M A S T E R      of      D I S A S T E R

      Remy is used to a life on the run, laying low and always blending into the crowd. The past fifteen months at the same college have been a bold move and getting comfortable with a life that isn't really her own, has led her to lower her guard just a little too much.
      As danger catches up with her, Remy is forced to decide if she'll flee once more or risk it all and face the monsters she's been desperately hiding from. When everything seems aligned for fatal catastrophe, something unexpected happens and pulls Remy all the way down the rabbit hole or, in her case, the lands of faerie ; a realm where wicked powers slumber and creatures of nightmares rule.

Fully written in English
All rights reserved
Beautiful cover by Grace


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
PART 1 : MISTRESS OF DECEPTION 90 14 3 weken geleden
1 720 16 3 weken geleden
1.1 1085 14 3 weken geleden
1.2 787 5 2 weken geleden
2 1090 3 2 weken geleden
2.1 1176 3 2 weken geleden
2.2 1030 2 1 week geleden
2.3 1203 2 1 week geleden
3 494 3 2 dagen geleden

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