• Op Fanfiction.net heb ik een hilarish verhaal gevonden, ik kan niet stoppen er bij te lachen.
    "You know," She laughed after rinsing out her mouth. "I woke up in a tub."
    Daniel laughed. "Well, I woke up to a wild-haired girl throwing a phone at me. Shall we compare?"

    Het verhaal is gebasseert op Danny Phantom, wat kinderachtig, zul je nu denken, maar op een aantal keren een pleit over dat spoken gevaarlijk zijn komt er niet echt iets in voor over het hele cartoondrama. In een verveelde en melige bui ben ik Cartoons gaan zoeken, ik kwam bij dit verhaal uit en het is nog best cool.
    Het gaat over Samantha Manson, een rijke vrouw die op het punt staat te trouwen. Als ze op de dag dat ze gaat trouwen wakker word in een badkuip, ontdekt ze dat ze al met iemand anders getrouwd is! Dit levert Hilarishe momenten op.
    Sam woke up at once, paling at the use of her last name. "Paulina, we need to talk."
    "No, Sam. We don't have time to talk! Now, we've got like ten hours, which isn't enough time. You get married at 8'clock sharp tonight. It is going to be beautiful with stars and fairy lights, etcetera, etcetera." Paulina rattled on.
    Sam could imagine Paulina looking over her checklist now and checking off 'stars', 'fairy lights', and 'etcetera'.
    "No, Paulina, this conversation really can't wait."
    "Chica, whoa. I get it, okay? You're nervous about this. That's totally understandable..."
    "Paulina, no. I—"
    "...it's going to be the wedding of the century, and you've got jitters, hon, it's okay. Now in thirty minutes..."
    Why wasn't she listening? If breaking this to Paulina was this difficult she dreaded everything else even more so now; Paulina was supposed to be the easiest!
    'Stupid Sam,' she thought bitterly. 'Nothing with Paulina Sanchez is "easy".' She then smirked to herself, thinking of something mean to contradict that thought, but she shook her head in an attempt to focus.
    "Pau-lin-a. Pay attention! We need to talk now because—"
    "...we'll go get our nails done so that they look gorgeous during the—"
    Sam held her head in her hands as she made her way to the living room. Lying on the couch, she internally pitied her head, not for Paulina's loudness, which there was actually a pleasant lack of, but for her stupidity, which seemed to be coming in waves. Maybe she should have just thought that thought about her from before. She would so think it next time...that is if she lived through this time.
    It was a good thing that Sam didn't really care all that much for Paulina, or else she might have felt guilty for what she was about to do.
    "—there isn't going to be a wedding, so shut up!"

    Het verhaal is vooral leuk om te lezen als je melig bent, of melig wil worden, de personages zijn een tikje aangepast, en daardoor word het verhaal, hoewel het grappig is, ook een stuk volwassener.
    "Uhm, hi? I'm Danny." Danny cleared his throat and extended his hand toward her. Pamela looked at it as if it were disease ridden.
    "I do not care for your name, child." Pamela turned around to face the windshield, stiff as a board, with both hands clutching the steering wheel. "'Danny'? That's the name of a farm boy…" she muttered to herself deliriously.
    "Ignore her," Sam muttered. "She's strung out on Zoloft, Norpramin, and probably one or two Lexapro."
    Danny went to respond as the engine suddenly roared to life. Sam and Danny both looked forward hurriedly as they heard Pamela's racking sobs.
    "Mom…maybe you shouldn't drive…" Sam warned, clutching her seatbelt. Pamela didn't seem to be listening to them as she turned up the radio, blaring John Mayer at them.
    "Your mom is a Mayer fan?" Danny questioned as the limo lurched forward.
    "Who in the hell knows?! MOM!" The last comment was once again directed at the woman in the front, who was now sobbing quite loudly.
    "Mom, I'm sorry…it's a joke…Ha. Ha. Ha. Laugh, Mother!" Pamela turned teary and furious emerald eyes toward her pleading daughter, only to roll up the tinted glass between them and pull the limo into reverse, sending Danny and Sam further back into their seats.
    "Why do I get the feeling that your mother can't drive?" Danny gulped.
    "Because she can't, and we're going to die to 'Your Body is a Wonderland'! MOM!" Sam was hollering this time as the limo whipped out of its parking place and went barreling down the street. Sam unbuckled her seatbelt and rapped on the window, trying to get her mother's attention.
    "Belligerent child! Went off and married a stranger! After all I've done! After all I've planned!" Pamela's voice came from the limousine's speaker system. She must not have realized that she was leaning on the button. "A DAMNED FARMBOY?!"

    Het word naarmate het verhaal vordert alleen maar grappiger. Als je van romantishe komedies houdt is dit verhaal echt wat voor jou.


    Edit: Toen ik dit verhaal vond was ik natuurlijk erg melig, en ik kan me voorstellen dat het niet voor iedereen grappig is.

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    Grappig hoe het ene moment jullie beiden onafscheidelijk waren. Nu zijn jullie 2 mensen die elkaar proberen te vergeten.

    Ik ben niet in een melige bui.
    Geef mij maar een fanfiction waar mijn ships weeral eens in sterven :3.

    There's faith and there's sleep - we need to pick one - please


    “You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!” ~The Doctor

    Iphegenia schreef:
    Ik ben niet in een melige bui.
    Geef mij maar een fanfiction waar mijn ships weeral eens in sterven :3.

    comfort in c h a o s