“Wasn’t that yours?”

The blonde boy looked at the other boy that was talking to him. He didn’t seemed to be surprised, more like he was caught doing something that he wasn’t supposed to do. He leaned against the stone wall that separated the beach resort from the beach itself, his bare feet on the warm sand.

Anthony was pretty sure that the plastic sword, that another kid was now playing with, belonged to the other boy. He was sure, as he watched him (and his siblings) play with it and when he asked his mum for a sword, she told him that he couldn’t have one. So he watched with envy how this blonde kid trailed behind his older siblings who had lost interest in him pretty fast.

“I gave it away,” the blonde confessed with a guilty sigh.

His eyes widened. “You what?” Anthony asked dumbfounded.

Anthony J. Crowley, a trust fund kid and the son of a well-known politician, meets Aziraphale Fell every year for two weeks in France on their summer holiday. During these seven years they develop a friendship, until something happens and Anthony doesn't come back. It takes them twelve years to reunite, but no one told them how badly it can hurt.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
O1 | When we first met 582 10 2 weken geleden
O2 | Plausible deniability 491 5 2 weken geleden
O3 | Super Soakers 519 3 2 weken geleden
O4 | Shakespeare 444 2 1 week geleden
O5 | Hand holding 785 2 1 week geleden
O6 | Picnic 731 3 1 week geleden
O7 | Whales and Wine 1894 3 1 week geleden
O8 | A kiss for goodbye 2120 3 6 dagen geleden
O9 | Old Memories 1119 2 2 dagen geleden

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