Their eyes meet and that spoke more than a thousand words.
His face was a few inches away from her.
A silence fell and she felt his breath gently caress her face.
Her heart started to beat faster, but she did not look away from him.
His grey eyes looked intently as if he wanted to claim her.
She could no longer suppress her forbidden feelings for him.
She knew his secret but did not judge him because she wanted him all the way.
His sins, his lost soul and his past and present.
She was merciful and did not judge him.
She reached out her hand to caress his cheek.
His pale face was perfect and soft.
She shoved his white pluck away from his face.
His hair feels silky softly, she thought and gently stroking his hair with her fingers.
Their worlds were too different and that will cause chaos she knew that.
But she loved him too much that she doesn't care anymore.
With both hands she grabs his face and looked lusty in his eyes
She brings her face closer to his, but kept looking at him.
"I love you Elijah Morgenstern," she whispered gently his name.
She fiercely kissed him and enjoyed every touch of his lips like she was tasting the forbidden fruit.
'Always and forever'


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    Shadowhunter story?? Abooxx

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    Ik hoop dat je verder gaat met deze storyyy

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    super coole storie

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