Seventy-seven years after the nuclear apocalypse that left the Earth uninhabitable, the Ark faced its very first unfixable system failure. The crops that they had been able to grow for protein are struck with a virus that wipes out the entire plant strain. Desperate for a solution to provide their people with the needed amount of protein, the Council makes an extremely drastic decision. In a need for survival but the holdback of their humanity, they decide that there is no other option then to start eating human flesh, but that they cannot start killing their own people for it. With the help of the very advanced DNA technology that they have, they created a human baby from scratch in an artificial womb. Once 'born' they would keep her hidden from the rest of the population for the entirety of her life, while they used her bone marrow for stem cells to grow meat and conducted all sorts of experiments on her, often cruel ones without pain relief. Despite the fact that the Council had given the girl her own name, Nova was never granted the rights to her humanity. They created her for a purpose. They owned her. Without them, she wouldn't exist, so she would obey every command. Growing up into a young woman she was only allowed to see one other child, to teach her to socialise. Just like the Council ordered him, he always kept her existence a secret from the public.

When eighteen years later the hydrofarm regains the power to grow protein crops again, with the help of Nova's stem cells, the Council deems her a finished experiment. They vote to eradicate her from the Ark, but with the help of Abby Griffin, she gets a second chance to life. They decide to send her to the Earth, as a final experiment.




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