a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill.
"a frisson of excitement"


Kim Seokjin is a real whimp. He痴 skinny, weak and rather bad at standing up for himself.
And as most weak boys, he痴 getting bullied.
But, not quite like other weak boys, he has enough of it. He doesn稚 accept his faith as the class loser, he wants to be looked up to and he wants to be able to defend himself.
So, he takes boxing classes.


-Curse words
-Changes in POV


Drugs & Candy All Time Low
The Truth Untold BTS

(This is not meant to offend any of the BTS or Day6 members, or to assume that they are homosexual)


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
OO1 nightmares in reality 1229 116 3 jaar geleden
OO2 defense 942 116 3 jaar geleden
OO3 the start 773 113 3 jaar geleden
OO4 surprise 1493 97 3 jaar geleden
OO5 unhealthy guilt 1665 91 3 jaar geleden
OO6 friends 1289 85 3 jaar geleden
OO7 manners 1051 100 2 jaar geleden
OO8 forced 1010 100 2 jaar geleden
OO9 trustworthiness 1356 47 2 jaar geleden
O1O from tipsy to wasted 1206 30 2 jaar geleden
O11 lost attention 2805 25 2 jaar geleden
O12 hangover 1931 92 2 jaar geleden
O13 hot 1432 75 2 jaar geleden
O14 child 953 65 2 jaar geleden
O15 aggression 1199 74 2 jaar geleden
O16 shattered 1089 19 2 jaar geleden

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