• Willen jullie please een kijkje nemen bij mijn nieuwe story, ik hoop dat jullie het wat vinden xoxo

    I know you've never loved,
    the crinkles by your eyes when you smile.
    You've never loved,
    your stomach or your thighs,
    the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine.
    But I'll love them endlessly.

    "I don't think you can really define love and Baby, even if I wanted to, nobody compares to you".

    The day I first met you
    you told me you'd never fall in love.
    Now that I get you
    I know fear is what it really was

    || Soundtrack ||1D exist || One Direction & Skylar Dayne || Soms 16+ || Smexy ||

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    Be a lover. Choose love, give love. Love everyone, always.