• Hogwarts Life

    This RPG is written fully in English. If you ‘re doubting about your entry here, please don’t. It can be very disturbing for you ánd for others if they have to keep correcting you. I’d also say that I ask for more experienced roleplayers, but if you think you can do it, you’re welcome.

    Hogwarts Life

    Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy warty Hogwarts,
    Teach us something please,
    Whether we be old and bald,
    Or young with scabby knees,
    Our heads could do with filling,
    With some interesting stuff,
    For now they're bare and full of air,
    Dead flies and bits of fluff,
    So teach us things worth knowing,
    Bring back what we've forgot,
    Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
    And learn until our brains all rot.

    Welcome to Hogwarts, the Magical school for witchcraft and wizardry.

    - If you get in a fight with another player, don’t start fighting in the RPG.
    - If you talk Out of Character, put it in between brackets: {} [] ().
    - ONLY ENGLISH, even when out of Character.
    - Don’t get mad if someone corrects you, they’re just helping you!
    - 16+ is allowed, no exceptions really, but don’t start on the first page of the first topic. Keep it a bit realistic (As far as that is possible, saying it’s a RPG about a wizard-school).
    - I ask for some experience.
    - At least 6/7 sentences. It’s not really that much, you can always describe the scenery, your feelings, etc. Again: it’s not that much.
    - No Mary Sue’s, that’s bloody annoying.
    - Do not play with other characters except for your own. Again: Bloody annoying.
    - 2 characters max.
    - Reservations last for 2 days.
    - Please try to post AT LEAST once per two days.

    - There’s a difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.
    - ‘I’ (Als in het Nederlandse ‘Ik’) is ALWAYS written with a capital letter. Please notice that.
    - Watch grammar and interpunction.
    - …

    I’m starting off with 5 students each house. I know Gryffindor and Slytherin are the most popular, but please try to mix it a bit.

    - Isabel Arianna Jones - Keeper|Captain By Kwijt
    - Nora Destry Livingstone By LexLover
    - Scarletta Shantelle Salazana By GhostCider
    - Ashley 'Ash' Felice Delacroix By Macabre
    - Dreven Malum By WillNotLearn
    -Cheryl Luna Parker - Chaser By Arriver
    - Ray McDumble - Seeker By BigFatLiar
    - Yasmin Valerie Troge - Chaser By Naturawolf
    - Nathan Andrew Matthews - Chaser By Seaver
    - Charlotte Tara Vosper - Chaser|Captain By Magicals
    - Elizabeth "Beth" Clavet By Mundane

    - Reservation by Kwijt
    - Jeffrey Keegan Anderson - Transfiguration By Unimaginable
    - Steven Malum - Defense against the Dark Arts Head of the Slytherin House By WillNotLearn

    Character Topic

    Only I make the topics. Don't do it for me, please.

    Okay people, we're starting off at Station 9 3/4. You can describe your goodbyes, your feelings, where you sit down, etc. Don't go to fast, and don't start typing that you arrived already. I'll decide when that happenes, lets first get it started (:

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    {I'll put in the link for the Character topic later. Have fun everyone!}

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    Isabel Arianna Jones
    "Are you sure" I ask, again. I already asked it for about hundred times, but it won't ease my guilt. Not even a little.
    "Go! I already said it's okay." The last word makes me frown. "No, it's not okay. You know, I changed my mind, I'm staying here." I say, but already I feel the blur in my stomach, which means stress. Only the thought of staying here gives me the nerves. "Yeah right. This is your fourth year. You can't quit school now! Please Bells, go. You've already visited the orphanage, that's enough for me."
    My dear little sister. My dear little strong sister. My dear little strong lying sister. I can see it in her eyes, what kind offer this is for her. My school and life will be happy and magical. Hers will be dark and lonely. She thinks she can hide the bruises on her arm, but I spot everything. Of course I didn't leave it unsolved, and the bullies and the headmaster won't scold her again. I grin at the memory. I didn't even have to use magic. "Okay, Posy, I'll go, but when I come back, I will use my magic to get you out of there. I'll become the strongest wizard in the world, and rescue you." The sparkles return in Posy's eyes. This is the promise I always make, but always intend to keep. "Sooo... If you're going to be the wizard, can I be the princess? With a nice dress?" I laugh out loud. "Of course. I'll use my magic to create the most marvelous, gorgeous dress ever made. And everyone will be asking who that beautiful princess is, in that magnificent dress." I lift her up, and turn her in the air. She giggles with joy. Posy. She doesn't deserve this life. She deserves to go to Hogwarts. Not me. Posy is the most innocent, sweet girl in the whole world. I love her with all my heart, and even more. If I could only get her to Hogwarts, but it's impossible. On that moment, the Hogwarts Express lets out a loud shout. "Get inside, otherwise you'll miss the train." Posy says, and the moment to say goodbye for real, has started. I hug her. She's much smaller than me, but I bend through my knees. "I'm really going to miss you, Posy-Fairy." I say. I musn't cry, I keep saying to myself, but my voice cracks. "I'll miss you too. Learn some enchantments, okay?" Posy says, and when I get up, she openly starts crying. After another hug, I get on the train. I get in the first empty cabin I spot, and start waving to Posy, Who's going to head back to the orphanage soon. Her eyes are red and filled with tears, but she still manages to smile, and gets ready to make a run for the train. My dear, little, strong, sister.

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    Yasmin Valerie Troge - Chaser
    With a deep sight I walk through the wall on the station. I did this a few times before, and I'm now used to it. When I did it the first time, it was very weird. My brother walked a few times more through the wall.
    I turn me to my parents.
    “Bye.” I say. My parents put their arms on me and say:
    'Bye, Yas.'
    'Call me when you're on Hogwarts.' Says my mother when she let me go. I nod and with a last
    kiss on my face, I walk in the Hogwarts Express. As I see that all the cabins are full, I walk in the first cabin that comes my way. It's only a place for one person; so my brother says he's taking one cabin further.
    My mind change quickly when I see the first years sitting in the cabin I stand in. “Wait, I'll come with you.” It isn't that I have something against first years, but I honestly don't know how to start a conversation with them. And besides that, I have my brother with me, so why would I talk to them?

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    By the way, If you were talking about Isabel, Isabel is a fourth year ;P}

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    By the way, If you were talking about Isabel, Isabel is a fourth year ;P}

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    The parents of Yasmin mean that she must send a letter to them. I know it's weird that I wrote it like that.(:]

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    Ashley 'Ash' Felice Delacroix
    I walked towards the train on platform 9¾. No, there were no parents who said or kissed me goodbye. There were no parents who brought their daughter to the platform.
    Of course not; why should they? I didn't blame them, actually. They hated me, I was absolutely sure about that. I bet they were glad they wouldn't see me for a year. Automatically I stroked with my fingers on my arm; the place where the Dark Mark was. I had mixed feelings about this. One part of me dispised myself, the other part was... glad. Proud.
    I stepped into the train and looked around me. It was pretty crowded already. After I stroked some dark hair out of my face I searched for a compartment. I pushed some first year students out of my way; these little, annoying kids already irritated me. Great beginning of the new year...
    I finally found a compartment, but this one was taken by a little girl. I narrowed my eyes and looked at her, and just with this glance full of hate, I made her stand up and run away.
    I smiled satisfied and sat down on the place where the girl sat, at first.
    I looked out of the window and felt a little empty, staring at all those loving parents. It hurts, but I wouldn't admit it. Never.

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    "When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.''