Mister Officer.     
Let's play shots."           

Club EXO was a treacherous lair. Men and women alike turning their bodies around stripper poles like snakes. Cards and money going from hand to hand way too easily. Overseen by a man, who people in fear only referred to as 'the red tiger'.

            Cop Chanyeol x Druglord Baekhyun
            AU Fanfiction, Romance, Crime
            Written in English
            ⚣ - 16+


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
One 1310 28 7 maanden geleden
SUSPECT FILE 98 16 7 maanden geleden
Two 991 14 7 maanden geleden
Three 1399 7 7 maanden geleden
Four 1474 8 5 maanden geleden

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