Because of the disturbing lack of Kpop-stories here on Quizlet, I have decided to publish and write my own.
Here you can request your own story with any Kpop idol you like, male or female, even boy x boy or girl x girl. However, I don't write three (or more)-somes, you horny bastards.

Either way, in the chapter titled 'Requests' you can find a list you can fill in about details about you, your preferred idol and a possible storyline. I write in English, Dutch is possible on request. I'm looking forwards to writing these!



Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
OOO - REQUESTS 54 17 1 maand geleden
OOO - WAITING LIST 48 16 3 weken geleden
OO1 - Scared, now? Chanyeol 2170 15 1 week geleden
OO2 - By your side Chanbaek 2061 6 3 weken geleden

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  • Ohorat

    you bet yo ass im about to lose it every time u update this

    1 maand geleden
  • ParkChanyeol


    1 maand geleden

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