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    All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Magic: It's still very much alive in this world. Warlocks, masters of this magic, still live among us, hidden from Human sight. A few centuries ago, a strong warlock made a very strange discovery. When too much magic manifests in an infant's body, it crystallises in the infant's chest in the form of a gemstone. These 'Gem children' grow up as very sickly babies before turning into very strong humans. The warlocks did not care for the child and killed it to harvest the gemstone from its chest. For a while, the warlock was the most powerful of his kind thanks to the raw power of this gemstone. Then his secret came out.
    Ever since, the Gem children have been ruthlessly hunted down. Rare as they are, they already face extinction. Not all Warlocks could be bothered to hunt for this power. And this was how the Hunters were created. Humans were chosen to be charmed with a special strength, and they were blackmailed into doing the Warlocks' dirty work. This was easy until one exceptionally strong Warlock, Raisa Romaine Dvornikov, build a house and charmed it to protect the Gemchildren. Any gemchild was welcome, but Hunters would be unable to breath when they crossed the threshold into the building.
    This RPG follows the gemchildren, the warlocks, their hunters and their stories.

    RPG Rules
    1)English only
    2)6 line minimum per post; (12 minimum if you have two characters in the post)
    3)2 characters maximum;
    4)Anything unrelated to the RPG in the chat topic;
    5)No killing a character without permission of the owner;
    6)No 'perfect characters'. Each character must have a few flaws;
    7)Wait 2-3 posts before replying again;

    Rules related to Gemhearts
    1)They must have one personality trait that related to their Heartstone; (Find the list of traits here)
    2)They can only use their special ability when they are holding a stone similar to their heartstone in their hand;
    3)They are either taken into the protection house by Raisa the Warlock, or they hear about it and find it themselves;
    4)They are allowed to leave the protection house, but it is dangerous.

    Rules related to Warlocks
    1)Warlocks don't just snap their fingers to use their magic. They use long spells, runes and potions to achieve their goals;
    2)They are not all powerful.;
    3)They can't bring people back from the dead.
    4)Warlocks can track the movements of their Hunter, but not read their mind or anything.

    Rules related to Hunters
    1)Hunters are normal non-magical people who get blackmailed by the Warlocks to kill Gemchildren.
    2)They wear an enchanted necklace which gives them more strength than normal Humans and helps them tell Normal children from Gemhearts.


    Gem Children
    1) Female – Diamond – Bella Lumière – Shinibubbles
    2) Male – Lapis Lazuli – Lazu Markl – Escritura
    3) Male – Black Onyx – Fiyero Gabrielle Arch – Theodora
    4) Male – Amethyst– Julian Rowland – Yoda

    Hunters and Warlocks
    1) Hunter – Female – Jazlyn Ophelia Delaney – Tortura
    2) Hunter – Female – Aerilyn Suraya Guangco – PlagueRat
    3) Hunter – Female – Blake Skyler – Ubiquitous
    3) Hunter – Male – Jaimes Avril Ashley – Escritura
    4) Hunter – Male – Alois Amboise – Hashirama
    5) Warlock – Female – Raisa Romaine Dvornikov – Shinibubbles
    6) Warlock – Female – Rosemary Aventurine Albus - PlagueRat
    7) Warlock – Male – Izan Alvaro Ruiz – Tortura
    8) Warlock – Male – Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze – Theodora


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    Raisa (Warlock)
    The sun was just rising when I woke. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, yawning softly. The birds that were greeting the dawn were louder then usual this morning. We were having new arrivals today then. Getting out of bed was harder this morning, as it seemed my body wanted to stay in the warm, safe cocoon of my blankets. I sighed, and forced myself to get up, and take a shower. The warm water relaxed me, and I felt more able to face the day. I still needed coffee though. I dressed in my usual attire (pale, tight t-shirt, and jeans with a funky belt), and slipped down the wooden staircase into the kitchen. No-one was there yet, so I rejoiced silently. Bella usually woke around the same time I did, so it was a race most mornings to see who got into the kitchen for the first coffee the quickest. I usually won, but she beat me a few times. I made the coffee, automatically making a second one. Bella should be down soon. As I sit at the oak table, sipping the hot liquid, I think about what to make for breakfast. Eggs and bacon sounded good. I'd have to go see if the chickens had lain any eggs first though. See if there was enough for us all. If not, I'd have to make something else. Probably porridge. Then I grinned a little to myself, remembering how much of a stink Bella had kicked up a few months ago. She ranted for almost an hour, insisting that she needed meat with every meal and she hated grains. I'd been working on her, since she appeared on my door, but if I don't give her meat with at least two meals, she still throws tantrums. Then goes to get her own... food. I don't condone her first charge eating Humans, but.... I can't control her charges. I do try my best to bring them up properly.
    Apart from Julian. Julian was already pretty well-behaved. I get up when I realise my cup was empty, put on my fur lined jacket and went into the garden. I had four chickens, which I keep simply for the eggs. I don't even like chicken that much. But they lay good eggs, so they're handy to keep around. And this morning, they didn't disappoint. 4 eggs each. Eggs and bacon for breakfast it was then. I picked them up and slipped them into the basket kept outside their run, smiling at the cool hardness of each of the eggs, weighing them mentally. All but one was edible. One had a chick inside, so I slipped that one into my jacket pocket. I liked raising the birds from hand. They were cute. No-one was downstairs yet. This was very unusual. Then, after thinking about it for a second, I realised that Bella was probably practising upstairs. That was quite normal, although usually she came downstairs first. Then I saw the mug of coffee I left on the table was gone, and I smiled. She must have snuck downstairs for her coffee while I was getting the eggs. I got the two frying pans and a saucepan, and started heating up some oil for breakfast. The smell of the cooking food was usually enough to bring my little darlings downstairs.

    Bella (Gem-Child)
    I woke up on a soft bed of grass, keeping my eyes closed. I took a deep breath and smiled softly. I was on the roof of the Protection House again. Slowly, I opened my eyes. I still didn't move. I like to take my time waking up in the mornings. Well, the mornings Raisa doesn't need us to help with house-work. And since she wasn't up here, she didn't. I sat up, sliding my hands over the cool, slightly damp grass. Morning dew – if it had been rain, I would have been brought inside by Raisa. I knew she despaired of me sleeping up here, and she often joked that she should move my furniture up here, or at least sell the bed. I knew she wouldn't though – I was the first one to live here. Fiyero came a few months after that. Lazu and Julian came a few years later. I generally got on pretty well with the boys. Lazu has finally started letting me read his books, as long as I promise to not get any blood on the pages. Fiyero sometimes let me sleep with him after I've had a nightmare, although I usually crawl into bed with Raisa. Getting up slowly, I stretched out my muscles, rather like a cat. I even wriggled my toes in the grass. It felt nice. Then I slipped downstairs and found a mug of coffee waiting for me, and I smiled softly. Raisa was sweet like that. She always left me a cup of coffee out if she was down before me. And it always made me feel good. Not in a magical way, like her messing with my emotions, but in sweet, motherly kinda way I guess. I wasn't sure – my own mother wasn't anything like Raisa.
    I took my cup and vanished back upstairs. I drank it on the way up, and left it by the stairs to the roof. I'll pick it up when I go back down for breakfast. I could hear something sizzling on my way up, so breakfast had bacon! Yum. Pork tasted like human. Back on the grass, I went through my warm up. I always went through my exercises every morning – some habits were impossible to break. Same as how every morning, I practised with my guns and shuriken and knives. It was usually at that point people woke up – they can't really sleep though my shooting. The exercises had been imprinted in me since I was a small child – my father didn't want me to be unable to protect myself just because I was a girl. Often, while my mother cleaned, he'd take me outside and go through different martial arts with me. He also put me forward for a lot of tournaments. He also a few times gave me a bullet-proof vest, and shot me. I know, I know, not a normal father-daughter activity. But he wanted to show me how it felt, so I wouldn't be scared if someone pulled a gun out on me. I finished my exercises, and went downstairs, where Raisa was dishing up the breakfast.
    “Good morning.” I said to her.

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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

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    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Lazu Jet Markl – Lapis Lazuli
    I had barely closed my eyes when the images came to me. It was 4am in the morning, which was a pretty normal bed time for me. I had been curled up on my bed for the past ten hours now, reading. It was my favourite thing to do; the perfect escape from real life, however temporary. I knew I would always look to words for protection.
    Books were spread around me on my bed, everything from 'The Great Gatsby' to 'Harry Potter'. Classics, fantasy, thrillers, romance; nearly every book imaginable was in the small room. Most of them were in the eleven bookcases covering the walls of my room. The wallpaper behind it was peachy orange, but no one knew that except him and Raisa. The room was perfectly clean, not a speck of dust to harm my precious books. It was my sanctuary while I was awake, and my prison while he was asleep.
    Because once I finally closed my tired eyes, the nightmares chased me relentlessly. Even after 12 years, everything was so fresh in my mind. I whimpered quietly as I saw the flames surround me. They elegantly licked over my skin with their burning bite as my six year old self started crying in fear. I could barely breathe. I was gasping loudly, trying to find a way through the flames. I only started screaming when the image appeared. A shadow in the smoke, the representation of everything I had lost. A large knife, making it's way across my chest, slowly, torturing me...
    I awoke screaming. I gasped for air when my surroundings came clear. Light blue light filtered itself through my thin cotton curtains, lighting up my room. My eyes went over the books, making sure everything was in place. I didn't allow anyone but Raise near my books. That didn't seem to stop Bella and some of the others trying to borrow them through.
    I decided I was probably hungry, so I got dressed. Black smart trousers and a dark blue button-up shirt. I picked up the book next to me, called 'Halo', and went downstairs to have breakfast.
    “Eat a live toad the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day," I said. Only Bella and Raisa were in the kitchen. I tried to not look flustered as the quote left my lips. I hadn't meant to say that. But then again, I had to. "What's for breakfast?"

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

    Scarletta Chióni Istoría - Warlock

    I looked outside of the window in the hotel room. Where were they? With à glass of wine in my hand I saw the people pass by the hotel, but no one entered the hotel. It was too cold to Stay outside long, but there were enough humane outside to make it look warmer. I played with my necklace. À long Chain with a small score on it. My redish hair was one of the things I liked most about myself.
    After half à bottle of wine I started to feel bored. The books were all spread over the Floor. Books full of spells, but also just books which Every human could read. I didn't feel alone, because those books were the books I loved the most. Harry Potter. The Hunger Games, Warrior Cats' and even Charmed. The books filled with the spells were invisible for just humans, only I could see them. Finally, someone knocked on my door. There are my Hunters...

    (Sorry for the spellingsmistakes. It's because of the autocorrection on the iPad)

    It finally happened - I'm slightly mad! ~ Queen

    Raisa (Warlock)
    I raised an amused eyebrow at Lazu as he walked into the kitchen. I gently hugged him - I heard him wake up screaming again, and finished putting two of the plates of food in the oven to keep warm. Fiyero and Julian should be down soon.
    "Well, a live toad for you if that's what you really want." I said, before picking up another plate. "But I had made bacon and eggs." I smiled at him, before giving him the plate. I regarded myself as their 'mother', and in that role, I had some maternal rights. Like the right to gently tease them. But even as I joked with him, I was already thinking about making a potion to help him with his nightmares. I usually made them up for him, but we didn't want him to get dependent on it. I was used to most of them crawling into bed with me after nightmares, even if Bella refuses to admit it ever happened.

    Bella (Gemchild)
    I pause in collecting my breakfast plate to give Lazu a weird look. I know that he can't help but to come up with random quotes from time to time - it's how he copes, like with the OCD - but it's still weird to hear the otherwise normal Lazu come out with unusual stuff like that.
    "Toad's aren't tasty." I informed him. "Try a human thigh." Then I frowned. "Never mind." Raisa had threatened to cut down how much meat I get if I keep mentioning how I used to live in usual conversation. I moved away, one hand covering the small mountain of bacon on my plate. I really like bacon, okay? It's the closest I get to eating human now I'm living here. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to Raisa for taking me in, but would it kill her to serve up a hobo every once in a while? Actually, come to think of it, it might. They can be really hard to kill.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Julian Rowland (Gemchild)

    I slowly open my eyes and let the feeling of morning misery wash over me. The night had not been kind to me. My insomnia has been acting up lately and the fact that there was definitely something moving in the shadows didn't really help either. The book I was reading is still lying next to me, a few of the pages crumpled because I apparently rolled around on top of it somewhere during the night. Two hours, if not less, of sleep and I manage to ruin a book. Might be better, seeing how it was a Stephen King. I really should stop reading horror before trying to go to sleep, maybe that would finish of my fear of the dark. At least I wouldn't have to be scared while lying awake. Which is ridiculous, by the way. I hate fear, especially if it's this trivial.
    A sigh leaves my lips and I rub my face. Rolling out of bed never seemed to be this hard before. But I know I have to get up. I could hear Bella training earlier on, and Lazu's screaming isn't something you can miss in the morning. Especially not Bella's training, seeing how that happens every single morning. It's usually my sign for getting my ass out of bed and trying to look awake. A task seemingly impossible this morning. So I toss my feet over the edge of the bed and get up, stumbling towards the thin curtains and pulling them open. The light hurts my eyes, but is very welcome. I automatically start humming 'I'm feeling good' and dive into my closet. After some digging, I decide to go with the usual. A white shirt and black jeans, nothing special, but neat non the less.
    While making my way downstairs, I take a quick look in the mirror. I don't need a shave just yet, the stubbles aren't out of control and I'm not looking like a caveman, so that's alright. All I do is put a hand through my hair and look at the tired face in the mirror. Purple bags are clearly visible underneath my eyes, but it can't be helped. Might even go away when the day continues. I decide it's useless to try and do anything about it. As I make my way down the stairs, the smell of breakfast hits me in the face. So, still humming my tune, I stumble into the kitchen. Raisa, Bella and Lazu are all up and about.
    "Goodmo-" a yawn interrupts me and I shake my head. "Sorry, goodmorning. Do I smell eggs and bacon?"

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Valerie Aridóttir - Gemchild

    I felt exhausted. It has been a long, long trip. I could see the Protection House in the distance, finally. I wanted to run toward it, but my legs almost ran out of energy. I planned this trip over night, I could still remember my parents talk about the Protection House, they must've been wondering where I was.
    'It'd be better if we handed her over to them, she doesn't belong here', my mom said. 'No', replied my dad, 'she's dangerous, we should send her out for scientific tests.' 'But it's really close to our home, just a few miles away. I'll show you the map.' My mom grabbed the map from the table and showed my dad, they didn't knew I was right around the corner. She pointed to an empty spot. 'Over here.' I immediately knew where I would go.
    I sighed. I packed my bag that night and left, I started out on my bicycle, but a while ago it broke so I continued walking. I've been on my way for over 7 hours and I'm finally almost there. I ran out of food and water about an hour ago.
    Suddenly I started doubting my plan, what if they didn't want me there? If they ran out of space, or if you needed your parents permission? All I knew about the Protection House is that a lot of Gemchildren lived there, but I wasn't even sure of that. I felt left alone, none of my parents wanted me and maybe the people of the Protection House would reject me as well.

    Before I knew it I made it to the front door. I collected all my courage and knocked on the door as loud as possible. They were probably still sleeping at this time, so I had to make sure that I woke someone up. I dropped my back and leaned against the door. I felt terrified, but I was to exhausted to look after my emotions the way I usually did.

    I'm sorry, having some trouble with writing in the past form, especially in english. But I'll try my best!

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    Let it come and let it be

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    Your corset is your armour; lace it tightly, breathing is unimportant.

    Raisa (Warlock)
    I smiled and pulled out a plate from the over. As usual, Julian looked like a zombie in the mornings. I should probably start making him up a sleeping potion, so he could get some sleep.
    "You do indeed." I told him, giving him a knife and fork as well. Then I smiled a little, and turned to Lazu. "When Fiyero comes in, give him his breakfast please. There's someone coming up the path." Then I walked to the front door and opened it, seconds after they started banging. It was a good thing we started our days early, I thought to myself amused.
    "Hello, and welcome to the Protection House. What is your name please?" I could feel my eye glow up briefly as I noticed the sapphire coloured flash of light on the girls chest. I offered my hand to her.

    Bella (Gemchild)
    I groaned. Great, more new people. I hated new people. I turned to look at Jules, and sighed. He looked like a zombie again. And once again since he moved here, I fought the urge to tie him to a chair and just give him a damned make-over, to see how he'd look without the massive bags that hung under his eyes. I noticed Lazu's look, and smiled at him. I decided to let him know that I got the books he suggested. They weren't really my taste, but it was nice to see that I wasn't the only one that ate rude people.
    "I got the Hannibal books by the way." I told him, as I started on my mountain of bacon. "They're really interesting." I smiled at him. Getting him to talk was a little hard sometimes. But books was usually a good way to do it. "Any others?"

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Lazu Jet Markl – Lapis Lazuli
    I say nothing to Bella, with her weird cannibalistic tendencies. Last time she said something weird like that, I just told her to buy herself a copy of the Hannibal books. She'd probably enjoy that and I was so not lending her my collector's edition copy's. I sit down and quietly eat my bacon and eggs. Jules came in, Raisa said something about a new person and I had about two hours until i had to start work. I just nodded vaguely when Raisa said something and nibbled on my bacon.
    "If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees,"Ii say seriously to my eggs. I want to read, but I refuse to get grease stains on my book. So I just continue eating and ignoring the lunatic tendencies of those around me. I then look at Bella and shrug. I'm not in a very talkative mood today. So I finish my eggs.

    Jaimes Avril Ashley - Hunter
    I knocked loudly and impatiently on the door. God I had a headache. God everything pissed me off today. I stroke my hair away from my eyes and wait until the fucking Warlock finally comes to open the god damn door. The weight in my pocket reminds me of my reason for being here, of my terrible deeds and the reason for the dried blood on my hands and shirt. I feel disgusting. Then again, I do look really fucking hot today. i take the Garnet out of my pocket.
    "Open up," I say impatiently. "With every minute you let me stand out here, I only grow more dangerously sexy." I glance at my reflection in the window. Brown hair, perfect cheekbones, dark purple eyes... I look fucking gorgeous.
    "Oi, seriously," I continue to the door. "I'm fucking cold."

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Valerie Aridóttir - Gemchild
    A woman with beautiful, black curls opened the door. I straightened my back and looked her in the eye.
    'Hello, and welcome to the Protection House. What is your name please?', she asked nicely. I felt very comfortable near her. Was she a gemchild? I had never met another gemchild before, that could have been the reason she felt so familiar. I could feel the magic she brought with her, but it wasn't a very strong feeling.
    'My name is Valerie Aridóttir', I started. 'None of my parents want me, they think I'm dangerous and when I overheard their conversation I found out about the Protection House. I... Ehm...' I didn't want to be rude, it could ruin my chances here. But seeing her friendly smile I gained the courage to ask. 'I was wondering, if you have any space left for me?' There! I said it. I took a deep breath and waited for the rejection. But I wanted to go inside as soon as possible, I wanted to see a gemchild, I wanted to meet them. I wanted to know if they all were as strong as I am. I was curious, very curious.

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    Let it come and let it be

    Julian Rowland (gemchild)

    The food was always great around here and Raisa always made sure we were taken care of. She took everyone in and treated us like we were her own children. She was a sweet woman and, in a way, she reminded me of my own mother. Not that thinking of my mother was something I liked to do. I sat down with my plate and started to slowly eat my way through it. Lazu was very.. non-talkative today, Bella was being, well, Bella, and I was still tired as hell. In this mood, I really didn't feel like meeting new people. I mean, they might start to think I want to eat their brain. But that didn't really matter, at least I didn't mind having new people living here. And, whoever it was at the door, was probably nervous as hell. I sighed slightly and turned my gaze towards Bella.
    "Yeah, Hannibal sounds like something that would suit you Bella. Perfect combination." I yawned again and rubbed my eyes.
    "Lazu, are you alright?" I didn't expect an answer, not really. My appetite had vanished, Bella's mountain of bacon might had to do something with that, and exhaustion took its hold on me. I groaned and started pushing my eggs around my plate. I stood up to get myself a glass of water. Maybe I should ask Bella to just knock me unconcious tonight. I bet she would love that, all though I don't quite know what would happen afterwards. The water made me feel slightly better and more awake at that. I never drank coffee, seeing how it didn't help anyway. Two hours, at the most, and I would feel worse than before.

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    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Bella (Gemchild)
    I raised an eyebrow at Lazu. Okay, he doesn't want to talk. Fine. I didn't even bother trying to strike up a conversation with Julian this early in the morning, although I did look at him briefly. He didn't look too good. I decided to knock him out tonight, see if that did anything to help him.
    So I took the last plate, and went up to Fiyero's room, and knocked loudly.
    "Fiyero!" I called, biting back the impulse to start singing. The guy was very badly named. "I have food!" Fiyero was my favourite 'brother'. Raisa has this mad idea that we were all family. I was the youngest, I think, with the boys all being my big brothers. Raisa made a very good mother figure, it must be said.

    Raisa (Warlock)
    I smiled at the girl on my doorstep, before holding my arms out.
    "Of course, my home is your home, Sapphire." I know, I know, she gave me her actual name, but... It was a habit to greet them by their gem-name the first time. "My name is Raisa, I am a good Warlock." I smiled sweetly at her, and brought her inside, taking her luggage. I noticed that Julian wasn't eating, and I frowned a little. "Julian, are you alright?" I touched his back gently. I worried about my 'children' greatly. Even with a new one joining the nest. I like the new girl. "Guys, this is Valeria. She's a Sapphire." I smiled at her. "Bella will be down soon a bit to test your abilities."

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3