.
That's where it all starts.

This story will contain some abuse and blood.
It's necessary for the storyline.

For the ones wondering why this sounds familiar:
This is based on my story on Wattpad,
but I'm not happy with it so I rewrite/change it here until I'm satisfied with it.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Chapter 1 1196 109 4 jaar geleden
Chapter 2 1184 41 4 jaar geleden
Chapter 3 1132 89 3 jaar geleden
Chapter 4 1200 20 3 jaar geleden
Chapter 5 1379 16 3 jaar geleden

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