Something Only We Know

''''I’m not really one of those people who falls in love head over heels for someone. The ‘he fell for her instantly and she for him’ type of thing.
In the rare cases that it did happen, it didn’t feel like that all.
Perhaps, in some surreal world that was not my own, things happened differently, but that was foreign to me.
All I knew was that one day, I had a sudden realisation that this was the person I was looking for.
This story doesn’t start at school where I was the new girl and he was assigned to me to show me around on campus. Not during a summer holiday either where I nearly fell into the water and he saved my life. None of that.
He did keep me afloat while I was sinking.''''


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Ch.1 Darkness 384 14 3 weken geleden
Ch.2 Valuable Lessons 836 6 1 week geleden
Ch.3 Treasure 627 1 3 dagen geleden

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