"bad boys ain't no good but good boys ain't no fun"

~ Seven undercover agents. Each of them has different character traits and a power you can't recist. Nobody is allowed to know about these secret missions.. unfortunately, one day, when a solar eclipse appeard, a girl saw the whole secret mission. When she got catch by the seven boys, she was trying to run away and accidentally got hit by a car. That's why she lost all of her memories and broke her leg.
But, the boys can't lose any sight of her in case her memories get back.
So the boys had to came up with a plan.

What will happen? Are her memories gone forever or will her memories appear soon? And what did she see?

This story is my first fanfiction about BTS ever.
I've spending alot time to think about the idea and make the story out.
I hope you like it!!


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Chapter 01 447 26 2 jaar geleden

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