From ancient times, people have searched, for if there wasn't anything they weren't sure of, they'd make up something to be unsure of. Searching is a good way to keep life going, to set a goal for yourself. It's fun, like treasure haunting.
If people wouldn't be searching, life would be dull. And in the end, you'll find out why we're all searching.

~A young writer, on an endless search for inspiration.
~A drummer, searching for life's meaning.
~A talented guitarist, constantly searching for enlightment.
~A beautiful girl, on her search for freedom.

Veronique and Meike, combining there strength.
A co-production.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
-1. Elvira 1216 447 7 jaar geleden
-2. Mia 830 234 8 jaar geleden
-3. Prison 903 286 8 jaar geleden
-4. Maybe it's time to change 1001 379 8 jaar geleden
-5. Shock 832 327 8 jaar geleden
-6. All nightmare long 754 225 8 jaar geleden

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  • sterretjhu

    Waauw, en een geweldig verhaal, nu al <3
    ik neem een abbo(baby)

    8 jaar geleden

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