24-year-old Cassiana leads a quite life as one of the twelve priestesses of the North. They are appointed to protect one of the four relics: the chest. Cassiana, of noble descent, is a skilled warrior. When disaster strikes, she is found by her former fiancé: Dominic, general in the prince's army. She is badly wounded and turns out to be the only survivor. He takes her to safety and makes sure she's nursed back to health. Still in recovery, she learns that all relics have been stolen. Dominic proposes a deal: she helps him find the four relics for the prince to protect the country against the king's rage, and he helps her find the last lost priestess. She agrees, but has a different plan in mind.
A thrilling journey is about to start.

Watch me.
I will go to my own sun.
And if I'm burned by its fire,
I will fly on scorched wings.

                                                            ~ Segovia Amil

~ Written in Dutch
~ Soundtrack
~ Start: 1st of June

Adventure ~ Fantasy ~ Drama ~ Romance~ Action ~ New adult


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Chapter 01 875 66 4 maanden geleden
Chapter 02 741 23 4 maanden geleden
Chapter 03 809 19 4 maanden geleden
Chapter 04 726 13 3 maanden geleden
Chapter 05 1255 11 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 06 840 11 1 maand geleden
Chapter 07 658 13 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 08 734 8 2 maanden geleden
Chapter 09 664 8 3 weken geleden

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    Mijn abo heb je weer(Y)

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