Love and power; two seperate things, yet the one can’t live without the other.
At least not in this story…

This story revolves around the lifes of two young women. Whethever it is due to fate or to ambition, they find themselves near to the crown, both in politics as in passion. While it might seem to the world that they have placed themselves in the heart of power, the world does not know that it is much harder to have everything, than it is to have nothing.

‘’If you should find me in the depths of despair or the edge of glory,
just know that i did not get there without murdering a piece of my heart or soul.’


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
~ Prologue ~ 856 27 6 maanden geleden
Thrive OO1 1453 22 6 maanden geleden
Thrive OO2 2103 13 6 maanden geleden

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