destine (someone) for a particular fate or purpose

I have touched Heaven —
and returned howling

— unknown

• • •

Leia's life was built on lies and magic : the latter one causing it to eventually crumble in front of her eyes. The possibility to mourn is not given to her, as Leia ends up being on the run with her self proclaimed protector.
Literally running away from everything she has ever known, she sees no other choice than to put her trust in a complete stranger who seems to struggle with demons of his own.
Nahuel pulls her into the complicated world she was pushed out of as a baby — and there is not nearly enough time to make up for the lost years, with the danger of her exposed existence hanging in the balance of their every move.
No one is prepared for the fate Leia's life beholds as she lands face—first into the ongoing feud between hunters and the supernatural and the affect she holds on both.

This is a story about wolves, their mates, hunters and every—magical—thing inbetween.

• • •

— Fully written in English
— 16+
— Regular updates.
— All rights reserved to me. Similarities to other stories/books/whatever are purely coincidental.
— Anthem


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