©Jonas Jödicke

May the squealing of the otter bring you joy;
May the endurance of the elk make your feet lighter;
May the wings of the owl bring you wisdom;
May the swiftness of the raven deliver my message;
May the howling of the wolf protect you;
May the footprints of the bear guide you home;
May the eyes of the eagle open your soul.

Disclaimer: I am not of Native Canadian/American descent, nor do I have any connections to these cultures/heritages. Whilst in Canada, the culture inspired me. Should you find anything in this story discriminating, disrespectful or just plain incorrect, please do let me know. It is not my intention to negatively portray anyone's culture or heritage.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Chapter 1.1 450 18 2 jaar geleden
Chapter 1.2 938 13 2 jaar geleden
Chapter 1.3 653 8 2 jaar geleden
Chapter 1.4 811 20 2 jaar geleden

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