Fanfiction for The Chronicles of the Fantasy Kingdom, a re-write of my own story.

At seventeen, Acacia Blackwood was supposed to graduate from the Academy of the Silver Rose and finally get the title of knight, like her father, the General, her mother, her uncle, her aunt, and her grandfather.
However, fate isn't on her side as she fails her exams and has to face the consequences. To make matters worse, her little sister gets kidnapped on her day of failure.
As her father forbids her from joining the search, Ace takes matters into her own hands, and, together with fellow student Avondir and her dragon Nidilia, she leaves home in a desperate attempt to prove herself to her father, herself, and the entire world.
However, no-one and nothing is what it seems in Ace's ultimate test of character.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Importance - Prologue 974 4 2 weken geleden
Importance - Chapter 1 801 3 2 weken geleden
Importance - Chapter 2 812 3 2 weken geleden
Importance - Chapter 3 894 1 1 week geleden
Importance - Chapter 4 869 1 1 week geleden
Importance - Chapter 5 854 3 3 dagen geleden
Importance - Chapter 6 961 5 2 dagen geleden
Importance - Chapter 7 1287 1 2 dagen geleden

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