Sommige liefdesverhalen zijn pas net begonnen.

“Though these words will never find you, I hope that you knew I was thinking of you today….. and that I was wishing you every happiness.
Love Always,
The girl you loved once.”

“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Letter 1. 1020 206 3 jaar geleden
Letter 2 948 174 3 jaar geleden
Letter 3. 978 162 3 jaar geleden
Letter 4. 1277 153 3 jaar geleden
Letter 5. 1117 143 2 jaar geleden
Letter 6. 869 133 2 jaar geleden
Letter 7. 1971 141 2 jaar geleden

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  • HarrysWife

    Yesss babe!
    Ben nu al zo onwijs trots op jou! ‘xx

    3 jaar geleden

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