• De titel zegt volgens mij wel genoeg. Ik zoek verhalen over One Direction. Abn geschreven. Ik lees ook bromance verhalen.

    You will never know, just how beautiful you are to me.

    Ik schrijf er twee (:
    Kijk maar op mijn profiel!

    what doesn't kill me might make me kill you

    Ik heb er drie, maar ben er net een nieuwe begonnen want die andere werk ik niet meer aan haha.. Hier is mijn nieuwe story: http://www.quizlet.nl/stories/101454/a-hopeless-princess--one-direction/

    You cannot fix what you cannot face.

    als je wil mag je mijn story lezen, het gaat over vooral Niall Horan en Bo
    Klik hier als je de link wil :) xx

    If you are not Niall Horan, i don't like you


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    Nearly died
    Left her best friend behind
    One promiss was broken
    Now her heart is

    We're breaking things we can't repair
    and none of us will take the blame
    No, nothing can be done this time
    All the memories that we've made
    I've threw them all away
    There's no need to talk it over

    She tried to help
    She tried to stop the cutting
    One broken promiss
    And everything's broken

    The story

    Er komt in het begin best wel veel drama in voor, maar ook romantiek, eenhoorns, en random HELE random subjects^^ Hij is net begonnen (3 hoofdstukken) So yeah, hope you want to take a look en dat je het wat vind(:

    In my life I had so many setbacks, but oh darling, recovery is so much better.

    You're beautifal to me || One Direction

    Het gaat over 2 presentatrices van een show die met one direction in aanraking komen, en dan allemaal dingen beleven, Love, Hate, Hope and lies

    ik schrijf de story samen met xLindaxNiall

    Read it, if you're liking it

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    Enjoy the rollercoaster that's life ~ Zayn Malik

    Reflections | destruction • Zayn J. Malik

    ‘When destiny calls you, you don't hang up that easily.’

    ‘Your eyes are like mirrors. Perfectly blank. I want to know what's inside of them, but all I see is the reflected world.’

    • 1O - 11 - 12


    Just friends ft Niall Horan

    We haven't seen each other for 3 years and i think that our friendship changed. He comes back to school and to Mullingar. I think that he don't recognize me anymore. I changed so much! He changed so much! We changed so much!

    I’ll wait for you for you a hundred years,
    hoping someday you’ll come back to me,
    and love me with all your heart,

    But months went over in years,
    and now I can only hope for your safe return,
    and hoping that someday, at some place,
    you’ll be all I need in this cruel world...

    Just friends ft Niall Horan

    Too different to fall in love ft. Josh Devine & One Direction

    The day I met you,
    I found someone beautiful
    But there was an ocean between us,
    so different that we are,
    every next day I was thinking about your smile
    and if I saw you, I drawned in the beauty of your eyes,
    Oh girl, I was falling in love by you..

    Too different to fall in love ft. Josh Devine & One Direction

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    Ed and Hazza, cause YOLO.

    K heb ze nooit in een bromance gezien hier,ik dacht: Ik doe een keertje origineel, haha. :k


    Lean in when you laugh, we take photographs.
    There’s no music on, but we dance along.
    Never felt like this before.

    © Adlington and Adesso.
    November 2012.

    How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

    "They may say we're too young to love.. But they don't know about the "I love you's" and the "Up all nights"

    A story based on 1D


    Moet je echt even gaan lezen!! Super verhaal :)
    En One Direction komt er natuurlijk invoor :P

    Aboo en Kudo's zijn natuurlijk welkomm:)

    Love and other messages | 1D One Shots

    If we hug a little tighter, our hearts will be a little closer

    Breaking Love || Harry Styles

    Do you still love me?
    Ofcourse I still love you!
    Are you sure?
    How can you even doubt about that.
    It's better if we break up.
    No...please don't say that.
    I'm sorry...

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    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.