For starters.
This is not only a gay love story, it is also completely written in english. C=

And for follow ups, the summary:
-Before you go off thinking this is going to be some cliché drama story, it's not... I think. Well, it might be cliché at some points, can't deny that.-
Meraus has been alone for pretty much all his life, sure he had family, but friends were the one thing he could never find. He jumped from one group to another, but no one really interested him. He wasn't depressed or anything, he just searched for the perfect place for him. Isn't that nothing more than human? He almost never denies any chance of finding that place, that person, or those people. Allmost never. There is this one guy that gets on his nerves a lot. He'd do anthing to get him down. Leaded by slight hate, and a hella lot of interest for each other, their lifes might just mix togheter without them realizing it?



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