Een story voor alle Steve & Bucky one-shots die zich langzaam hebben verzameld op mijn AO3 account, maar die nog niet op Q stonden.

Waarschijnlijk alleen in het Engels, omdat ik voorlopig te lui ben om iets te vertalen (sorry). 😎

> That time Steve kissed every single Avenger (and also Bucky) | 1,5k; fluff & humor met het hele Avenger team
It’s Clint who bravely breaks the silence by clearing his throat. “So, uh,” he says, “did all of you just get kissed by Captain America, or did I totally hallucinate that because I haven’t had my caffeine shot yet?”

> Follow me (I'm right behind you) | 3,5k; WWII-era angst over Steve's nieuwe lichaam
“Yeah,” Bucky says. “I’m sorry,” he adds, because he is, for so many things. He feels he should be celebrating, should be happy for Steve and his new scientifically perfect body, but instead he just feels hollow and wrong-footed and like he’s lost something important to him.

> I like big beards (and I cannot lie) | 3,7k; compleet spoilervrije, luchtige Infinity War fic met happy end
Then Bucky reaches up and pulls on the hairs at Steve’s chin. Steve yelps and slaps his hand away, and Bucky half laughs, half snorts.
“I thought maybe it wasn’t real, but it seems pretty solidly attached. You wear a beard now? What on earth?”

Or: Steve has a beard, Bucky needs some time to adjust, and oh, the universe is in danger, or something.


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That time Steve kissed every single Avenger (and also Bucky) 1541 248 4 jaar geleden
Follow me (I'm right behind you) 3489 171 4 jaar geleden
I like big beards (and I cannot lie) 3718 106 4 jaar geleden

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