Five teenagers, five stories, five mistakes.
'After High School we stay friends right?' 'Yes'
That's what they thought.

~ This is a fanfiction about The Glee Project.
~ The Trailer isn't mine, but I want to make a fanfiction about this. The credits goes to the makers of the Glee Project.
~ Blake Jenner as Blake Jenner, Michael Weisman as Michael Weisman, Aylin Bayramoglu as Aylin Bayramoglu, Lily Mae Harrington as Lily Mae Harrington & Ali Stroker as Ali Weisman.
~ Written and Spoken in Dutch.
~ Trailer.


Titel Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
Prologue 211 361 8 jaar geleden
Trailer 20 229 8 jaar geleden
1. A New Start. 744 296 8 jaar geleden
2. Different Stories. 698 216 8 jaar geleden

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