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    All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Magic: It's still very much alive in this world. Warlocks, masters of this magic, still live among us, hidden from Human sight. A few centuries ago, a strong warlock made a very strange discovery. When too much magic manifests in an infant's body, it crystallises in the infant's chest in the form of a gemstone. These 'Gem children' grow up as very sickly babies before turning into very strong humans. The warlocks did not care for the child and killed it to harvest the gemstone from its chest. For a while, the warlock was the most powerful of his kind thanks to the raw power of this gemstone. Then his secret came out.
    Ever since, the Gem children have been ruthlessly hunted down. Rare as they are, they already face extinction. Not all Warlocks could be bothered to hunt for this power. And this was how the Hunters were created. Humans were chosen to be charmed with a special strength, and they were blackmailed into doing the Warlocks' dirty work. This was easy until one exceptionally strong Warlock, Raisa Romaine Dvornikov, build a house and charmed it to protect the Gemchildren. Any gemchild was welcome, but Hunters would be unable to breath when they crossed the threshold into the building.
    This RPG follows the gemchildren, the warlocks, their hunters and their stories.

    RPG Rules
    1)English only
    2)6 line minimum per post; (12 minimum if you have two characters in the post)
    3)2 characters maximum;
    4)Anything unrelated to the RPG in the chat topic;
    5)No killing a character without permission of the owner;
    6)No 'perfect characters'. Each character must have a few flaws;
    7)Wait 2-3 posts before replying again;

    Rules related to Gemhearts
    1)They must have one personality trait that related to their Heartstone; (Find the list of traits here)
    2)They can only use their special ability when they are holding a stone similar to their heartstone in their hand;
    3)They are either taken into the protection house by Raisa the Warlock, or they hear about it and find it themselves;
    4)They are allowed to leave the protection house, but it is dangerous.

    Rules related to Warlocks
    1)Warlocks don't just snap their fingers to use their magic. They use long spells, runes and potions to achieve their goals;
    2)They are not all powerful.;
    3)They can't bring people back from the dead.
    4)Warlocks can track the movements of their Hunter, but not read their mind or anything.

    Rules related to Hunters
    1)Hunters are normal non-magical people who get blackmailed by the Warlocks to kill Gemchildren.
    2)They wear an enchanted necklace which gives them more strength than normal Humans and helps them tell Normal children from Gemhearts.


    Gem Children
    1) Female – Diamond – Bella Lumière – Shinibubbles
    2) Male – Lapis Lazuli – Lazu Markl – Escritura
    3) Male – Black Onyx – Fiyero Gabrielle Arch – Theodora
    4) Male – Amethyst– Julian Rowland – Yoda

    Hunters and Warlocks
    1) Hunter – Female – Jazlyn Ophelia Delaney – Tortura
    2) Hunter – Female – Aerilyn Suraya Guangco – PlagueRat
    3) Hunter – Female – Blake Skyler – Ubiquitous
    3) Hunter – Male – Jaimes Avril Ashley – Escritura
    4) Hunter – Male – Alois Amboise – Hashirama
    5) Warlock – Female – Raisa Romaine Dvornikov – Shinibubbles
    6) Warlock – Female – Rosemary Aventurine Albus - PlagueRat
    7) Warlock – Male – Izan Alvaro Ruiz – Tortura
    8) Warlock – Male – Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze – Theodora


    Chat Topic!

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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    I watch Fiyero worriedly. He seemed different today, very... I couldn't put my finger on it. Not withdrawn – he was always withdrawn. But he seemed almost out of it, trembling a lot. I watched him as he wrapped a towel around himself, before he came and snuggled up to me. I blinked a little in surprise as he rested his head on my shoulder, and I wrapped my arm around his waist. He didn't usually show so much affection towards me, and he was the most affectionate to me. He was pressing himself closer to him, so without quite thinking about it, I pull him gently onto my lap and cradle him lovingly, nuzzling into his gently. I noticed in an abstract way that I was getting soaked, but I didn't really care about that. There was something wrong with my child, and I wanted to make him feel better if I could. He seemed on the brink of tears, and that worried me the most. He nearly never cried, only after nightmares would I see them, when he crawled into bed with me. I snuggle him gently and softly kiss the top of his damp hair.
    “I-I love you, m-m-mother.” I heard him whisper, before zoning out myself, careful to not let him see or feel the shock that initially swept over me, soon followed by a rush of maternal love and affection.
    “I love you too, son.” I murmur back softly, gently stroking his back gently. I felt very warm and fuzzy, even as I was worried about the mental state of my favourite son. It was turning out to be a very perculiar today indeed... A new girl showed up.. A hunter showed up.. Bella was making a friend.. And now Fiyero was being affectionate and telling me that he loved me. I knew that in their own little ways, my children loved me. I never expected them to tell me so, and I never expected them to call me mother in any way other then sarcastic – usually from Bella I'd get a sassy 'yes mom' when I tell her to do her chores.

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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Jaimes Avril Ashley
    The shower curtain had been closed, but I knew she was standing behind it. Not that I was that interested in her anyway. Atleast, not in the 'I would like to rip off your clothes and throw you into my bed so I can have my wicked way with you'-way. Like with certain other people. And no, no I had no one in mind while thinking that. I shook my head, irritated with myself and how quickly my mind wandered.
    “I never get god-damn peace and privacy," a voice growled from the other side of the plastic curtain. I roll my eyes and chuckle. The shower curtain was pushed aside and she stepped out. Now, I mentioned not wanting her in my bed, but that doesn't mean I won't be a naughty boy and let my eyes wander. Her skin was slightly red and shining from the hot water. Little droplets ran down her shoulders and breasts, one was hanging from her erect nipple... I should, like any other bisexual guy, be really fucking turned on right now. But my trouser-snake couldn't care less. She put a towel around herself, and I was almost relieved.
    "Look pretty boy. If you aren’t gone here within the next two seconds, I’ll throw you out the goddamn window,” she hissed, her eyes narrowed warningly. Oh, scary. Oh look, I still have the power of sarcasm. Yay.
    “Look semi-attractive woman,” I said, amusement and confidence radiating off me like a shield. “I'll be outa your hair soon. Saw you walking the street and I was curious. You're not one of Scarletta's Hunters, are you?” I raise an eyebrow thoughtfully and watch her. The necklace she wear, though similar in design to my own, is still different. She can't be Scarletta's. “What Warlock owns you, ma dear?”
    I was bored already... How could I amuse myself playing games with the stuck-up brat Jack-of-GemHearts, yet I couldn't amuse myself with a hot nearly-naked woman? I needed a slap in the face. Especially since that brat kept crossing my mind. And tomorrow's 'lesson'. It bugged me. I wanted to sleep. Maybe I should go tomorrow and slit his throat. He'll be dead before he knows it.
    At the same time, I know I wont. I know I'll go there tomorrow and practice again with the fucking bow. But eventually, eventually I would kill him. I would. I needed to get Linda back. It was my only goal. She would rise from the dead and I would keep her safe from other Hunters. That's totally what the archery lessons were for. To practice keeping Linda safe. Yeah, that's legit, Jaimes... It totally isn't because you want to throw Jack in your bed. And rip[ off his clothes. And make him beg for mercy. Twice. Oh, there's that boner I was waiting for.
    At this point, I'm just really fucking pissed off with myself. Not that I show any of this. I just keep a mask of confident arrogance on my face. I smirk at her, my eyes still on her partially covered body.

    Lazu Jet Markl
    “Yeah, perfect prayers. I’m sure there’s somebody standing on a cloud somewhere to collect those.”
    I blink and raise my head to look at Julian. His voice had changed, so suddenly, it had taken me by surprise. I didn't understand the tone, the strange coldness to it. I simply couldn't comprehend it.
    “And I’m not thinking with my dick, if that’s what you’re implying. Nor would I like someone to aim those 10 inches lower. More of an intellectual person, you know? Books, dinner, hugs.” He smiled, but it wasn't his normal smile. His normal smile was warm, gentle. This was different. More something I expected from Fiyero. But it wasn't Fiyero. This was Julian. Julian, who I now owed my life to. I gave a weak nod.
    “Books,” I mumble to myself. I know I like books. I tighten my grip on Julian's shirt, unsure why I'm this close to him still. I'm normally not very physically affectionate. Not even with Mother Raisa.
    “You seem quite convinced about it though.. Does that mean you’re that type of guy? I wouldn’t have thought you to be, Lazu!” He grinned, and I just stared at him. The switch from the cold-ish, foreign tone earlier to this was making me feel dizzy. Was he angry? Upset? Having fun? Human emotions were so hard... I preferred to read. Reading was good. Atleast a character's emotions were always clear to me, even if they weren't to the character. Humans... No, humans I could never completely understand. Not even myself.
    “You cold?” He still sounded strange to me. Teasing? Maybe it was teasing. I hoped it was that. I could sort of deal with that. I nod vaguely, watching his face intently, eyes big and probably red from crying.
    “Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves,” I said softly, thoughtfully. Yet, every emotion seemed strong to me. Maybe because I had no idea how to deal with most of them. So I gave Julian a shaky smile, hoping he'll smile back. I don't think I have, but I'm suddenly frightened that I might have angered him. “Emotions have taught mankind to reason.” I chewed my lip and, without even thinking, I nuzzled my head back against his chest. Listening to the soothing beats from his Amethyst heart.
    “It doesn't matter what temperature a room is,” I said softly, shivering. “It is always room temperature.” I giggled. I actually giggled, which made me blink. I wasn't known for being a very happy person. Smiles I dished out like cheap bread. Laughter, however, was quite foreign from my lips. I look at Julian again, his green eyes, his hopefully-teasing smile.
    “I'm alright,” I say in a moment of sobriety, a moment free from the tic. “But I might need a jumper. I do not want to catch the common cold.” I wouldn't, of course. I was old enough to not be bothered by one. I was only kidding. Yeah, humour was not one of my strong points. My strong points were books. Words. Being on my own.
    I briefly flashed back to this morning. Being singled out, pinned against walls, nails on my tender skin... That feeling of lonely helplessness... no. I never wanted that again. I should, maybe, try to no longer be as alone. This conversation with Julian, the physical contact, it was my first, careful step.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Jazz Delaney

    ‘Look semi-attractive woman,’ He said, amusement and confidence dripping in the tone, and I swear I’ll take goddamn bat and hit him hard. I snort in disgust. ‘I’ll be outta your hair soon. Saw you walking the street and I was curious. You're not one of Scarletta's Hunters, are you?’ I shall beat him until my headache goes away. Well, I know it’s not going away completely. Just my luck. The hangover I thought was gone came back like a fucking boomerang. Twice as hard. Damn you, evil!
          ‘What Warlock owns you, ma dear?’
          ‘That's something you will never know.’ I chuckled contemptuous, and perhaps a little mockingly. ‘What means: piss off, I’m not telling you.’ My eyebrows flew somewhat in the air while I said that. Last night I shouldn’t drink so much booze, that headache is killing me dude. But then again, I said it every time and I did not stop it. Each and every time it happened all over again. Maybe I did have a problem… A second passed by, but when the thought appeared again, I laughed out loud. It sounded quite eerie. When the arrogant bastard was in sight again, I stopped laughing, annoyed.
          ‘Oi, ya still here?’ I murmured, with my nose slightly raised as if I smell garbage.
          ‘You didn’t hear me the first time, or what?’ There were still droplets of water sliding down my body, and my white hair was still half wet. Then something got into view, which means that a sly grin came to my lips. As a snake what came back before eating its prey. Hm, to bad Lazu-dear isn’t here…
          It’s probably not because of me, although I’d first thought like that. So as a joke I said, without letting him know it: ‘Got a boner, my friend? Who is the hot guy you’re thinking about?’ The grin widened. ‘Hm. He took you down-town?’ I wiggle my eyebrows and lick my lips. Maybe that would also take away his thoughts on the whole "hunter and warlock" hassle. He would have to think about something from sex! That boner does not come by itself. Well, not that I know.

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.


    Before closing the door, she had heard how Alois asked for more time. Time; usually it wasn't something Rosemary was short of, since she had an extremely long life span. Except for the colour of her hair, she still looked exactly the same as four hundred years ago. She frowned as she realized something very important: her name had not changed in all this time either. It would be something to discuss with Alois as soon as he'd be downstairs. Right, time. If they'd sign the papers tomorrow and also do the phone call, then how much time would they have until they were demanded to France? Would it be enough to get used to the husband and wife act? However long it would take, they probably didn't have more than one month time. In the worst case scenario they'd have to be there within a week time, but Rosemary believed in this to work, partially because some of the feelings she had to play were actually real. A soft smile appeared on her face as she felt the warmth inside of her well up. Slowly she had regained it after meeting the hunter and it has grown in the past few years. For a long time, Rosemary had been an ice queen, not feeling any compassion for anyone, but recently she was becoming softer, more like the girl she used to be before she became obsessed with wrath.

    Carefully, Rosemary took the salmon out of the marinade and placed it on two plates decoratively with some dill on top. The soup wasn't ready yet, but that didn't matter, since the salmon was a cold dish anyway. As for the salad - "I'm done." The voice behind her made Rosemary turn around. Facing the man, she looked at how the clothes fit him. It didn't look all that bad, he actually looked reasonably good in them. Not nearly as handsome as in his usual clothes, but still fine. Wait, did she just classify him as handsome? Didn't matter for now. She nodded at him approvingly, but stared at him in utter disbelief when he called her attractive to look at. Turning back to her cooking, she looked at her own reflection in the lid of the soup pan. She didn't see it - how could anyone find that attractive? The small trail of light freckles that covered her cheek bones, the abnormally white skin, the form of her eyes, the nose - how could anyone ever consider that to be beautiful? She didn't understand it at all. "don't flatter me with lies, Alois..." She softly said.

    When he asked her if she needed any help, she nodded and with a small smile she said: "oh yes, please. Could you take one buffalo mozzarella out if the fridge and cut into small cubes please? They're for the salad." For a moment she remained silent as she checked on the soup and put the sea devil in the oven. When she looked at Alois again, she asked: "you can cook?" If so, she'd like to see that happen. When he complimented her on her food, she laughed softly, shaking her head at him. "Don't say that until you've tasted it." The laughter was audible in her voice as she spoke and she was rather flattered. It was a long time ago since someone had last complimented her honestly.

    "Ah!" She suddenly remembered what she wanted to talk about with him. "Since we're um... Going to get married..." It was still a strange idea to her. "I should take on your name." Not only because of guys family, but also because she believed that's how it should be done. "Also, we'll have to come up with a story of how we met, fell in love, etcetera. But let's stay as close to the truth as possible. We'll just leave out the magic and the killing." And then there was the problem of physical closeness. "About the touching... How about we get used to each others presence first? Just... standing, working, walking and sitting next to each other. The next step could be holding hands." Rosemary shrugged seemingly nonchalant, but inside she was very nervous about it. "We could always get you gloves as well," she tried jokingly, but ended up blushing

    Just as she wanted to check on the soup, her phone went off. She took it and checked who it was. One of her spies. Picking up the phone, she said: "yes?" "good evening White Lady, I have news for you on the Vamp." Her spies spoke in chide names, just in case anyone listened in on them. "what about her?" As she listened to what her spy told her, a frown carved itself into her forehead deeper and deeper. "She did what?!" Her eyes grew wide when she heard about the adventure with the warlock of the house for the gem children. "Well, make sure to keep an eye on her and let our Vamp stay on a low profile." For a moment she was quiet again. "Don't worry about that. The Treasure is here with me. Yes, I'll go see her tomorrow, no worries, just watch her closely and send someone to her if she's going to far." She hung up and placed her phone on the kitchen counter and grumbled softly. "Seems we'll have a busy day tomorrow Alois. I have to check on the other hunter, since she isn't really doing what I want her to." She smiled at him apologetically, before she concluded: "so, the first course. Let's eat."

    Your corset is your armour; lace it tightly, breathing is unimportant.

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze
    “It is..” I look at her as she toys with a strand of her hair and have to repress the urge to reach out my hand and stroke it myself. “It's okay, I get asked that a lot.”
    Feeling a little caught, I smile at her, looking her in the eyes again. I guess she has told me this to make me feel better, but to be honest it only makes me feel worse. I hadn’t wanted to insult her, yet in some way I think I have. I know how much I hate being asked the same question over and over again (“If you’re a Warlock, then how come you can’t use magic?”), I don’t imagine that being any different for her.
    I would twiddle my thumbs, except that Bella is keeping my one arm in the sink with a rather firm hold. You wouldn’t expect a girl to be this strong, but then again; she has a history of killing her own meals. I keep my eyes on her face and subtly grin.
    “You’re quite unique, aren’t you?” I mutter, unwantedly loud enough for her to hear. Yet this time, I don’t avert my eyes. There is not a single hint of accusation in my tone, if there were any to be recognized I think it would rather be one of admiration. I don’t know why I’m so taken with this girl. It’s only happened so spontaneously once, in…
    “In all my 106 years…”
    I swallow hard, against the memory of my lovely Adriana and the tears that occasionally still come with them. I sigh and blink against the wetness in my eyes when I look at Bella again. I didn’t even realise I’d looked away. There’s no resemblance between her and Adriana, whatsoever, so far not even behaviour-wise. Adriana was far more outgoing whereas Bella seems reserved. It’s not fair to either of them to compare them to one another. I wipe a stray tear away with the sleeve of my hoodie and laugh quietly.
    “I’m sorry,” I apologize sincerely. “Please pay no mind to me, I tend to get nostalgic at the most impossible moments,” I add softly. I take a moment to compose myself and when I catch myself staring at Bella’s chest, I feel my cheeks burning. It’s a habit I’ve picked up from my family members, even though I can’t see what Gems the other hearted posses.
    “Would you – Would you mind telling me the colour of your heart?” I ask. I prefer not to ask what Gem they have, it seems so impersonal and bland to me; as if they’re not real persons. I’ve come to learn that most of the time they’re even better persons than ordinary humans and extraordinary Warlocks.
    I quickly take a look at my arm. At least it’s stopped bleeding, that’s a good thing. But now I can see how deep the bite goes. That girl has got some mighty strong jaws.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch
    “I love you too, son.” It’s not so much as the words as her stroking my back, and not asking questions I don’t want to answer, that slightly soothes me. It takes me a few more sobs to calm down. Yet, now I become fully aware of the fact that Raisa has pulled me onto her lap I feel slightly worse again. How ridiculous I must look. But when I realise that there is nobody else around to see us, and that even if they were I’d do my extra best to piss them off the next couple of days, I snuggle up even closer.
    I’m glad she’s not asking for an explanation, because I know she wouldn’t respond well if I’d tell her that I’m okay with the fact I might die soon, for two reasons. She wouldn’t want me to die and she’d try to slap back the sense she’d think I lost for being okay with it. Thus, instead of bringing up that subject, I change it into another.
    “Can we go into town, just you and me?” I ask. I hate how off my voice still sounds. I don’t recognize this broken little bird version of me in it. I sigh deeply, my breath still a little heavy and try to suck everything up like I’ve been doing my entire life.
    “I think I just need to get out of the house, I’ve been keeping myself cooped up in it for too long again.”
    I know this is not at all the reason for my semi-breakdown, but I’m well aware that it might have a part in all of these emotions. I don’t particularly like wandering far from the house but if I don’t leave now and then, I get fits of anger the size most people have never seen. It wouldn’t be the first dinner set I smash to pieces to avoid hurting my “brothers” and “sister”. Come to think of it, I’ve never paid Raisa back for those. I should get her one soon, a really pretty one. Perhaps plastic-but-doesn’t-look-like-plastic so they never break.
    I sigh again and bury my face into Raisa’s neck. When I inhale, my brain is filled to the brim with the scent of her perfume, blessedly blocking out all other thoughts for a while. She always smells like white rose and honeysuckle. It took me ages to figure out the scents, and I still don’t know how I actually realised what they were but now there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m right.
    “I think I’d like to go to the tattoo parlour to see if they’ve any new designs,” I whisper distractedly.

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    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.


    I turn myself away from Rosemary, arms still crossed and huffing just slightly. Did I just say she was pretty? Well, I can’t deny this woman the truth. Her appearance will surely benefit her. It is a given fact that attractive people are more successful in life. People are that superficial. This will come in handy in this case.
    I turn around and meet her gaze. It looks disappointed and – if I’m not mistaken – almost hurt. I remain silent as she opens her mouth slowly, uttering a soft sentence that can cut through bone.
    ‘Don’t flatter me with lies, Alois.’ I watch her and remain silent. Lies? Why should I lie about this? I am a man granted with a pair of eyes to use. Does she truly think I’m trying to hurt her this way? I’m not the kind of man who feels superior by making others feel inferior to me. Because.. I know very well that it’s only my reflection looking straight back at me in the mirror.
    ‘I’m not lying. There’s no reason for me to. People, especially men, are simple creatures.’
    To my offer to help her cooking she replies:
    ‘Oh yes, please. Could you take one buffalo mozzarella out if the fridge and cut into small cubes please? They're for the salad.’ I nod and do as she says. The fridge is – like the other parts of the house – huge, filled with fresh food.
    I take the mozzarella and chop it. ‘Can you cook?’ she then asks, getting my attention.
    ‘Yes. But not very well. Enough for my standards, to put it that way. I can make ratatouille and spare ribs. But I haven’t had any of that the last weeks since I’ve had my assignments.’
    She moves on to another topic, that of our surnames. ‘You want to take.. my name?’ I repeat. I am aware of the possibility of women taking on their spouse’s surname and vice versa. I shrug my shoulders and nod.
    ‘If you wish so, you can take my name.’ I slide the cheese in the salad and mix it. We’ll have to get used to one another, that is a given fact. I take place at the big dining table where she serves us the first dish. Rosemary then continues on how we should approach the matter of getting more... intimate with each other. I despise the idea already, but holding hands shouldn't be that bad? Right? That's something simple that even I can do. 'We'll sort it out. It's not exactly like you're poisoning me with your presence. I'm still alive after all. And I've taken a shower now, so being around me should at least be tolerable.'
    Although I’m very tired, the food looks really good and I’m almost starving. I feel like a dog with a bone in front of its face, almost literally drooling. At this point you could feed me practically anything, even though I despise McDonalds or any ‘restaurant’ of sorts.
    Suddenly the phone rings and Rosemary picks up. The other warlock, it seems to be. I have heard of her before. A young woman of whom I do not know the name. In this.. business it’s best to know as little as possible. Suddenly she speaks of ‘the treasure’. Does she refer to me? I raise a brow and look at the appealing food. She hangs up and sits down near to me, informing me that we’ll be having a busy schedule. I ponder my thoughts.
    ‘Busy schedule? What’s the matter?’ Apparently, this seems to be of concern to me as well. Fortunately for me, she starts eating and I quickly follow the lead. This is so good, I think to myself, feeling as if I’m in heaven. Whatever bad I’ll say of this woman, she can cook like a professional. ‘It tasted very good. By the way, I presume it’s not allowed to smoke here?’ I say completely offtopic. I’m tired, I have the first course in my stomach (which tasted very good) and I’m dying for a smoke. I can always try. I hope she doesn’t send me outside. It’s too dark and cold anyway. But then again, it doesn’t seem like I have much choice in that case.

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    I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum

    Julian (Gemchild)

    When Lazu looked up to me I saw the tears. I slowly wiped some from his cheeks and underneath his eyes. I know my hands are rough, I often surprised people with that. They normally think they are quite soft, but all the little scars from me stabbing myself with my mother’s sewing needles and the countless hours spent making clocks, had made them rough on the service. But I couldn’t quite help myself. Lazu said something about emotion and smiled at me. I smiled back.
    Soon afterwards, he nuzzled into my chest. I found myself quite liking that. It almost felt familiar, or at least something of the sort. I realized at that moment, that Lazu had made quite the jump today. He almost never showed affection like this. I have to admit, I didn’t either, but that was more because nobody in this house was very fond of physical contact. But I had always been considered the most cuddly one of the bunch, I suppose. At least I was more at the sane side? The others, well, they always seem to be more traumatized than me. And they had every right to be. I didn’t know a lot about their pasts, but the stuff I did know.. Well, that was more than enough to say my past had been a breeze.
    “It doesn't matter what temperature a room is. It is always room temperature.” He giggled and I couldn’t help but smile at that. It was kind of.. cute? Maybe. It was happy and light and that was a nice thing to hear. I think this might actually be the first time I heard something of a laugh coming from Lazu. He smiled often, but this, he did not do a lot. I knew he had taken a step forward. To what, I did not know. But I had a feeling he might spend a little more times under humans now, instead of just books.
    “I'm alright. But I might need a jumper. I do not want to catch the common cold.” I looked at him, surprised. It was common knowledge Lazu didn’t like jumpers. Nor jeans. Nor short. Especially not jeanshorts. I had once heard him comment to Raisa that he believed them to be from hell. I chuckled.
    “Well, if you want a jumper, lets get you a jumper! All though I can’t recall you actually líking jumpers. But we can’t have you catching the common cold, now can we? Maybe a foreign one, but certainly not a common one.” I chuckled again.
    And then I remembered what I had been doing before shit went down. Walking home being the first, but I had been ‘shopping’. And brought a book for Lazu.
    “Oh, and Lazu? I bought you a book.” I smiled sheepishly. I had kept the receipt, just to be sure. You never know what that boy has on his shelf.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Jaimes Avril Ashley
    She looks so pissed off with me, it's actually quite funny.
    “That's something you will never know.” She chuckles, I roll my eyes, unimpressed. Meaning, nope, she ain't telling me. Not that it matters much. She raised her eyebrows, no idea why. Woman was weird, I was getting tired. She paused, then laughed out loud. I just threw her a weirded out look. What the fuck? I thought I was going crazy, but this woman made me seem sane.
    “Oi, ya still here?” she murmured, wrinkling her nose. It made her look old and snobby and I just wanted to punch that tiny wrinkly nose from her arrogant face.
    “You didn’t hear me the first time, or what?”
    “Oh I heard you, darling,” I said, a drawl in my voice. “I just didn't care much for what you were saying.” She grinned. It was a sly thing and I knew she'd caught sight of my boner.
    “Got a boner, my friend? Who is the hot guy you’re thinking about? Hm. He took you down-town?” she waggled her eyebrows at me and licked her lips, making her look like a hungry, retarded tiger or something.
    “Whoever he may be, he's certainly a lot hotter than you are,” I said boredly. “And that's with his clothes on.” And with his body pressed against mine, his breath against my neck, the tension between us... Okay, I couldn't have imagines the sexual tension. But it didn't matter if it was there or not. He needed to die. I needed his heart. In the cutting-it-out kind of way. Not the corny falling-in-love kind of way. I didn't need that shit in my life. My smile fades away and the rare-serious side of me pops out.
    “Don't worry about me, I'll be on my way soon. I was just curious and I needed a distraction. Don't worry, you didn't help at all.” I bite my lip. Linda. I needed to focus on Linda. She was my reason, my only reason for the murders I commit. Speaking of that... I frown slightly and look at the woman.
    “Why do you hunt?” I ask her. “What's your motivation to murder, my darling?” Pure curiosity drives this question. I'm in such a strange mood today... That damn Jack wouldn't leave my mind. Well, that'll change tomorrow, when I cut the heart from his chest. Then I won't think of him this much. And I won't want to throw him in my bed. Or want him to suck me off. Or to do other sinful things to that sexy body of his. And okay this is now helping the boner. Jesus Christ I might actually have to resort to helping myself later on. The problem in my pants was harder than fucking marble. I didn't think I ever got this sexually attracted to anyone, no matter how hot they were. There was just something so strange, new and intriguing about Jack... and my penis was very much a fan of it. It was weird and it was fucking pissing me off.

    Lazu Jet Markl
    Julian's hand wiped tears from my cheeks, making me blink confused. I'd expected a soft touch, somehow. But Julian's hands, though they moved slowly and gently, were rough. The skin was tough and felt strange against my fragile skin. Surprisingly, when I smiled at him, he smiled back. I felt better now. He seemed so gentle when he smiled, it made me relax. Especially because of the vulnerable position I was in.
    When I mentioned the awful J-word, Julian chuckled.
    “Well, if you want a jumper, lets get you a jumper! All though I can’t recall you actually líking jumpers. But we can’t have you catching the common cold, now can we? Maybe a foreign one, but certainly not a common one.” He chuckled again. Huh. He did that quite a lot. I smile. I'd rather have an uncomfortable jumper than a cold. I just wanted the warmth right now. I needed to be covered up. Julian was safe, but I shuddered at the thought of anyone else seeing me like this.
    “Oh, and Lazu? I bought you a book.” He gave me a strange smile, one I did not recognize. A bit shy, sheepish maybe? I smile awkwardly and nod a little. A book! I do like books.
    “W-What book?” I whisper shyly. “The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them.” I wonder what kind of books Julian likes... Someone's taste in books is really important. Atleast, to me it is. I often judge people by what they read, what books they dislike... Like, never trust a person who reads medical books. They will probably die of a misprint. I smile vaguely.
    “Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky,” I say softly, a sing-song tone to my voice. “My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.” I giggle a little and nuzzle into Julian's comfortably warm chest.
    “I don't own jumpers,” I suddenly realise out loud. I did hate them, but I needed their warmth. And no way was I walking around with a blanket wrapped around me, I'd look like an idiot. “I don't own any jumpers at all...”

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    I smile at him, my eyes gentle. I can sense that he's worried about insulting me. How strange... No-one had ever worried about insulting me before. I was aware I was probably holding his arm down harder then most girls my age should be able to manage, but... I didn't see why I should lesson my grip. I finished cleaning it, and started to almost tenderly dab-dry it. I was confusing myself – why was being around him making me want to be all silly and girly? And why was he making me shy and gentle? I half wanted to punch him in the face for it.
    “I've been told that.” I told him, in a slightly strained voice. Raisa called me unique, in a affectionate way. Everyone else just called me a freak, or psycho. I didn't think I was psycho but... I blinked a little at his tone. I didn't recognize it, and that made me uncertain. That was another weird thing this pretty stranger did to me, and I wasn't all to sure if I liked it or not. I noticed tears appearing in his eyes, and gently wipe them for him, before smiling shyly at him.
    “It's alright..” I smile uncertainly, then blinked at his question. I'd never been asked about the gem in my chest before – Raisa had told each of my brothers as they'd turned up what I was. Which, incidentally, was the only reason I knew what it was.
    “Clear.” I informed him, with a smile. I was aware that I was trembling, and that annoyed me. I tried to force my muscles to stay still, but they wouldn't listen to me.

    I smile gently as Fiyero snuggled closer to him. I stayed quiet as he slowly calmed down, and continued to gently stroke his back gently. This was quite nice, being able to send some quality time alone with him again. He and Lazu were the hardest ones to spend quality time with, simply because they were both such naturally with-drawn characters. Bella was the third hardest, simply because it's hard to be comfortable around her. Not because she wasn't a lovely person – because I knew that she was a very sweet girl, but... It's hard being comfortable around anyone who eats members of their own kind.
    “Of course we can go into town, just as soon as you are dressed.” I smiled and softly dropped a kiss on his forehead. I knew that when he stayed inside for too long, he got very aggressive – he kept breaking my good china. I never begrudged him it – he couldn't help. He was the most reluctant to leave the house. Only Bella was more reluctant, but that may be before the town's people disliked her and were very scared of her. I didn't know.
    I nuzzled him gently when he nuzzles into my neck, smiling softly. It was definitely nice, all this affection. I was by nature very physically affectionate – another reason I'm so happy my cousin has decided to stay for a while. I could give him a hug every time I saw him, keeping an eye on Bella. I played with his damp hair, humming a spell to myself to make him dry faster.
    “I'd like that. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo done.”

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze

    I’m so focussed on listening to her and watching her, I barely notice what she’s doing to my arm. I can feel it’s being handled, but I’m not bothered in the least.
    “Clear,” she answers. I look at her without blinking and remain silent for a while.
    Then I burst out into laughter, clutching my stomach and shaking my head. I glance at Bella apologetically and hold up my other hand.
    “Forgive me, my Kukla, but there is nothing clear about you,” I chuckle.
    When I notice her trembling, I gently take her hand in mine and pull her closer to me. My laughter has faded, but a tender smile remains on my face. The way she is looking at me, her eyes deep pools of mystery through which I yet have to wade my way, is fascinating. I would’ve never thought I’d be able to converse with Raisa’s children so easily, or for them to feel comfortable around me, yet here I am; making my first friend in the house. And I’m glad Bella is the first one I happened to bump into.
    Slowly and very carefully, as if I were handling a porcelain doll, I turn the youth around and pull her onto my lap.
    “Let’s have a look at your shoulder, shall we?” I ask quietly, to explain what I’m doing. I wouldn’t want to make her feel comfortable. Telling people what you’re about to do, as you do it often soothes them. If it helps, then why shouldn’t I try it. If it doesn’t help, then I shall try harder.
    “I’m going to touch it now, but I’ll be careful not to hurt you,” I inform her.
    Very gently I put my fingers on her shoulder and stroke it, so I can see and feel the vastness of the damage my teeth have done to her tender skin. I smile a little, when I notice she’ll be healed within a week, but at the same time it causes a certain sadness. A week is not much time. Seven days, give or take a few, and she’ll have to decide whether I am allowed in her circle of friends or whether I shall be banned from her company.
    “You know, I’ve never fought a woman and gotten hurt worse than her,” I say. It’s not really comparable, since Bella and I haven’t been fighting and it wasn’t our intention to hurt one another, but I thought it would be mention-worthy. Not once has a female who chose to inflict wounds upon me gotten out of it better than I did. In Bella’s case, the roles have been flipped, it seems.
    “My compliments,” I add. “especially considering your age and mine.” I wonder if she’s able to defend herself using something other than her teeth as a weapon. She has the perfect body for Muay-Boran. Because she’s slim, she’d be able to dodge a lot of blows and she’s quite tall for a woman her age. She’d be able to use that length to attack.
    I’m startled back into reality when her hair falls over her shoulder. I hadn’t realised I’d been absently playing with it. Quickly but cautiously I wipe it away so no hairs can stick to the wound. I wouldn’t want it to infect. I take a look around and notice the cabinet above the sink. Holding Bella with one arm, so she won’t fall, I reach for it and take out some antiseptic. I sigh in relief when I notice it’s a spray and sit down again, with Bella still in place.
    I put in on the sink and let the water run. Then I take one of the washing cloths out of the closet next to me. I leave in the sink to get wet and momentarily turn my attention to Bella again.
    “I’m wondering, your eyes; they change colour. Why?” I ask softly. I’ve never been very good at small talk, but there’s no harm in trying. If she’d rather not talk about this, then I would also understand and drop the subject without hesitation. There is just so much to discover about this young woman, and I can’t wait to learn it all.
    While I await the answer, I stop the water from running and take the cloth. Gently I dab it onto her shoulder. When I’m sure the wound is clean, I take the disinfectant spray.
    “This might sting a little,” I gently warn, before spraying the liquid solution on to her shoulder.
    When I’m done, I tenderly blow the wound, to ease the sting.
    I would bandage it, but I will let Bella answer my question first. Mother has taught me it is very impolite to interrupt people, especially if you have asked them a question they are to answer.
    I swallow hard and gradually turn the angle in which Bella is sitting, so her back is no longer facing me and I can see her face. For a moment, I lose the nerve to look her into the eyes. I hadn’t thought about it when I pulled her onto my lap, but now that her shoulder is taken care of, I suddenly become very aware of it.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    “Of course we can go into town, just as soon as you are dressed.”
    I can’t help but snort. Of course I’m going to get dressed before going into town. If I would go wearing nothing but a pair of speedos and a towel, I might as well carry a sign over head that says: please, go ahead; rape me.
    I have to repress a smile though, when Raisa kisses my forehead. This is nice, but I’m not going to make a habit out of it. It will make leaving her only so much harder when the time comes.
    I hadn’t realised how tired I am until Raisa starts humming. I’ve always liked to hear her sing, especially those Russian songs from when she was younger. She’s often gotten me back to sleep by just humming or singing when I’ve crawled into bed with her after having the nightmare. I close my eyes and concentrate on the sound of her voice.
    “I'd like that. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo done.” Immediately my eyes fly open and I look at Raisa with nothing but surprise in my eyes. I guess I hadn’t taken her for the type.
    “Yeah,” I answer. “You should get my face on your butt, so any jerk who wants to lay you over knows who’ll be hunting them down if they leave you,” I chuckle. I’m serious though, not about the my-face-on-her-butt-part, but I would seriously damage anyone who hurts Raisa. She’s one of the few people to walk this earth that deserve every spec of happiness they can get. Heartbreak should never cross Raisa’s path and should it happen anyway, I would gladly break the face of whomever bestowed it upon her.
    “But what would you get then?” I ask her. I hope she’d not go for something as corny as a butterfly, or an anchor. Then I chuckle again.
    “I know! Get a medal on your tit, you deserve one.” I grin and look up at her. This will probably earn me a punch in the arm or a smack on the head, but it’s worth it. She does deserve a medal though, even a Nobel prize if it were up to me. She uses her powers for doing good, and saving those the others of her kind would rather see dead. There’s not many who would willingly stand in her shoes, I think.
    Suddenly I notice I almost completely dry. Huh, I wonder how that happened so quickly. I entangle myself from Raisa and get up. I walk the small walk over to the lawn chair where I’d dropped my clothes and change into them. I pick up Lazu’s book so I can leave it inside before we go. You never know it might rain and I’m not going to have Lazu wanting to kill me before Jaimes gets the chance and actually takes it.
    Well fuck, there I go again. Perhaps I should ask Raisa to move me into an asylum so they can lock me away in a padded cell and use shock therapy to stop me from thinking about Jaimes. I’m going to make a swear jar, and everytime I think of Jaimes I’m going to put a penny in it. Starting from tomorrow, of course, because else I would have lost my entire savings already.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    I blink startled as he started to laugh, tensing slightly before relaxing and smiling uncertainly. Oh, he was teasing me... I wasn't used to being teased. My brothers weren't really the type to tease, and Raisa wasn't that comfortable around me. I guess they're all scared I'd take their joking the wrong way and take a lump out of their necks.... I wouldn't, of course. I never ate family – that was just rude. Well, I never ate living family... When my grandpa died, he was the main course at the celebration of his life.
    “Well... The stone is diamond, if you're curious.” I inform him, realising that was what he was after. I smile a little and avert my eyes slightly as he peers deeply into them. I didn't mind being asked so much about my hair – it was my eyes I was touchy about. I knew that they were abnormal, and it was really the only part of my appearance that I hated – so much so that I've taken to wearing contacts when I leave the House when I wasn't hunting.
    I blink as I'm gently pulled onto his lap, tensing up briefly at the unfamiliar contact before forcing myself to relax. I didn't want him to think it was because I didn't like him touching me – I didn't think that I disliked it. I think it's quite pleasant actually, being touched and held... I find myself blinking back tears forcibly, along with the memory of the few times that Father had held me when I was small – usually after gun practise and I was crying, he'd kneel down and hold him close against his sturdy chest, stroke my hair and murmur to me soothingly 'Tais-toi, ma fille. tout se serait mieux bientôt, ma belle fille'
    I nod a little to let Lev know I was listening, and bite my lip as he gently touches the bite on my shoulder. It felt more bruised then anything else, but it did still really hurt... I wondered if he knew that I had especially fragile skin. It was something I inherited from my mother – and was at total odds with my gemstone. I giggle a little as he compliments me... And felt my cheeks reddening a little in a way I didn't recognise.
    “Papa taught me to protect myself from a very young age.” I explained. He knew I was a gemchild, so he dedicated his life to making sure I could protect myself. He was a good man, my father. I shiver a little as he dropped his hand from my hair, and felt my cheeks darken a shade more. Oh this was ridiculous!
    Softly, I hiss as he cleaned my shoulder, before replying.
    “I don't know. Raisa says it's to do with my stone – it can be any colour, so that translates into my eyes.. I usually wear contacts.” now I was sitting against him, I was more aware of the trembling in my body getting stronger and stronger. I didn't want to have a fit near him! No-one had ever seen me have a fit since I was a small child.... But dispite that, I was still very aware of his body against mine, making my checks darken even more. I looked at his face, memorising each little detail before my vision started to blurr. I was aware of my throat tightening.

    I smile at his snort, gently playing with his hair. I always cherish every moment I spend with my children, because I knew that one day – maybe soon – they'd be gone, and I'd be alone in my big house, waiting for the next generation to be born. I kept all memories stored safely in little rooms I'd constructed in my mind – a trick I learnt from Bella, who read it in a book about another cannibal.
    I laugh at his suggestion for my tattoo – I never stayed with one partner long enough to have anything like that done. I thought about his question, before laughing at his second suggestion, and softly smacking him around the head. Then as he went to dress and pick up Lazu's book, I thought again about what I'd like to get tattooed on me.
    “I was thinking about getting a gem over my heart.” I teased him gently, getting up and smoothing out my clothes. They were all crinkly from the cuddles, but I didn't mind.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze

    “I don't know. Raisa says it's to do with my stone – it can be any colour, so that translates into my eyes.. I usually wear contacts.”
    I nod softly, thinking how much of shame it is she chooses to hide her eyes. They are beautiful, no matter what colour they have. I’m at a loss of words when I realise what I just thought and decide not to tell her, lest it creep her out. If someone were to tell me I have beautiful eyes on the first day I met them, I would find it a little too intimate.
    When I notice her shaking is getting worse, I would ask her to please not be afraid of me and assure her that I have naught but honourable intentions. But then her breath catches and she seems to struggle. Her eyes have this glazy hue and I’m starting to become aware that something is very wrong. I haven’t been around Gem Hearts much, but I know for a fact this cannot be counted as normal behaviour.
    I wrack my brain and try to remember if I have ever been in a similar situation like this. And then I’m taken back to a day around fifty years ago. There was a girl, lying on the ground and shaking heavily. She was non-responsive to her mother’s words but the woman kept talking to her nonetheless. When someone went about trying to pick up the child, the woman screamed to leave her be, she was epileptic and should be kept where she was and not be restricted.
    Gently I close my arms around Bella, so she cannot fall from my lap. Her head is thrashing terribly, so I lock it between my own head and my shoulder. I would not want her to bang it against one of the walls or against my own head and have me lose hold of her. I keep my arms around her loosely so she can move her body freely.
    “It’s okay, Bella. I’ve got you,” I whisper. “You won’t get hurt, and you won’t hurt me so don’t worry about it. I know you can’t stop it. It’ll be over soon, don’t fight it. I’m here and I’ll still be here when it’s over.”
    I don’t know what else to say and I don’t think there’s anything left to say. Instead of continuing to talk and start spouting nonsense, I softly sing a song mother would use to sing to soothe me. Absently I start rocking Bella. Perhaps I am rocking myself as well, because even though I try to remain calm I cannot deny this is scaring the living the hell out of me. To see someone with such innocence as Bella going through an ordeal such as this, it’s quite disturbing. But since freaking out wouldn’t help her, I don’t.
    One might argue about Bella’s innocence, but despite the killing and eating of people I can tell she is. It’s not her fault she is a cannibal, I know from Raisa, she only does as she was taught from the age of a suckling babe. It’s not easy to unlearn things that are rooted so deep inside. It would be like asking her to defy her parents, which is not something one should ever ask of a child. I firmly believe that when Bella is not hungry or threatened, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, maybe a fly because God knows how I hate those.
    I startle as I realise something. Now, I may not have inherited my parent’s magical skills but I remain a Warlock, which means I’m more prone to sense things “ordinary” humans wouldn’t. The reason I’m so convinced about her innocence, is because she’s a maiden.
    “Goodness,” I mutter. How is it possible that someone as beautiful and kind-hearted as her has not found a mate yet? Her being a Gem Heart should hardly be an excuse, I know from Raisa that they go out from time to time. Why this brings a smile to my face, I have no idea. I’m not usually one to enjoy others being lonely.
    “Come back, Kukla, I like you better when you talk,” I whisper, pressing a kiss on her forehead.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    “I was thinking about getting a gem over my heart.”
    I turn around and stare at Raisa, my expression blank. I feel… betrayed. It’s ridiculous but I do. I feel like she’s trying to take the Mickey out of me. I drop the book I was holding and fold my arms over my chest.
    “You think that’s funny?” I ask. “Because it’s so great to be a Gem Heart, to be different from all the rest? Yeah, it’s wonderful, you definitely want to be like me, never knowing if today is going to be the day you finally get killed and have it over with or if you’re going to have to look over your shoulder another day to see if some weird ass freak with a knife is stalking you!”
    This is when I notice Jaimes’ knife again and I ruthlessly kick it as far away as I can. That bastard will better not show up tomorrow because I will singlehandedly strangle him if he so much as lays a finger on me. Well, fuck this, how did I go from being mad at Raisa to thinking about Jaimes again?!
    I take one of the towels I’d brought out and start to fidget with it. As I get worked up more and more I start to pull it and stretch it until it finally rips and I’m left with more of what I already own; shreds of worthless crap.
    “I won’t stand for it!” I shout. “I won’t!”
    I’m not even sure what exactly I’m talking about, but I’m very convinced that those words are the truth. I’m going to start speaking up if something displeases me, when it displeases me. If my housemates think they’ve seen the worst of me, then they’re in for a lovely treat. I violently kick the lawn chair and pick up Lazu’s book before throwing it away.
    I freeze when I see it touching the surface of the pool. My heart stops for a moment when it sinks below the surface.
    “Shit,” I whisper. “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Fuck, fuck, fuckidy fuck fuck fuck!”
    I grab my head and turn around to face Raisa. Where my face was blank first, fear and guilt are now plainly written on it. Everybody knows I like to borrow my brother’s book without asking but they also know I tend to take very good care of them.
    “He’s going to kill me,” I realise out loud. “He’s going to take a knife, and cut out my heart and stuff it in my mouth before shoving a giant stick up my ass and roasting me like a pig. I’m dead, he’s going to kill me. I’m dead. I don’t want him to kill me,” I rant. If anyone is going to kill me, it’s going to be Jaimes and that’s that.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    As I feel myself succumb to the fit, I found myself hyper-aware of Lev holding me, before I more or less blacked out. Well, I lost vision, but I was still conscious, of a description. I was aware of being held gently, of a mans voice whispering soothingly in my ear. The words themselves came very slowly and languidly, but I understood them. Lev. Then it was just noise, and I realized he was humming to me.
    It takes a little longer then usual – well, as usual for when I'm repressing the shakes – but I start to come around, around the same time I hear him whisper something again before kissing my forehead. I whimper softly, realizing that, for the first time, my cheeks were burning hot and wet from tears. It took a few seconds before I realized that they were my tears. I never normally cried during a fit – it wasn't like it hurt, unless I was hitting myself off a hard surface –, and I nearly never cried full-stop, so it was weird...
    When it finally ended, I went limp and just panted softly, unconsciously snuggling into Lev's body. After a few more minutes, the snuggled resulted in me turning onto my side to press closer to him. I didn't know why, I just knew I needed the touch of another person. I also used the movement to wipe my face on his shirt, hopefully before he noticed that I'd been crying.

    I blink startled at Fiyero's outburst, flinching when he raised his voice. I knew that he sometimes lost his temper, but he'd never lost it at me before, or near me. It was... New. I didn't love him any less, and I realized quickly why he'd gotten so upset about it. When he turned back to me, I pulled him back into my arms and stroked his hair soothingly, my other hand making small motions behind to back to retrieve the book and dry it again, making it as pristine as it was before it went for a swim. I hummed the spell mainly to calm down Fiyero. His little temper tantrum didn't scare me, but it did make me uncomfortable. I hated being around angry people, or loud people. It reminded me too much of the revolts in Russia.. I winced again as mentally I took that train ride again.. To that house.. I held Fiyero tighter briefly, re-establishing myself into the here and now. Then I loosened my grip on him slightly, aware I might be hurting him, and softly kissed his forehead gently.
    “Fiyero, I didn't mean it that way.” I told him softly, my voice still vibrating a little with power from the hummed spell. “I know it's not easy to be a gemchild...” my eyes turned a little pained as I remembered my first encounter with the gem-children – the execution of my then best friend, the Grand Duchess Anastasia. My breathing hitched, and I took a second to calm myself. Then I continued with my explanation. “I know you'll all be gone one day... Either killed, died or moved away..” I could see Bella moving to Russia with Lev for one thing. “And I want something permanent to remind me of you... Other then your memories..” I took his hand and gently rested it above my heart. “I want to get a little gem stone, with little segments.. Each coloured in each of your colours.. So you can all stay close to my heart.” I smiled at him gently.

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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze

    I look down when I hear her whimper and keep my eyes on her face. I’m not sure is she’s coming around already, but if she’s not fully conscious soon I’m going to call a medic just to be sure she is safe. I notice the tears on her face, but I don’t want to touch her yet. She might be startled by it and I want her to be able to quietly come back.
    After a while she goes limp and I hold her more tightly so she doesn’t slide down to the floor. I’m a little surprised when she snuggles into me. I wouldn’t have expected it from her, at least not this soon. Is she that good at hiding how she feels about others when she is fully aware of what she’s doing or have I gained another level of trust by keeping her from being harmed? She is so difficult to read, this diamond in the rough. I wish she were more like the heart that is so quietly throbbing now in her chest; viewable from every angle.
    I can’t help but smile when she presses herself closer to me and uses my hoodie as a cloth to wipe her eyes and cheeks with.
    “You know, you’re lucky tears don’t leave stains. Because then I’d have to sit here, on your toilet, with my scrawny bare chest as you manually wash my hoodie,” I chuckle.
    I’ll admit, I’m not the most muscular of men to walk this planet. I don’t have a body to parade around with as my most prized trophy. But in all honestly, do I have to? Eventually the most beautiful bodies start wrinkling and bending and sagging. I’m not very materialistic and I’m not vain either. I have no need to stay in the bathroom for hours and check myself over and over again for negative changes. It would not bring me happiness. As longs as I look presentable and know that I take care of myself as I should, there’s no use for luxurious skin treatments or excessive training. I’d rather spend my time on more serious and important matters.
    “We don’t want that, do we?” I continue, laughing softly. “Well, I can’t speak for you and I won’t but I know I don’t want that,” I add, keeping my tone light. I’m not the shy type, but as I’ve indicated before; some actions are too intimate when you’ve known someone for only a couple of hours, during half of which one of the two was zoning out.
    “Come on, you should rest now. I can imagine that took a lot out of you,” I say silently, whilst lifting her up. I use my foot to open the bathroom door and carry Bella into the living room where I put her down on the sofa. I take one of the blankets on the end of it and cover her with it.
    “I’ll be right back, Bella,” I whisper. “I’m just going back into the bathroom and get a band aid to put on your shoulder. I’ll bring a bandage too so you can take care of my arm if you want to. But if you feel too tired, I shall do it myself. That’s okay with me.” I smile and gently brush her hair out of her face. Then I get up and hurry to the bathroom, where I rummage through the cupboard above the sink again. When I’ve found what I need, I close it and make my way back to living room, where I left Bella. I put the large band aid in place, so no dirt can get into her wound and when that’s done I lie myself down next to her.
    “You took me by surprise there, Kukla,” I whisper. I wish Raisa had told me about this. “I’m glad to see you’re fine. Are you feeling well now?”

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    I struggle for a moment as Raisa holds me, not wanting to relent this time. Today is a bad day for emotions and I know she’s only going to bring out more if she hugs the crap out of me now. I seize my fight against her arms when she squeezes me tight. I’m always surprised by how much force she possesses. Sometimes I forget she’s had enough time to learn how to use her strength. Like I knew she would, she brings tears to my eyes when she kisses my forehead.
    “Fiyero, I didn't mean it that way. I know it's not easy to be a gemchild… I know you'll all be gone one day... Either killed, died or moved away… And I want something permanent to remind me of you... Other than your memories. I want to get a little gem stone, with little segments.. Each coloured in each of your colours.. So you can all stay close to my heart.”
    Her words only reach me slowly, but as they do I feel a rising feeling of disagreement. I shake my head as once more my words fail me. She can have all the best intentions and relatively understandable motivations she wants, I still don’t think it’s a good idea or healthy for me or my siblings. Because we would know, every time she holds us to her chest that we’re represented there, that our difference is stitched into her skin.
    “I know we’re not normal, and I don’t pretend like we’re ever going to be, but can’t you just get the dates of our birth tattooed on your body like any mother would?” I ask. “Please, do not remind us of what we are,” I beg now. “I know you don’t care that we’re not like other teens, but I don’t think I only speak for myself when I say that Gems are very aware of it. Or, make an anagram of our names so there’s room for the ones to come after us, but not the Gems, Raisa. Please don’t.”
    I look into her eyes, pleading for her to understand my view on the matter. I sigh and take her into my arms as well. As I pull her tighter I am reminded of my other crisis. The little one that might just explode and take me down, called Lazu.
    “And if we don’t get our ass into town now and buy a new book for Lazu, it won’t matter whether you want to put me on your body or not because I’ll be as dead as a doornail before nightfall. And you couldn’t stop it because you’d have to hurt another son to save one and you’d be too torn. So, allons-y?”
    Of course I speak French, I’m Canadian after all.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    Jazz Delaney

    ‘Oh, I hear you, darling,’ He said, a drawl in his voice I wanted to punch. Well, I just wanted to punch him and not in the very good way. The kid was getting on my nerves and I’m not known for my patience. ‘I just didn’t care much for what you were saying.’ I smirked. I figured.
          ‘Typical for a lousy mutt like you.’
          ‘Whoever he may be, he’s certainly a lot hotter than you are,’ He said, again with the bored tone. Well, I’m glad I could amuse you, I though sarcastically. ‘And that’s with his clothes on.’ I grinned.
    ‘How’d you if he’s hot if you don’t know who it is? I’m certain you have some dude in mind you wanna have sex with or…’ I laugh amusingly before stopping and look at him like he is some stupid four-year old, little boy. ‘Aw, poor little girl… You do know what sex is, do you?’ I speak to him rather patronizing, ‘Didn’t your parents told you about the birds and the bees?’ Hm, only bees for this Mister.
    Casually I shrugged my shoulders and let out a little sigh, after I turned around to get my clean lingerie. The few stones I’d in my possession, I hid in it as I walked outta the shower.
          ‘Maybe that dude you are thinking about can show you.’ The tone I said it with was very dull, cause I simply wanted him out. That chick, I wanted to go to her and that isn’t going to work out if that guy is still here. My ears caught how he talked further nonsense, but I didn’t listen to it. That guy does not know when to stop and as I mentioned earlier, I was on my last nerve here ladies.
          ‘Don't worry about me, I'll be on my way soon. I was just curious and I needed a distraction. Don't worry, you didn't help at all.’ I laughed. ‘You’re welcome, glad I could help.’ Of course that was sarcasm to the max. He frowned and looked at me while I walked towards my bed, sat down and stared at the photograph of my little brother. Ryan. I bit my lip, while I looked back towards the cocky man and put the lingerie behind me.
          ‘Why do you hunt?’ He asks. My eyes are sending a death glare at him when he asked that. ‘What’s your motivation to murder, my darling?’ I feel like freaking him out even more and that’s exactly what I’ll do. He didn’t need anything to know from me, and I’m not gonna fucking tell him. I would not let him. Especially not him. Not anybody.
          ‘Because it’s fun.’ I say with a very serious, strict face, but with a morbid tone in my voice. ‘Hm. You don’t think so, then?’ I grin maliciously. After that I stand up straight, stopped in front of him and looked at him with and entertaining, sneering smile. A small second passed before I walked away towards the closet and grabbed a few pieces of clothing, then I walked back to the bed again.
          ‘Can you take the hint now and get outta here, Mister Know-it-all?’ The garments I’d thrown on the bed, next to my lingerie. I took the towel and threw it on the clothes and also underwear, then I put my panties on. Then the bra. The stones can’t be seen, since they were covered. I dressed myself so that the stoned at one point laid underneath the towel and my duvet.

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.