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Park Hana was slightly different than the average 22 year old South-Korean girl. Growing up in Canada and moving to Korea at the age of 13 was not easy. Always wanting to experience Ďtrue loveí, she was never able to give or receive it. Although it was a while back, her heart canít forget that one person who only left happy memories. Living on her own, making her own money, everything went peacfully... until he showed up again.


Iím horrible at writing introís and I want my story to explain itself throughout the chapters.

This is my first proper fanfiction in English that I actually plan on posting online.
English is not my first language so Iím sorry if I make mistakes and please correct me if I do.
I originally had a lot of ideas but this one stuck with me the longest so please bear with me (:
Also, Iím a slow writer so I wonít update fast, Iím sorry ): I first had this story rated and there will be smut but that is far in the story. So I'll rate it when the smut scenes will begin.

I hope you like it. Comments would make me very happy even if it's not much!

Ik schrijf dit verhaal eigenlijk op [link] maar ik besloot om hem ook op Quizlet te posten... voor mensjes die hem misschien hier willen lezen.... of niet... XD

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I'm really glad to see you again 1367 246 1 decennium geleden
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  • shawol4infinity

    Beschrijving lijkt veelbelovend... Ik zal je verhaal zeker lezen.
    Als ik tijd heb, begin ik straks al:)

    Ik ben ook net begonnen aan mijn eerste fanfiction over SHINee, op AFF en Q.
    En tegelijkertijd ben ik een fanfiction naar het Nederlands aan het vertalen.

    Leuk om op Q iemand te vinden die ook kpop fics schrijft.

    9 jaar geleden

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