Title: To The Max
Subtitle: … no way back home
Storyline along Soundtrack:
"Midnight in my city, All these lights they call my name,
My world isn't pretty, I've seen the best of it
Don't know where I've been
All these streets look wrong
Don't know where I belong
I'm looking for something...
For something... For something... I never knew"
©Something New by Tokio Hotel (Dream Machine)

Characters: Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Jax Hunter
Genre: Fanfiction, Drama, Detective, Action
Release Date: 8 October 2018
Language: English [Overview], Dutch [All Episodes & Disclaimer in Overview]
Production: Winterdawn
Airing on: Monday
Episode Guide: 22
First Episode: 1x01 Pilot
Latest Episode: 1x09 Show Must Go On
Status: Continuing

Episode List
• 1x01 Pilot [Airing: 8 October 2018]
• 1x02 Winner of The Day [Airing: 15 October 2018]
• 1x03 Gone With The Wind [Airing: 19 November 2018 (20 November 2018)]
• 1x04 Jaxson “Jax” Hunter [Airing: 23 November 2018]
• 1x05 Daniel Ricciardo [Airing: 26 November 2018]
• 1x06 Welcome to Russia [Airing: 30 November 2018]
• 1x07 Playing with Fire [Airing: 3 December 2018]
• 1x08 Secret Enemies [Airing: 7 December 2018]
• 1x09 Show Must Go On [Airing: 10 December 2018]
• 1x10 'Sinead' [Airing: 21 January 2019]
• 1x11 Argentina [Airing: 28 January 2019]
• 1x12 Welcome Back [Airing: 11 February 2019]
• 1x13 Troublemaker [Airing: 18 February 2019]
• 1x14 Monaco [Airing: 18 March 2019]
• 1x15 Casino Royal [Airing: 25 March 2019]
• 1x16 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x17 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x18 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x19 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x20 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x21 TBA [Airing: TBA]
• 1x22 TBA [Airing: TBA]

Soundtrack / Inspiration
Je kunt de soundtrack ook luisteren op spotify: To The Max – Spotify
Aerosmith – Dream On;
AJR – Burn the House Down;
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?;
Asking Alexandria – Alone In A Room;
Avril Lavigne – Give You What You Like;
Badflower – Animal, Ghost;
Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown;
Blue October – Daylight;
The Blue Stones – Black Holes (Solid Ground);
Bohnes – Middle Finger;
Bryce Fox – Horns;
BTS – Singularity;
Chelan – Before the Light Is Gone;
Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind;
Dreamers – Sweet Disaster;
Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK – Kiss And Make Up;
Emma Bale – Curaçao;
Fall Out Boy – Centuries, Champion (Remix – Fall Out Boy, RM);
Flora Cash – You’re Somebody Else;
Florence + The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms;
Good Looking Animals – How You Do It (Deluxe Version);
Grandson – Blood // Water, Bury Me Face Down, Despicable;
Imagine Dragons – Believer, Natural;
Josh Record – The War;
Kaleo – No Good, Way Down We Go;
Kris Allen – Lost;
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love;
Linkin Park – The Catalyst;
Lovelytheband – these are my friends;
Machineheart – Stonecold;
Mike Shinoda, K.Flay – Make it Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay);
MISSIO – Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea;
Morgxn, Walk The Moon – Home ft. Walk The Moon;
Mourning Ritual, Peter Dreimanis – Bad Moon Rising (Cover) (feat. Peter Dreimanis);
Muse – Supermassive Black Hole, Uprising;
Normandie – White Flag;
Oh The Larceny – Man on a Mission;
Placebo – Running Up That Hill;
Plumb – Cut;
Rag'n'Bone Man – Human;
Red Hot Chili Peppers –Can’t Stop, Don’t Forget Me;
Ross Copperman – Hunger;
Ruelle – Madness, Until We Go Down;
Ryan LaTorre – Following The Wave;
Sam Tinnesz, Silverberg – Wolves (Alternate Version);
Sohn – The Chase;
The Struts – Body Talks[/b];
Tamino – Persephone;
THEY. – Dante's Creek;
Thirty Seconds To Mars – Rescue Me, Walk On Water;
Three Days Grace – Infra-Red;
Tokio Hotel – As Young As We Are, Better, Dream Machine, Elysa,
Something New (Inspiration for ‘To The Max’), Stop Babe;
Twenty One Pilots – My Blood, Nico and The Niners;
Twin Wild – Willow Tree;
Two Feet – Back Of My Mind, Hurt People (feat. Madison Love), I Feel Like I'm Drowning;
Welshly Arms – Legendary;
Will Know – Stolen Car;

Disclaimer [!BELANGRIJK]
Het is belangrijk om het volgende te weten:
• … Ik heb deze story in de ochtend van 8 oktober 2018 zelf bedacht na een idee wat in mijn hoofd kwam te zitten;
• … Jaxson ‘Jax’ Hunter is een zelf verzonnen personage, Max Verstappen en Daniel Ricciardo zijn de twee formule 1 coureurs;
• … Wat er in deze story gebeurd is fictief en dus verzonnen!
• … Het idee om te uploaden op de manier van een tv-serie, is zodat een hoofdstuk goed uitgewerkt en gecontroleerd kan worden.

• ... Lezen op eigen risico!!!


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
1x01 Pilot 1057 39 1 week geleden
1x02 Winner of The Day 1092 20 1 maand geleden
1x03 Gone With The Wind 1222 18 3 weken geleden
1x04 Jaxson "Jax" Hunter 1234 20 2 weken geleden
1x05 Daniel Ricciardo 1155 15 2 weken geleden
1x06 Welcome To Russia 1166 17 1 week geleden
1x07 Playing With Fire 1150 10 1 week geleden
1x08 Secret Enemies 1342 13 6 dagen geleden
1x09 Show Must Go On 1271 10 4 dagen geleden

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