'Freedom is life's great lie.' Loki tells as he presses the tip of his scepter against your chest, a blue coloured power emerging from it and into your body. Your normal, professional behaviour now changes into panic as you feel the power surging through your veins and towards your brain.

Within moments you regain your posture, an emotionless look in your eyes, awaiting his orders. 'Once you accept that in your heart, you will know peace.' His bright blue eyes are sparkling as he sees the mind stone's work on you.

You nod slightly at him, as in agreement and watch how he takes Barton, Selvig and a few others, too.

~Loki x Reader.
~Around the time of the first Avengers movie.
~Contains mature themes!
~All English!


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Prologue 332 21 1 maand geleden
OO1 ~ Compromised 874 12 1 maand geleden
OO2 ~ Course 976 12 1 maand geleden
OO3 ~ Formal Party 895 8 1 maand geleden
OO4 ~ Captured 931 13 1 maand geleden
OO5 ~ Plan 1091 7 1 maand geleden
OO6 ~ Escape 458 4 1 maand geleden

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