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    All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Magic: It's still very much alive in this world. Warlocks, masters of this magic, still live among us, hidden from Human sight. A few centuries ago, a strong warlock made a very strange discovery. When too much magic manifests in an infant's body, it crystallises in the infant's chest in the form of a gemstone. These 'Gem children' grow up as very sickly babies before turning into very strong humans. The warlocks did not care for the child and killed it to harvest the gemstone from its chest. For a while, the warlock was the most powerful of his kind thanks to the raw power of this gemstone. Then his secret came out.
    Ever since, the Gem children have been ruthlessly hunted down. Rare as they are, they already face extinction. Not all Warlocks could be bothered to hunt for this power. And this was how the Hunters were created. Humans were chosen to be charmed with a special strength, and they were blackmailed into doing the Warlocks' dirty work. This was easy until one exceptionally strong Warlock, Raisa Romaine Dvornikov, build a house and charmed it to protect the Gemchildren. Any gemchild was welcome, but Hunters would be unable to breath when they crossed the threshold into the building.
    This RPG follows the gemchildren, the warlocks, their hunters and their stories.

    RPG Rules
    1)English only
    2)6 line minimum per post; (12 minimum if you have two characters in the post)
    3)2 characters maximum;
    4)Anything unrelated to the RPG in the chat topic;
    5)No killing a character without permission of the owner;
    6)No 'perfect characters'. Each character must have a few flaws;
    7)Wait 2-3 posts before replying again;

    Rules related to Gemhearts
    1)They must have one personality trait that related to their Heartstone; (Find the list of traits here)
    2)They can only use their special ability when they are holding a stone similar to their heartstone in their hand;
    3)They are either taken into the protection house by Raisa the Warlock, or they hear about it and find it themselves;
    4)They are allowed to leave the protection house, but it is dangerous.

    Rules related to Warlocks
    1)Warlocks don't just snap their fingers to use their magic. They use long spells, runes and potions to achieve their goals;
    2)They are not all powerful.;
    3)They can't bring people back from the dead.
    4)Warlocks can track the movements of their Hunter, but not read their mind or anything.

    Rules related to Hunters
    1)Hunters are normal non-magical people who get blackmailed by the Warlocks to kill Gemchildren.
    2)They wear an enchanted necklace which gives them more strength than normal Humans and helps them tell Normal children from Gemhearts.


    Gem Children
    1) Female – Diamond – Bella Lumière – Shinibubbles
    2) Male – Lapis Lazuli – Lazu Markl – Escritura
    3) Male – Black Onyx – Fiyero Gabrielle Arch – Theodora
    4) Male – Amethyst– Julian Rowland – Yoda

    Hunters and Warlocks
    1) Hunter – Female – Jazlyn Ophelia Delaney – Tortura
    2) Hunter – Female – Aerilyn Suraya Guangco – PlagueRat
    3) Hunter – Female – Blake Skyler – Ubiquitous
    3) Hunter – Male – Jaimes Avril Ashley – Escritura
    4) Hunter – Male – Alois Amboise – Hashirama
    5) Warlock – Female – Raisa Romaine Dvornikov – Shinibubbles
    6) Warlock – Female – Rosemary Aventurine Albus - PlagueRat
    7) Warlock – Male – Izan Alvaro Ruiz – Tortura
    8) Warlock – Male – Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze – Theodora


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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    I laugh silently as I feel Bella try to push me off Lev’s lap. It was sweet, that they both liked each other. I didn’t really fully approve – it wasn’t really fair on either of them. Gem-children’s lives could end at any moment – Fiyero was proving that. I refused to let the emotions bubble up again though – it wouldn’t be fair on Lev to choke him again. I knew that later, Bella would ask me what was wrong. And I wouldn’t be able to answer her – how could I tell her? I looked away when Bella stole a kiss from him and gently squeezed his arm.
    “I should make a start on dinner.” I tell him, softly kissing his cheek and getting up. I didn’t want Bella being grumpy with me. And besides, I should get dinner on soon – it was coming on for dinner time and then our movie night. I knew Lazu would pick a good film. I decided to sit beside Lev. Then I looked through the food and decided to make a sausage casserole. I started to chop up the onions, and hummed a song to myself. I wasn’t trying to ignore them, but still give them some privacy – but I was very proud of Bella for telling Lev about her flash-back. I was the only one in the house who knew about them, or what happens in them. I’d stay a part of the conversation if they wanted me to. But I wanted to observe them together – because as much as I loved Lev, my children came first. I wanted to make sure that Bella would be safe, first and foremost. I knew that she was probably the most lonely of my children – the others all had semi-regular contact with others, and weren’t seen as a monster by the community. Bella only leaves to hunt, and even then usually only during the night so she won’t meet anyone else. I wasn’t looking forward to explaining sex to her – something told me that there was no way Lev was going to do it. I listened to their conversation, and heard Bella telling Lev something in French. I smile – it was from the song I was humming. So I turn slightly, and give him the translation in Russian. Then lightly tapped Bella’s nose.
    “He can’t speak French.” I told her softly, then laughed at her retort. She had a wicked sense of humour, I’ll give her that.

    I look up innocently at Lev as he smiles and shakes his head at me.
    “No, Kukla.” He tells me, before trying to kiss my forehead. Something makes me lift my face a little so he caught my lips instead. Then I smile sweetly at him, and cuddle against him and listen to his explanation. I nodded slowly to show I understood, and made a mental note to ask Raisa later what was wrong – something must have been really wrong for Lev to have collapsed on the floor like that. Then I took his hand, and started to play with the fingers, not looking at him anymore. He’d been honest with me about what happened on his end, so I should tell him what happened on my end. It was only fair.
    “What happened with me…” I started, before swallowing thickly. “Seeing you… Like that… Choking like that…” Oh my god, get a grip! Just tell him what happened and stop acting like a big baby. I scrunched my eyes tightly shut and fisted my hands. “It reminded me of the night I came here, when my father was shot in front of me.” My breathing started to pick up, but I refused to have a second flash back, and focussed on something happier. Unbidden, the memory of when Lev kissed me crept into my mind, making my cheeks darken. I opened my eyes, and smiled hesitantly when I saw my mother giving me a proud smile over her shoulder. I liked doing things that made her proud. Then I snuggled into Lev, and paused before looking at him, and saying seriously.
    “Je veux ton amour, et je veux ta revanche, j'veux ton amour, I don't wanna be friends.” I knew Raisa would translate for me, if needed. I wasn’t sure if he knew French or not. Raisa said something in Russian, then tapped my nose. I blinked startled, and looked at her.
    “He can’t speak French.” I was told, so I grinned.
    “So we should let the funky music do the talking?”

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3


    I can feel his eyes on my lips as I am speaking and it makes me feel strangely aware of them, as they start to tingle slightly. I can feel my heartbeat beating evenly inside them.
    “A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it's a whisper. Did I ever tell you that your voice is very beautiful, Julian?” I am quite taken aback by that statement and I can feel a blush starting to slowly creep its way upon my cheeks. I feel like a little kid getting embarrassed because his third grade teacher told him he’s such a handsome boy. Which happened to me, actually. Why am I comparing Lazu to my third grade teacher? What the hell Julian? All because he made a remark about your voice sounding beautiful? This is ridiculous. My voice wasn’t beautiful, I never considered it to be at least. Of course, I do not know how it sounds like to others, but I didn’t think it was all that special. There’s a slight hint of my accent, but that’s it. I don’t even know how to describe it. But still this comment threw me off and the blush on my cheeks intensifies every second I think about it.
    “N-no.. Nobody ever told me that. Thank you.” I managed to get that out without stuttering too bad. My accent was slightly more audible though, and I cursed myself for that. I don’t get why this affects me the way it does. I know I’m not good with compliments, but normally I can just smile and shrug them off. But not with him. Not with Lazu. His compliment was so genuine that it just hit home for me more than it normally would. I crack a smile at him.
    “My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.” I can hear his voice starting to shake again. Was he talking about me? It sounds strange, alien even. I can’t imagine that quote being anything near what I’m like. I’m no fortress, no shield to anyone. Never have been and probably never will be. It’s hard figuring out Lazu’s quotes sometimes, but this one just baffles me. I am pretty sure it’s about me, but it seems so wrong somehow. But right at the same time. I do have this inexplicable urge to protect him, though I know I won’t be able to if it comes down to it. He should go to Bella or Fiyero for that, seeing how I’m the wussy of the family. But if it’s about me, it also means he trusts me and somehow that makes my heart skip a few heavy beats. Trust is a rare thing, especially in gemchildren, so I know how to value it. And especially when it comes down to Lazu. Maybe I just shouldn’t think to much about his quotes, but they always seem to lead somewhere and tell a story of their own.
    “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” He seems to slowly start freaking out again and I wonder if I did something wrong. Am I suffocating him with my hug? Does he want me to let go? I don’t know, I just don’t. I only know I don’t want to let go. So the humming starts. And to my surprise, he starts humming along not soon afterwards. And singing. I like his singing. His voice is soft and very calming in its own way. He slowly starts swaying his body to the music and I let a small chuckle escape. Or no, chuckle isn’t the right word. But giggle isn’t either, not is laugh. It’s soft and quiet, but happier than a chuckle is. Not quite as ringing as a giggle. And besides, I don’t do giggles. It’s a weird sound to be describing. To my even bigger surprise, Lazu seems to actually have calmed down because of my humming. Then Bella walks in on us and a vivid blush creeps up my cheeks again. Worse than last time. But I don’t let go of Lazu, I just stare at her a bit bewildered.
    “Pancakes? Who ordered the ones with the side of blood? Oh wait, that’s mine. About the screaming and yelling…. Raisa brought her cousin home to look after us. And… He kissed me, because he kinda got lost in a moment while we were dancing. Fiyero yelled at him, yelled at me… And then I uh… I had a flashback.” She clenches her fists and looks down. “I uh… I should go.”
    “Thanks Bells. Be careful, okay?” So that’s what that was about. I remember the vivid anger I had felt back then. It was horrible. But I couldn’t stay mad at her after that explanation. And her obvious struggle to tell us this, makes it impossible to even feel resentful. Still ridiculous though, yelling at people because they’re kissing. The girl is 16, let her kiss who she wants to. She knows how to kill, dissect and eat people, she can take care of herself. I don’t quite know what to think about having a newcomer in the house. Especially someone that’s meant to take care of us. My worries and disdain about having another person in the house are soon interrupted when Lazu speaks.
    “Thank you.” Normally, he sounds petrified when speaking to Bella. I look at him, a slightly surprised gleam in my eyes. But then I smile as he nuzzles back into me. It just feels really nice and I like the fact that he’s smaller than me. Everything just seems to fit as he finishes the song.
    “Those pancakes sure smell good,” he suddenly says. I stare at the plate Bella left us and my stomach makes a rumbling sound. But not because of the hunger.
    “If you want them, you can have them. Do you want me to let go of you, so you can eat? I can do that.. I know you like pancakes.” I smile at him, even though I really, really do not want to let go. I resist the urge to pull him even closer and rest my chin on the top of his head. I feel like I’m a overly possessive toddler right now and it’s never good when you start feeling like that. So all I do is curl my fingers around the fabric of my hoody, the one Lazu is wearing, lightly and loosen the grip around him slightly. It’s the golden road between letting go of him of clutching him tighter, since he now has every possibility to step out of my arms if he so wishes. I still feel like that toddler though.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Lazu Jet Markl

    Julian’s face reddens when I compliment his gentle and soothing voice. It resembles safety, warmth and kindness to me. I watch as the colour red slowly spreads over his cheeks and then intensifies.
    “N-no... Nobody ever told me that. Thank you.” His accent thickens slightly when he speaks this time, as if something has set it off. I cock my head to the left slightly. He then smiles at me, very suddenly. He has a very sincere smile, I note. That’s a good thing. I’ve seen people smile sometimes – Fiyero – without any honesty at all. I disliked that quite a lot, and had told him so. He did not appreciate my opinion.
    My voice starts to shake once again and I feel Julian’s arms tighten around my body. It doesn’t help; the overload of physical affection is still too much. I’m surrounded by his warmth, his protection at all times. Julian might not be the strongest person in the house. He might not even be the smartest or the fastest. But somehow, I trust him without question. Julian equals protection, in my eyes. Maybe not protection from harm, but more like… protection from the terrible loneliness that has always surrounded me.
    It’s only when Julian and I hum/sing the song that I calm down. The familiar and lovely melody helps me deal with his soft touch, his warm chest and sweet scent.
    When Bella leaves, I get a slightly surprised look from Julian. I just hum slowly and cuddle up against him. It’s strange how comfortable things are around Julian. I don’t feel constantly watched, despite the fact that he is nearly always looking at me.
    “Those pancakes sure smell good.”
    “If you want them, you can have them. Do you want me to let go of you, so you can eat? I can do that... I know you like pancakes.” He smiles at me, and I stare at him in bewilderment. There are two reasons for my sudden confusion. One, I really do not want to lose the comfort of his embrace. And two…
    “I was not aware that you were aware of love for pancakes,” I answer, slightly puzzled. I don’t have them much because I do not wish to end up overweight and I only mentioned how much I like them once or two, I think. I shrug and half-heartedly reach over for the plate without stepping away from Julian. It looks quite silly and it makes a giggle escape my lips.
    “I'm lazy,” I then say with a sing-song quality to my voice. “But it's the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn't like walking or carrying things.” I give up on the pancakes and snuggle back against Julian. My nose rests in the nape of his neck.
    “We do look kind of silly, standing in the middle of your room,” I then say thoughtfully. My left hand starts to trail random shapes and curls onto Julian’s collarbone, dancing over the tender skin. I hum a tone that is close but not similar to the earlier song. My head is obviously still not really on this planet; but when is it? I am always with my mind in books, fantasy worlds and stories. If anything, I have been in this world far too long today. I have spent a surprising amount of time with Julian. Running, crying, laughing… I glance up, searching for his eyes. I can almost feel the connection that today has left behind. As if a piece of extra-strong string is knotted all around us, drawing me closer to him with every step, word and sigh. It’s silly and I might be imagining it. After all, I’ve not had many friends.
    The closest I’ve had to that was Marius. The name crosses my mind very quickly, causing a stab of anger and pain to leave me breathless and disorientated.
    “Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane,” I whisper, more to myself than to lovely Julian. At least Julian is not Human. We can be friends without me endangering him, and to add to that, Julian and Marius looked nothing alike. So why was he back on my mind?
    I shake my head and half pull out of Julian’s arms. Marius was long dead, taken by Hunters as a warning. Tears have already forced their way to my eyes though.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    The way Jaimes moans does nothing to help my already very unfortunate situation, down there. If anything I would say it has only gotten worse, except I’ve believe I’ve already passed the point where it could get any worse. And even though, I’m holding only his face, I try to pull him closer still when he presses his body against mine. It’s been a long while since I’ve had so little worries occupying my thoughts, and I plan to enjoy every last second of this hellish distraction.
    Shamelessly I moan into Jaimes’ mouth when I feel his fingernails digging into the tender skin of my bottom. And then finally he kisses me back, almost sending me into complete oblivion. For the first time in my life, someone is not trying to be tender with me, someone is very purposely not taking my feelings into account for the execution of their (devious) scheme and I very much like the spotlight not being on my emotions for once. This is raw, unloving and absolute bliss.
    I would lie if I said Jaimes isn’t great at kissing, although I won’t be telling him that anytime soon. The way he manages to move his lips perfectly out of sync with my own gives me goose bumps and for once intimacy does not make me feel like running away or blocking it off. But then again, intimacy has never been this dirty, straight to the point or even as sexual as this.
    “You’re not doing much ‘fighting off’,” Jaimes suddenly whispers, sending another wave of shivers down my spine. Even his voice is perfectly imperfect, but since I’m not in the mood for small talk, or any other form of talking for that matter, I try to shut him up by attacking greedily sucking his lower lip.. Just the thought of its plumpness makes me almost lose myself in mesmerizing pleasure.
    “But don’t worry, ‘Fi’...” I freeze mid kiss, if you could even call it that, at hearing him use my petname. I don’t even appreciate my siblings calling me that, what made him think he has the right to use it? The swoon of just moments ago has completely faded away now and instead it feels as if the cork that stopped the anger in the pit of my stomach from bursting out has been violently unscrewed. My guts are churning and his kisses contain not the slightest bit of magic for me anymore.
    “I like it when my prey struggles,” he has the nerve of adding. Well then, perhaps I should oblige. Jaimes should be careful what he wishes for.
    Even before he’s done speaking, I slam my hands into his chest, pushing him away. I don’t care if I cut off his breath or not, this jerk deserves everything that comes to him now. Or well, doesn’t come, depending on one’s perspective.
    The second after pushing him away, I force my fist to collide with his face. I was aiming for that filthy mouth of his, but I don’t regret hitting him right on the nose. I bet it hurts just as much, if not worse. My anger has left me panting, and is so overwhelming still that I feel like throwing up. The cruel irony of this is that the one who was actually helping me unwind is now the cause for my bottomless rage. For a moment I just stare, not even seeing what’s happening in front of me and with a deep sigh, my legs remember how to move. And that’s exactly what I instruct them to do. Walk.
    I brush past Jaimes in my attempt to leave the lake and return back to my solitude. One thing’s for sure; my inner walls will be higher and thicker than they’ve ever been before as soon as I step foot into the house. Raisa will be my sole confidante again, but even with her my words shall be little.
    “How was that for you then?” I ask Jaimes, my voice dripping with sarcasm and undiluted fury.
    Without giving him the chance to answer, I continue to walk away, as well and as fast as the water will let me –which is gallingly slow.
    It’s almost as if everything has decided to work against me again, even nature now. The water is holding me back from my sorely needed run. The chilly wind is making me ache with cold, stiffening my joints and the silence has never been this deafening. I feel like I’m losing myself on an entirely different level. My head is throbbing, and neglecting every thought that seems remotely sane. My Gem is skipping beats, as if it is trying to get me to go even slower and my hands are itching with the phantom of their previous touching. I would call this a nightmare, but at least in my dreams I know what’s going to happen next. This time, my eyes are too blind to allow me to dodge the next punch life will decide to give me.
    “Kill me, now,” I demand, stopping my slow stride altogether. “I don’t even care how you do it,” I add, loud enough for Jaimes to have heard me, even if my back is facing him. “Kill me, take my Gem and never come back here.”
    I close my eyes and cease to fight the tears that so ardently want to make the skin of my cheeks burn with their salty drops. I hold very still, waiting for –and giving him the opportunity- Jaimes to strike me with the final blow.
    “And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted – nevermore,” I whisper, hoping, though even he can’t hear me, I would have at least once done my little brother proud. I never stole his books only to annoy or upset him. Some I actually liked. In silence I repeat one of the verses in one of Lazu’s book that particularly comes to mind right now.
    Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer.
    `Sir,' said I, `or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
    But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
    And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
    That I scarce was sure I heard you' - here I opened wide the door; -
    Darkness there, and nothing more.

    This is what you get for letting people close, Fiyero. Whether it be physically or emotionally. They will always stab you in the back, even if you’re looking them right in the eye.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    Jaimes Avril Ashley

    The next few minutes are pure sexual rage between us. Somehow, my urge to kill him and his obvious annoyance at my amazing ego work really well together when it comes to this stuff. Huh, who knew? Then again, I’m sexy as hell and I’d have amazingly hot sexual chemistry with anyone. Still, with Jack things seem different. And somehow, it bothers me a lot. But I’m really horny and as amazing as I am, even I don’t have the best impulse control when it comes to hot guys. So I can’t help but respond to his rough touch and demanding mouth. He’s stopped fighting me, for now at least, because for a few moments Jack seems as lost in the moment as I am. And I am not very happy to admit that.
    When I whisper against his lips he shivers and the noises that come out of his mouth tempt me to do all sorts of sinful things to him. He attacks my lower lip, an action that makes every sense in my body ache with a fiery bliss. And then I open my gorgeous mouth and awaken his fighting spirit once again. It’s very sudden; his anger is rawer than the sexual tension between us. And again it takes me completely by surprise; my heart beating quicker by the second.
    At first, he completely freezes; his lips still on mine. That’s when I know I said that one thing too much. I grin against his lips. Then, his hand slams into my chest, knocking most the air out of my lungs. I stagger back half a step, and then before I have the chance to even take half a breath, his fist collides with my gorgeous face. Pain surges through me and the world is spinning. I’ve already lost my balance and before I know it, I’m inhaling the murky lake water. I gag and struggle to find my footing. It takes me too long, causing me to end up standing half a feet away from Jack, choking and gagging on gross lake-water and feeling as if I’m about to pass out. A warm liquid, warmer than the lake and with a strange metallic smell, drips over my face. A dribble of blood is steadily coming from my nose, (which is most likely broken. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point. That was a good punch.)
    By the time I focus on Jack, he’s half-way to the shore. I can no longer hear the sounds of the forest; all I hear is my own ragged breathing and the sloshing created by Jack’s legs. Despite still trying to clear the fluid from my breathing-tube and simultaneously attempting to get air into my lungs, I’m having a really hard time trying not to laugh at him. Was it honestly that easy to antagonise him?
    “How was that for you then?”
    Oh sweet God, please don’t start laughing, I have to tell myself. There’s absolutely nothing funny about the situation, yet I seem to find it absolutely hysterical at the same time. He sounds all sarcastic and angry and serious and I’m standing here, almost laughing at him. And I have no fucking idea why.
    And really, I’m trying to take this little game seriously. He’s here solely to distract me, to fight me, to argue and insult me as badly as I will do to him. And so far, that has worked perfectly. My deadline doesn’t seem so close, I feel gorgeous and smart and sexy instead of a lowly murderer without morals…
    “Kill me, now.” His demand kills my train of thought. He has stopped walking, though he’s not looking at me. “I don’t even care how you do it.” Well that’s new. I run a hand through my soaked hair. How bipolar was this guy anyway? Okay, I am aware that I’m actively trying to antagonize him, but I certainly didn’t make him go from angry to suicidal in such a short amount of time, right? Something about the situation is just not right at all.
    “Kill me, take my Gem and never come back here.” Oh but that’s cute; stupid and naïve, but cute. This time, I actually allow myself to laugh; though it has a sarcastic and familiar ring to it this time. He’s saying something else, but I don’t hear him. The sound of it reminds me of… I shake my head, closing my eyes briefly to force myself to concentrate. The thought of Jack praying is ridiculous, to be honest. He is obviously not the kind of person who would want to make peace with any God. I discard the thought; it’s stupid.
    But it’s too late, because her name has slipped through my mind. And soon, her soft, childish voice follows. It echoes around me; as if she’s standing right next to me. It’s as if she never left me. And maybe, part of her never has. Maybe, she is still waiting for me to get my fucking ass in gear and collect those last gems. Because once I do, I can return her to this life. The blood that stains my hands, the merciless torture; everything I have done was to save her innocent life.
    ‘My guardian dear; To Whom His love; Commits me here; Ever this day; Be at my side; To light and guard; To rule and guide. Amen.’ And to my horror, tears burn behind my eyes. She fades away, having shaken me to my core. I can see her light green eyes sparkle in the reflection of the lake. I see her long braided hair, as black as my mother’s, disappear between the trees. And her carefree laugh still haunts me every night.
    Jack is nothing like Linda, apart from the fact that neither of them were very impressed by me. Linda would never buy my lies. She was young, but she was very down-to-earth. For a few years, as we slept under the stars and worked any job that would give us food or money, she was the one attempting to raise me. She was the reason we didn’t steal food or money; (Unless she wasn’t watching and I was really fucking hungry.) Linda is the reason I keep going. And she’s the reason I have to kill Jack.
    In just the few seconds that this train of thought took me, I have recovered most of my composition. My skin aches and my eyes are still burning (and not just from future tears. Those contacts will be the death of me, I swear.) But mostly, I am composed and look like my snarky, gorgeous, beautiful self. Apart from the blood that’s staining my lips, of course, but whatever.
    “Oh, you want me to rush?” I ask him, sounding mocking. “But we were having so much fun, Jacky. And not to forget, I’ll have to inform your ‘family’ after your cruel death… and cut out the hearts of those lovely siblings of yours. The cannibal would be first to go, I think. Isn’t she a diamond?” Keep talking, be snarky and mean and sarcastic and yourself. And he won’t notice the way the mere thought of your stupid, innocent dead sister nearly reduces you to tears. What the hell is wrong with me today? After I arrived here, I’ve been all over the place.
    “I hear diamonds have a lot of magic in them,” I say thoughtfully. “It would almost count for two gems.”
    I study his back while I talk. My eyes follow the black outlining of the white wings. If it wasn’t for the lines, you would hardly be able to see the tattoo. Part of me wants to go up to him and trail my fingers over the tattoo, touching his soft skin and feeling his rough, painful touch. A part of me aches to feel him biting my lip and pulling my hair. I can still see the small red marks that I left on his ass and back. To be quite honest, if Linda were alive, she would be telling me off. She would never agree with me murdering. And that’s why I plan to never let her find out. She must never find out what a truly beautiful monster I have become.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze

    “I should make a start on dinner.” I softly smile at Raisa when she kisses my cheek, although I do wish she would stop leaving me. I’ve barely seen her today as it is, and now I get the distinct impression she is not merely cooking for the sake of putting a meal on the table, as much as to get away from me. I slightly frown, but soon enough my attention is demanded again by young Bella. I become warm, and not just on the outside as she takes advantage of the fact Raisa has vacated her spot on my lap and gets as close to me, in what is my opinion, as possible.
    A subtle smile finds its way to my lips as Bella starts fidgeting with my fingers. I like the way her tiny hands look compared to mine. They’re quite the opposite. She has short, adorable fingers and graceful palms, whereas my fingers are long and bony and my palms are rather big.
    I only notice the blushes on my cheeks when they started to feel flustered.
    “What happened with me… Seeing you… Like that… Choking like that… It reminded me of the night I came here, when my father was shot in front of me.”
    I would look at Raisa, if I didn’t think Bella deserved my undivided attention right now. Raisa never told me how Bella’s parents had died, only that she is indeed an orphan. I swallow and do my utter best not to tear up because I notice how hard my Kukla is struggling to keep calm.
    Instead, I keep a close eye on her, watching her every movement. When she smiles at my sister, the corners of my own mouth immediately pull upwards, as if they’re connected to tiny, invisible strings which Bella is pulling now.
    She resettles herself and for a moment we stare each other in the eyes, in utter silence. There is no awkwardness or any other feeling but serene in it.
    “Je veux ton amour, et je veux ta revanche, j'veux ton amour, I don't wanna be friends.”
    I raise an eyebrow in surprise, having only understood the last sentence. I suppose I was French, but I can’t be sure since I didn’t understand a word of it.
    My eyes widen and my heart starts pounding when Raisa translates into Russian for me. I let my gaze travel between her and Bella, completely speechless. Feeling to generally abash by what Bella appears to have said to me, I avert my gaze from both mother and daughter all together and stare into the empty air. My throat has become so dry that even swallowing my own saliva feels rather painful.
    I vaguely hear Bella and Raisa conversing, but the words are completely lost to me. If what Bella claims is true, and she does indeed not want my friendship, then- I shall not allow myself to finish that thought. Any activity of the nature she’s just described –does she even understand what she has just asked of me?- would be far too premature right now. I don’t know if there would ever be an appropriate time where we could-
    I look down, trying to reach that state of concentration where my body won’t react what is going on in my mind. It takes me only second to realise the flaw in that judgement call, as this leaves me to look at Bella’s legs. Those slim, smooth, long legs.
    In a rush of panic I get up, momentarily forgetting about the youth on my lap, nearly sending her to crash on the floor. Right in time I manage to catch her, but quickly put her on her feet. I rub my sweaty palms against my jeans and clear my throat.
    “I am so thirsty!” I exclaim, probably louder than was necessary. With sturdy paces, I walk over to the cupboards and rummage through them until I have found a glass, which I fill with tap water. Greedily I empty the glass just as quickly. When I turn around, my gaze is immediately drawn to Bella’s ankles again.
    “Did somebody turn up the heat in here? It’s becoming very hot suddenly. It’s not just me, is it? No, of course not, I bet everyone is- ah, there you see, my sister is looking flushed as well. So it cannot be just me. No?”
    I take a deep breath and try to relax. I have no doubt Raisa knows exactly which thoughts are running through my head right now, it would certainly explain why she is blushing.
    Suddenly I become very aware of the fact I am still dresses in nothing but pants and shoes. Well, this is slightly embarrassing.
    “Oh goodness.” I must admit I hate how squeaky my voice just sounded. “Not even a shirt, would you look at that. No perhaps, better not look. I should- Yes. But my trunk won’t be arriving until tomorrow. Raisa?”
    I look at my cousin now, hoping she will be able to lend me a shirt. I try to look as serious as possible.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    When I hear Jaimes laugh, I stop fighting my tears and let them fall down my cheeks. It’s proven then, he has no heart. He hasn’t even the mercy to keep his mouth shut and finish me off like I asked him to. But then again, the silence that follows his laughter is just as venomous as the bite of rattle snake would be, perhaps this is just the time it needs to run its course before it kills me. Death by silence, despite the tragedy, my housemates would surely have a laugh.
    “Oh, you want me to rush? But we were having so much fun, Jacky. And not to forget, I’ll have to inform your ‘family’ after your cruel death… and cut out the hearts of those lovely siblings of yours. The cannibal would be first to go, I think. Isn’t she a diamond? I hear diamonds have a lot of magic in them. It would almost count for two gems.”
    Another rush of fury surges to me as Jaimes informs me of his plans to kill the others as well. I can’t let him do that, they have nothing to do with this situation I have put myself into, even if owe nothing to nobody except for Raisa. So I must do this for her, make sure she has children left after I’ve gone.
    With the back of my hand, I wipe my tears away, feeling the salty water sting on my chafed knuckles.
    “She’s an opal,” I lie smoothly. “That must be the shimmering you noticed. I would say I’m sorry to disappoint you, but obviously I’m not.” It’s commonly known that opals are quite useless for Warlocks, as they are highly unstable and able to backfire on the wielder at any given time.
    “The only magic ‘that cannibal’, as you so nicely put it, is capable of is severing your skin from your body using only one tooth and believe me, she’d do so before you’ve even gotten the chance to lift your finger at her,” I continue. I’m surprised how monotonous my voice sounds, there’s not the slightest bit of challenge, not the tiniest tad of hurt or anger in it, nothing but emptiness.
    “And if you think my housemates will be moved by my death, well then I guess I’ll get to have the last laugh.” Why would they miss me? I’ve been nothing but impossible with them. “So what are you waiting for, eh? Go ahead, take what you want from me. There’s no point in postponing it, really,” I go on, sliding my hand over my stomach until I’ve reached my piercing. I stick my pinkie through the loop, playing with it for a while.
    “Because you see,” I tell Jaimes as I take the little black onyx orb between my thumb and index finger, causing me to shimmer in and out of sight. “I’m already fading. I was never part of the family, just part of the house. So man up and stab me, will you. If you’re being selfish, and haven’t had your way with me yet, then I’m sure you’ll get the chance to do it –or should I say me- in Hell, because we’ll surely meet again there.” Every time I’m invisible for just that second, I take a step close to Jaimes, advancing on him without him even being able to see it. When there’s only space for one finger between us, I let go of my stone so I completely re-appear in front of Jaimes.
    “Because it’s clear that Heaven won’t have me, I should’ve been dead at least three times by now. And after all, it’s where every monster goes after they finally get what’s coming to them, isn’t it? You’ll have eternity to annoy me, and try and hurt my feelings, and generally be the selfish little prick you are. So what’s one moment here, now worth?”
    I put my hands on Jaimes’ chest and seductively smile at him, before pushing him roughly. I bite my lower lip and step closer, only to push him again. Then I grab his neck and push his head under water. I would almost start to think that drowning people turns me on, in some freaky murderous kind of way. Well, this fucker came in after me, so I guess it’s his own fault. I let go of his neck and grab a fistful of his hair, yanking him up again. As quickly as possible, I brutally kiss him again, just to deny him the intake of air some longer.
    “Come on eh,” I whisper, nothing but challenge in my voice this time. “How much do I need to piss you off before you give me what I want?” I ask him.
    Meanwhile, I slide my free hand over his thigh and dig my nails in deep before scratching him. I quietly growl at him and look him straight in the eyes. I want him to wrap his pretty little hands around my throat and just end it all, right here, right now. There’s nothing glorious in death, and I was a fool for wanting him to kill me using a weapon I loved. Death is sloppy, ugly but passionate. And that’s exactly how this should be.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    Alvaro Ruiz.

    ‘You’re an asshole.’ I raised my eyebrow quite pleasantly surprised as she muttered the words. More because of the way she pronounced it, then actually the insult. It’s Blake, and this interested me, how again? She also mentioned a few words about taking a shower, but my mind was once again elsewhere. Makes sense, if you look at it that she is not so interesting.
    Finally gone, I feared she’d be hanging around in the living room with me, yapping and irritating me. Again. As if that’d be the only thing she can do proper – in a bad way. It wouldn’t surprise me, though.
    I pulled a white shirt over my head, following by a sandy brown sweater, which earlier laid on the bench. Then, at last, that broad didn’t whine anymore to me about that. Can’t I even normally walk around half naked in my own house, damn it? Apparently not. Well, I’m not mad Murdock – and even if I like to run around au naturel, butt naked in my home, I will. No chick can stop me, since she has absolutely nothing to say about it. Lost in thought, I fall down on the couch. Only to be interrupted by her.
    ‘Hey Alvaro! If you make me something to eat, I try harder to find a gem child tomorrow. Oh, and if it's good, I might also consider forgiving you for the horrible things you said today.’ I lift my head in her direction, and pierced my crystal blue eyes in her grayish blue. First thing I noticed were her eyes, then the rest of her face.
    ‘You look like a raccoon, you know, the one from Pocahontas,’ I stated with a smirk, as if it was a fact, rather than a deadly serious teasing. I lick my lips once before opening my mouth again. ‘A hungry belly has no ears, hm,’ referring to what she said about the food, with a cynical tone in my voice.
    I hoped she kept her mouth; still nevertheless she nagged me about my shirt and stuff that were in the shower. Then she shouldn’t be smelling bad, I wouldn’t have said it. Loudly I growled, intentionally hard so she could hear the sound like some sort of beast.
    ‘Shut up.’ My throat was dry, I felt it. My eyes grew darker while I the words rolled over my lips. ‘Did you clean up your mess, little child?’ I posed the question, as though she was indeed a child of five. I cut her off quickly before she had the urge to talk again.
    ‘And listen carefully before speaking, Blake,’ I sighed deeply, although I didn’t even look at her face now. ‘Pride comes before a fall. You know what that means, right?’ As I stood up, I walked towards her with a calm, but unbelievable confident pace, until I stood right before her. Both hands in my pockets, making my posture somewhat laconic and ruthless.
    ‘Don't be too self-confident or proud; something may happen to make you look foolish.’ It’s her alright; pride, self-confident tending to domineering narcissism. It’s irritating the fuck outta me, and I can’t wait until it stops. Or else I’ll just need that duct-tape, although a rope will also do.

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    It wasn't bad and I'm glad you posted it (: I would say mine isn't that great either, but I keep saying that everytime I post something here..:p

    Blake Skyler
    Alvaro didn't quite react like I expected him to when I told him to make me something to eat. To my astonishment he instead told me I looked like a racoon. "Why do you care so much about how I look?" I asked him, seriously wondering why he did. First he told me to take a shower, because he thought I smelled bad and now I didn't look right.. Geez, he really should stop caring so much before I would seriously punch him. It wasn't like I was his puppet or some doll he could dress like he wanted. I suddenly thought coming to his house wasa bad idea and that I should leave, before he really started saying I should dress differently. Normally I wouldn't care about that kind of stuf, nobody had the right to say how I was supposed to look, but he was a Warlock and well. I hated to admit it, but I was still scared of them, it didn't stop me from insulting them or showing them my disapprovement, but it sure had tamed me a bit. My thoughts got interrupted when I heard a loud growl and it took me a moment to realize Alvaro was the one who had made that beastly sound. "Shut up. Did you clean up your mess, little child?" The way he said it made me angry and I'd already opened my mouth to protest, but he didn't give me a chance to say a single word. I realized I had been chatting too much, so to prevent further discussions I swallowed and listened quietly to his words, trying not to interrupt him ths time. Slowly I felt his words creep inside my head, I heard them over and over again until they finally, truly reached me. And it scared me..Since somewhere, from deep inside, I knew he was right. I wasn't ready to admit, let alone do something about it, but he had a damned god point there. I couldn't afford myself to get too reckless, it would bring my brother's life in even more danger. I couldn't let my pride bring my mission to save him in danger, even though my pride was faked. Really, what did I have or do to be proud of? It was an easy way to protect myself from getting hurt even more and keeping annoying people away. I couldn't befriend anyone, I didn't have the time nor the money for it and besides, it would put them in a dangerous place. My friends already got killed, my family did and I didn't want anyone else to get killed. It was easier this way, even though having to push people away all the time was damn exhausting.
    Earlier I had put my hands on my hips in a form of self defense, but now I just let them hang beside my body and sighed. "I don't like you invading my personal space all the time," I told him. My voice sounded quite normal and didn't have a sarcastic or arrogant tone in it. Just a plain and normal voice, not even fierce this time. I wasn't going to admit he was right, hell no, he already was arrogant enough.. "And you know, I really liked that racoon from Pocahontas when I was still a kid,," I suddenly added. Alvaro mentioning Pocahontas had made me somehow nostalgic and as soon as I realized I was smiling, I quickly looked away. When I was still a single kid I used to watch that movie all the time and I had known almost every sentence, I even started doing voice-overs when I watched it. Meeko, the racoon, had been my favourite character. He was adorable and always on the hunt for food, he ate a lot, just like I used to do. Well, I would still do, if I got the chance. I pulled myself together and stepped away from him, giving myself some space again. "So. I guess there's nothing I can do to let you make me something to eat, is there?" I looked at him again and crossed my arms. My smile had already faded away and now I looked at him with a quizzical look. It was damn tiring to keep annoying him all the time and I was done for now. I only wanted something to eat. Yes, I was desperate for something to eat at the moment. Last night I ate a slice of bread which was so old, it was a wonder it didn't have mould on in yet. It was the last thing I had eaten and I was hungry as hell. I didn't eat anything proper for the last few weeks. I was fired a few days ago, not that I get paid much, but it was something.. And if I didn't have to wander the city so much, looking for Gem-childs and then worrying what made me start drinking, I wouldn't be fired. It was a pain in the ass, since it was hard to find another job. Because of the Warlocks I didn't get the change to finish my school, I was too depressed when the murders started and soon was kicked out of school, because I had a drinking problem. Now I had to rent something they called an appartement, but I really wouldn't even let my dog stay there. It wasn't much and it wasn't good either, but still, something to keep me dry and away from sleeping outside on a bench. Plus it was cheap, even though I still had trouble paying the rent and all the bills that kept coming. I runned a hand trough my hair that was still a bit damp, but it wasn't as soaked as it was a couple of minutes ago.

    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    I watch my brothers reaction, and was unable to stop myself from laughing, almost taking my fingers off with the knife. I laughed even harder when he said that I was looking flushed too – I knew that my cheeks were red from laughing so much, as well as blushing from having to translate Bella’s words. I missed this about my brother – he was always able to make me laugh like some kind of retarded hyena. I knew that Bella didn’t realise there was anything wrong with what she said, even if she was a native French speaker – she was still so very innocent, like a small child in some ways. But it was clear that Lev received the same message as I did. Then finally, I managed to calm down long enough to nod at my brother.
    “Of course I do.” I told him. I cough a little, and I give him directions to my room in soft, quickly spoken Russian. Then I continue to laugh, pulling Bella to me and cuddling her tightly and kissed her forehead. Then, still giggling uncontrollably, I continued making dinner. It was going to be done soon, so I got my phone out of my pocket and text my sons to let them know to be home in an hour for dinner. Bella’s face was priceless, so I snapped a picture quickly before it changed expression.

    I blink startled when Lev stands up suddenly, almost throwing me onto the floor. What the hell? Did I do something so wrong that he didn’t want me touching him anymore? My mind started to panic, before he caught me again and set me gently on my feet. I blink at him confused, as he wiped his hands on his jeans, causing me to flinch. Then he got a drink, and looked at me. Well, my ankles, more precisely. What was up with that? Then suddenly he was gone, and Raisa was hugging me. I tensed uncertainly in her arms, flinching slightly away from her kiss. I heard her camera snap, and frowned at her. Really? This was impossible. I start to bake Fiyero’s cake, somehow managing to cover myself in flour in the process. I was a very messy but effective baker.
    By the time Lev came back downstairs, I was covered in flour, coco powder and sugar, and was pouring the mix into the cake-tin.
    "What was that all about?" I ask him bluntly. If I didn't ask, I'd never know. And then I'd drive myself insane with overthinking everything and will probably end up crying myself to sleep. And I didn't want to do that.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Lev Ivor Tskiskaridze

    “Of course I do,” Raisa answers, somewhat putting me out of my misery. I listen attentively as she gives me instructions as to where I might find some clothes that fit me. I do hope she’s not sending me into Fiyero’s room because he seems rather protective over what he considers to be his.
    With a sigh I make my way up the stairs, trying to calm myself down from my fiasco just now. How ironic is it that I should be the same innocence in Bella that kept her from realizing what exactly she said, is the one that also restricted her from understanding where my reaction came from. However, she must’ve perfectly known what she said as she sang she didn’t want to be my friend. As I can hardly imagine this would mean she is rejecting me, cutting me out of her life prematurely before the cuts we inflicted upon each other have healed, I can only assume she is seeking more than friendship with me. I do not wish to hurt her, but even more I do not wish to lead her on. It is certain that this beautiful youth has me quite intrigued, enthralled and that I find myself quite liking it, but that does not stop me from realising the age difference and difference in culture between us. I am not one to quickly pass judgement, but if I were to act upon the emotions that are so heavily flooding me from time to time in this house I am afraid I would feel like I’d be robbing precious Bella of a better future. I have nothing to offer her, no magic to protect her, no house to keep her safe, no siblings and above all no motherly love. Though I am sure my mama would not mind bringing this youngster home with me, it is not a burden I would bestow upon my family and it would not be the life I want for either of us. How I’ve always dreamed of a house in a quiet forest somewhere, with only my wife by my side and perhaps some children . But even considering the opportunity that Bella and I would involve ourselves in a relationship as serious as described above, which I cannot tell yet now as we are only getting to know each other, how would it be fair of me to ask her for such a thing? My selfish dreams should not interrupt the ones she has for herself, should not steal the future she has in mind for herself. She has so much to learn yet, so much to discover. How could I take the chance to do so away from her? I couldn’t.
    By this time I’ve come all the way upstairs. With a sigh I release myself from this disheartening train of thought and try to remember what Raisa has told me. As it turns out, I do not even have to begin a quest for the room she directed me to, as I am standing right in front of its door already. I put my hand on the knob and doubt for a second. I really, really do hope she’s not sent me to somebody else’s room and that if she indeed hasn’t she’ll at least have something rather masculine to wear for me. I do not look forward to prancing around in a ladies blouse. Pink is not my colour, but then again it’s neither Raisa’s, thank God for that.
    With a bit of a fearful heart I open the door. Quietly I take a couple of steps into the room but soon enough I realise that this could be no one else’s room but Raisa’s. A soft smile creeps upon my lips as I notice the picture in the frame on her nightstand. I walk over to it and pick it up, trailing my index finger over our younger faces. I believe this is the last picture that was ever taken of our entire family together, the last one with her parents still in it. I put the picture back down as I feel a lump in my throat and wipe my now moist eyes. She has had to endure a lot, my beloved cousin. I could not be more proud of her than I already am for her taking her life into her own hands and putting it to a lovely and rewarding purpose like she has. Not many would be able to pluck up the courage to do so. It’s too bad nobody has nominated her for a Nobel Prize yet. But I believe Gem Children themselves are far too less appreciated, let alone those who dedicate their lives to do good for them. I remember a time when people genuinely cared about one another, where food was shared with those who needed it and where having a room to yourself wasn’t a luxury but rather a punishment. Mankind always talks about evolution as if it’s the most splendid thing on earth, but seeing where it has brought us, knowing where we came from I couldn’t disagree more.
    Pulling myself from another world into this one again, I make my way to what I assume is Raisa’s closet. When I open the doors and notice a special shelf with only men’s clothes, I smile. I should have known my cousin well enough to be prepared for almost anything. I don’t bother with a shirt and pick a basic grey hoodie and pull it over my head before sliding my arms through the sleeves. Immediately after I hug myself, enjoying the warmth and comfort this simple piece of clothing is offering me. I put the hood over my head and almost rejoice at having my hair hidden again. I’ve become very used to the feeling of my head being covered for almost all the time and it would be safe for me to say that the lack of it has had me feeling quite vulnerable today.
    Without taking the hood back off, I put the stack of sweaters back in order and close Raisa’s closet before leaving her room. Not rushing the least, I make my way back downstairs. A smile, of contentment this time, can most likely be seen on my face as the smell of the food Raisa is cooking slithers up my nostrils. It smells absolutely delicious. I’m not a bad cook myself, but to be honest I’ve no passion for preparing food, no distinct feel for it. The countless times I cooked were simply because I had to, if I wanted a proper dinner. I do enjoy a hot meal.
    As I enter the kitchen, a soft laughter erupts from my lips at the sight of Bella. She looks like a positive mess and I can smell a chocolaty scent coming from her.
    "What was that all about?" she asks, very straight to the point.
    I smile at her, genuinely smile and shake my head. This is not a conversation we are going to have now, not yet at least.
    “Nothing you need to worry about,” I tell her honestly. “Has my sister not told you that men are just funky creatures sometimes?” I laugh. “We do stupid things for reasons we can’t even explain ourselves.” Also true, even if that didn’t apply to the situation we had before. I adore her innocence too much to have it ruined already. She’ll learn with time, as it’s supposed to happen.
    “Now, Kukla,” I continue as I approach her and slides my arms around her waist before gently kissing her forehead, not giving her the chance to kiss me on the lips again. “I assume she didn’t tell you either that you’re supposed to put the flour into the bowl instead of coating yourself with it?” I ask, my voice teasingly light. I flash a grin at Raisa and then bat my eyelashes at her, trying to look as innocent as the young girl in my arms.
    I let go of Bella with one arm and dip my pinkie into her batter. I lick my lips and wink at Bella.
    “Perhaps a bit of cinnamon?” I suggest. “Just a dash.”
    Before I am able to stop myself, I pinch her cheek. It’s her own fault for looking so adorable with half of her ingredients on her face and clothes.
    I then turn my attention to Raisa and curiously look into her cooking pots.
    “Are you making what I think you’re making?” I ask her excitedly.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    I laugh softly. My cousin was just adorable when he has his humour, as he does now. I didn't like it when he lost his humour, it seemed so... Unnatural. I kept stirring as he teased Bella – he'd learn soon enough that naught would keep that child tidy while she baked. I understood why he'd lied about his sudden outburst. Well, he didn't so much lie, more... Bended the truth slightly. The elves from the stories we were told as children would be very proud of him for that. I raise an amused eyebrow at him, as he asked me if I was making what he thought I was.
    “I can't tell you if I'm making what you think I'm making, I don't know what thoughts wander around in that pretty head of yours.” I pause stirring for long enough to take a small spoon, dip it in the larger pot and offer it to him. I usually cooked the sauce separately to the rest of the meal, simply because that was how my mother made it. I was making stroganoff, the way my family had been making it for years. I loved making it, and always did at every opportunity. Tonight, we were welcoming Lev into the family, and it seemed the perfect dish. Especially since I sometimes added side-dishes more to the palate of my children. It was a good way of mixing old and new, and it helped me to ensure that everyone would be happier this evening. As I started to move things into oven-proof dishes, I thanked my lucky stars again that my oven was large enough for me to cook dinner, and for Bella to bake her cake comfortably without any hassle. I straightened after putting the food in the oven, and automatically wipes my hand on my jeans. It was a habit I'd picked up since living in America. It wasn't a habit I'd had in Russia – simply because while I was in the court, I'd never dirtied my hands with baking or cleaning. It was below me then, to do things that were the jobs of the servants. But in America, I didn't have any servants, so I had to do all the things around the home. The children helped, although I believe Bella's greatest contribution was getting blood off the walls and floors. Mentally I chastised myself – Bella never killed inside any more. She always killed and prepared her meals in the little out-house I had built just for her. It lacked the protection of the house, although to be honest I doubted even a Hunter would disturb a cannibal dissecting their meal. I smiled over at her, now with cinnamon smeared over her cheek, as she concentrated on pouring the mixture into the cake tins. This was usually the part where she got completely covered in cake mix, and then she'd try to make another cake. This time, thankfully, she was successful. Although she got some on the floor, I still took that as a victory. I pulled out my phone, and sent a text to my three sons, telling them that dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. I could, really, have gone to them, but I didn't want to disturb them. Besides, they were more used to me texting to tell them when dinner was ready. I only went to tell them personally if they didn't come for dinner on time after the two texts. I started to set the table, humming to myself something from a musical that I'd watched with Fiyero a good few years back, Wicked I think it was called. I found it very funny that there was someone in there called Fiyero. He was still new to living with me, and had begged me not to turn him into a scarecrow. I smiled wistfully. My children were all so very precious to me... As was my cousin. I was glad he was here. It was good for me to have some of my family with me, to meet the children. I wished again that my parents were still alive, so they could come and visit... They'd love the children, I knew that. And I was pretty sure that my children would love them as well. My parents were so very hard to hate. And all my cousins, and nieces and nephews..... A tear fell down my cheek without my noticing, and in my mind my family flashed before my eyes, all laughing, covered in glittering jewels. It was before the bad times, so they were all so happy.... There was always love in our home. I looked over at my daughter bugging my cousin, and smiled even as another tear slipped. There was still love in my home. The children were sometimes difficult, yes, but I still loved them all deeply, and I knew that they loved me, and each other. And now with Lev, there'll be a male role-model for the boys to look up to. There was only so much I knew about boys hobbies now-a-days, and I still don't really know how cars work. But still... I knew Fiyero wasn't happy with him at the moment, but I knew that he just needed a proper introduction and to get used to him. It took him a while to get used to the other kids, so obviously he'd need to now, get used to my cousin. And then, everything would be okay.
    I wiped my cheeks quickly, and smiled. I noticed then that Bella was watching me from Lev's arms, her eyes looked.... haunted. I murmur to her softly in French, and she relaxed. I'd hug her, but I didn't want to have a coat of flour, sugar, egg and cinnamon. Then I decided that I could just change, and walked over and pulled them both into a big hug, kissing the top of both of their heads.
    “I love you.” I told them, cuddling them closer, ignoring the strange sensation that cake batter made if you hug someone covered in it.

    I concentrated on making the cake. When Lev came back, I got an answer, and I laughed at his old-fashioned way of talking. It always made me giggle, even if it was just internally. He snuggled up to me, obviously not bothered that I was covered in cake-making things. His lips were soft and warm when they touched my forehead. I giggle again, and I snuggle into him.
    “She did!” I told him. Raisa had been telling me since I came there that I was supposed to 'bake a cake, not wear one.' But I couldn't help it, I was just unable to bake without getting covered in mixture and ingredients. He tasted the mixture, and suggested come cinnamon. I added a sprinkling, then rubbed my cheek absent-mindedly, smearing some over my cheekbone. Then Lev pinched my cheek. I stared at him startled, before he paid attention to Raisa. She was making her special stroganoff again, and I smiled happily. I loved it, the way that she managed to make the russian dish work with more western, and it was just amazing. I put the cake in the oven, with the dinner. Then I cuddled into Lev's side, and watched my mother. Recently, she'd been very easily upset... I wasn't sure why. I was confused why Lev had pinched my cheek for. I'd seen it being done in films, but I'd never seen anyone else do it. And I'd definitely never had it done to me before. I was still trying to adjust to having someone who wasn't scared of touching me. It was going to take me a while to adjust to that, I knew. And it'd take a while for Fiyero to adjust to having him around as well. I didn't think Lazu or Julian would mind that much, to be honest... They seemed to be more then a little interested in each other to really care about having someone new around.
    I blink startled when I saw a tear trace it's way down my mothers porcelain cheek, and I look up at Lev, and gently tug on his jumper. I didn't know how to react with her looking so sad. I just didn't know how to make her feel better. Another tear fell, and I watched her silently. I just wasn't used to seeing someone upset, and I had no idea how I was supposed to act. In the films, crying women were usually comforted by handsome men, so I assumed that soon Lev would go and hold her and pet her and then she'll stop crying and will be happy again. Then suddenly, she was with us and was hugging us both. I blinked as I felt her kiss the top of my head, and I looked up at her. She seemed a little happier, which was good.
    “I love you.” she said, and I nuzzled into her shoulder gently.
    “I love you too mama.” I told her sweetly, then I wriggled away to let her cuddle her cousin while I finished setting the table for her. Then I got some fresh flowers from the garden to go in the vase in the middle of the table.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Jaimes Avril Ashley

    “She’s an opal.” Well shit. That made her useless. “That must be the shimmering you noticed. I would say I’m sorry to disappoint you, but obviously I’m not. The only magic ‘that cannibal’, as you so nicely put it, is capable of is severing your skin from your body using only one tooth and believe me, she’d do so before you’ve even gotten the chance to lift your finger at her.”
    Well, to be fair, I did believe that. The woman looked all innocent, but it was obvious that was a really bad act. Urgh, get it together, Jaimes…
    Behind me, a familiar giggle echoed through my mind. It made me tremble and take a step back. God, I was going crazy. Really going nuts.
    “And if you think my housemates will be moved by my death, well then I guess I’ll get to have the last laugh.” That pulls my attention again. I stare at him, my eyes stinging horribly. Tears blur my vision briefly.
    “So what are you waiting for, eh? Go ahead, take what you want from me. There’s no point in postponing it, really. Because you see…” He fades out of sight briefly. It’s a strange sight. For a moment, I can see right through him. As if he was never there. Then he’s back.
    “I’m already fading. I was never part of the family, just part of the house. So man up and stab me, will you. If you’re being selfish, and haven’t had your way with me yet, then I’m sure you’ll get the chance to do it –or should I say me- in Hell, because we’ll surely meet again there.” With every second, he seemed to fade in an out. And then out of nowhere, he was suddenly so close. His face only inches from mine and I… I couldn’t breathe. It was such a strange thing.
    “Because it’s clear that Heaven won’t have me, I should’ve been dead at least three times by now. And after all, it’s where every monster goes after they finally get what’s coming to them, isn’t it? You’ll have eternity to annoy me, and try and hurt my feelings, and generally be the selfish little prick you are. So what’s one moment here, now worth?”
    His words sound faded to me and I’m barely listening to him. Why aren’t I stabbing him right now? It would be one step closer to stop Linda’s ghost from torturing me. Bringing her back to life. I’m about to answer, anything really, when he pushes me backwards and, very rudely, tries to fucking drown me. Great, just bloody wonderful, this is what I need. The water slips into my lungs, making me choke and cough. In the dirty, green water, I see her eyes and that black hair. Linda, laughing at me, an impatient look in her eyes. Yup. I’m loosing it alright.
    When he grabbed me by my hair and kissed me again, I bit into his lip, coughing and gasping for air.
    “Come on eh,” I he whispers cruelly. “How much do I need to piss you off before you give me what I want?” I can feel him scratching me, almost begging me to kill him.
    “God, you’re pathetic,” I manage to say, my voice hoarse. From this angle, I can perfectly elbow him in the crotch, so I do. I back away as soon as he lets go, still gasping for air.
    “First of all, you freak, I don’t have my bloody knife and I’m not getting my nails dirty by carving your heart out of your chest with my bare hands.” I shake my head, running a hand through my dark hair. “If you want to die that fucking badly, do everyone a fucking favor and drown yourself,” I spit at him. I shake my head and swim to the shore. I leave silence in my wake. When I sit down, I can finally breathe normally. I look at him. He is gorgeous. And he would look gorgeous as I killed him. So why am I not looking forward to it?
    “I’m very sorry,” I say mockingly. “For not feeling sorry for you, I mean. Poor little Jacky who isn’t a part of the family. How hard life must be for you.” Yeah right. I knew exactly how it felt. But I still had a chance to get Linda back. Everything could still be okay. My hands were fists by now. My eyes burned.
    “Fucking hell,” I whispered, hiding my face in my hands. In a quick movement, I finally removed the contacts. I would just… Have to not look at him anymore. That was all. I quickly wiped the tears away as well, not knowing where the hell they came from

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze
    “I can't tell you if I'm making what you think I'm making, I don't know what thoughts wander around in that pretty head of yours.”
    I snort and roll my eyes. My sister should tell me what she desires of me, instead of trying to sweet talk me into it. I know well enough that “pretty” is a description that fits me little. Before my hair turned this awful shade of… well, nothing really, I might have been handsome at most. But even then I possessed the same scrawny, freckled body I do now. It’s not that I hate what I see in the mirror, but more often than not I find myself asking myself; Is that really me? At certain times I feel as if I am a body thief, as if I have stolen the looks of someone else and have chosen poorly. What you see is what you get does not suit me at all.
    What’s more is that my question to Raisa was rather rhetorical, I’m quite sure she is making her famous stroganoff. I call it famous because as well as my mama cooked it, Raisa’s always had that little something extra that would make me want to lick the pots and pans had etiquette not prevented it. This has been a fact ever since she was old enough to start cooking with her own mama. I cannot even begin to explain how disappointed I was when Raisa joined the Romanovs. I could not care less about politics, though; I was said because I knew she wouldn’t have to lift a finger there and I was scared that she would lose her way of making a lovely dish out of simple food. I guess I’ll have to be the judge of that when she finishes cooking.
    I quietly laugh as I see her smearing whatever she has on her hands over her pants. Unbelievable. As ladylike as she can be, there surely is a tomboy in her as well. And I can only lover her more for it. I rarely have to worry about Raisa, I know she can stand her ground when she has to. She is one of the strongest women I have met, if only she would let herself feel sad when she is instead of trying to keep her head held high all the time. Despite being Warlocks, we’re only human when it comes to emotions.
    My smile widens as I feel Bella getting closer to me, and I wrap my arm around her shoulder. It’s nice to have someone seeking my attention for a change. Usually I’m the one being stared at, and even after all these years I still haven’t gotten used to it. I strike Bella’s hair back, so it’s out of her face and won’t get sticky with all the ingredients that cover her cheeks, when suddenly she pulls my sleeve. I follow her gaze and end up at Raisa again and just catch her wiping her cheeks. Immediately I feel a pang in my chest and I would go to her, only I do not want to let down and go of Bella again. I get the feeling she wasn’t too pleased with me practically storming out earlier and I don’t want to ruin this newly starting friendship so I decide just to stay where I am, my arm around Bella’s shoulder. Just when I decide to stretch out the other one at Raisa, she appears to have decided to hug the both of us. With a soft sigh, I hold both of the ladies close and enjoy the warmth they give me, both inside and out. I’ve never liked being cold, and every warmth I could ever has always been gladly taken.
    “I love you.” Raisa tells us. I know she does, she needs not tell me.
    “I love you too mama,” Bella answers quickly, before she entangles herself from us.
    I feel a small lump rising in my throat when I notice how she called Raisa.
    “Ya tebya yublyu,” I whisper in her ear. “You need not be anybody’s biological mother to make them view you as such, dear sister. I can tell they love you as much anyway, Bella at least. But I doubt the others think of it differently. If jealousy weren’t such an evil thing, I might envy you.”
    I look at my cousin with a smile and kiss her forehead whilst pulling her a little closer. Without any further warning I pick her up and lay her down on the floor, sitting myself on top of her once again.
    “Come to think of it, give me your family or die,” I tell her, not being able to keep a straight face at the last few words.
    I have always enjoyed playfighting with Raisa, she’s one of the rare that have ever posed a real challenge for me. I wiggle my eyebrows and grin at her.
    “You might want to pay attention Kukla, I am about to show you how to take your mother down,” I laugh.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch
    “God, you’re pathetic,” Jaimes suddenly exclaims. I must honestly say that I am surprised and disappointed to watch him backing away from me. Has he grown tired of our little dance already? Should I remind him that he’s the one that started it in the first place by not killing me when he had the chance? It seems he has forgotten.
    “First of all, you freak, I don’t have my bloody knife and I’m not getting my nails dirty by carving your heart out of your chest with my bare hands. If you want to die that fucking badly, do everyone a fucking favor and drown yourself.”
    Even though I am deeply offended, this time I’m the one to start laughing, quite uncontrollably I might add. I wipe the tears that are streaming down my face as I watch Jaimes swim away. Who would’ve thought, the ever so resistant Jaimes got annoyed after all. I wonder how he likes it, being the annoyee instead of the annoyer. This little victory of mine, although it wasn’t the goal at all, is almost enough to make me forgive him for his insolence, almost.
    I watch him with a playful smile on my face, a grin that would mean a lot more if he wasn’t such a dickhead. But the fact is that he is, a hughnormous one at that.
    “I’m very sorry. For not feeling sorry for you, I mean. Poor little Jacky who isn’t a part of the family. How hard life must be for you.” His voice is dripping with sarcasm. It doesn’t suit him, what a waste of his lovely voice. I chuckle and shake my head.
    Little fool. If only he knew I kept my family from getting close to me by choice. I doubt he’d understand, being a prick must come naturally to him or he wouldn’t be so darn good at it. Me, I’m flawed. I suck at being perfectly bad, how awful is that? If I really wanted to be alone all the time like I pretend to, I wouldn’t have pitied Bella and offered her guitar lessons. I wouldn’t have given Jaimes a shooting lesson and I wouldn’t be making my way over to him now. I would just leave him to wallow in whatever sadness has taken him over all of a sudden.
    I hear him whispering something, before he hides his –admitted gorgeous- face in his hands. I notice him fidgeting with his eyes and suddenly I realize what he’s doing. My heart skips a few beats and I hold my breath for a moment. Every slightest bit of fear for him is now being drowned by curiosity. I want to see his eyes, for real.
    By this time I’ve reached the shore and forgetting about our little game completely, I crawl towards him on my hands and knees, not realizing or caring how that may come across or that my underwear is quite see through now.
    When I reach Jaimes, I sit myself down in front of him and put my hand on his cheek, gently forcing him to look at me. Another genuine smile distorts my face. But he’s deserved it now, despite the fact it probably was not his intention or will to take out his contacts but a necessity.
    “There you are,” I whisper. “You’re so full of yourself, and yet you hide the most beautiful thing about you, “ I tell him, not meaning to insult him at all. “Why not use it as an asset? I don’t know which terrible gossip is spread about my kind, but it’s a fact we cannot look into one’s soul. At least, it’s not a trait that comes with our Gems. We aren’t stupid either. But in any case, don’t hide your eyes from anyone. It’s a dying shame,” I continue, chuckling at the last sentence. Well, he’ll be the death of me, eventually, when he gets his shit together, so there’s no need to avoid the subject or not to make a nice play of words out of it.
    With a soft sigh, I become aware now of the fact that I might as well be naked and the first and only solution that comes to mind to keep Jaimes from seeing that is to press myself as close as possible to him. I’ve always been awful at quick thinking.
    My breath catches again and I sway gently when his scent creeps up my nostrils once more. Before I’m able to stop myself, I kiss him. It’s not like the one before, there’s a certain hesitation, a certain gentleness to it, at least from my side.
    “Fiyero,” I whisper against his lips. One secret is worth another.

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    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    Jaimes Avril Ashley
    I can hear him laugh behind me, but at the moment, and it strikes me quite deeply. Because it has that same, mocking tone as Linda’s. It’s what makes my breath catch and my whole body shake. Stop it. For the love of God, stop it. You’re being an idiot. I didn’t understand how he could reduce me to this shivering mess so quickly, and not in a good way.
    I take a few moments to myself, my face hidden. Just breathe. Calm down. It doesn’t help that I’ve taken out the contacts. I hate showing my eyes. I just feel so incredibly… vulnerable. That’s how I feel as suddenly, he puts his hand on my cheek and forces me to look at him. I don’t fight it. He’s won. I want to throw it in his gorgeous face. Congratulations! You won the stupid game.
    I pause and stare back into those icy eyes. You’re the first one to ever win the game.
    “There you are,” he whispers. His tone is not mocking in the slightest. Something in the air seems to have changed. “You’re so full of yourself, and yet you hide the most beautiful thing about you.” Hold it, was he kidding me? I know damn well that there’s a suspicious look in my light green eyes. It briefly blinds the sting of vulnerability that surrounds me. Only briefly though. It comes back very quickly. He’s staring into my eyes and it’s making my heart beat faster. Stop it. Please, get away. On the other hand, please get closer to me. His eyes staring into mine stop the noise. It stops Linda’s laughter; it stops her screams reaching me from the depths of my darkest memories. There is just the noise of the woods, which doesn’t sound as annoying now, and our breathing. And then, finally, his voice again.
    “Why not use it as an asset? I don’t know which terrible gossip is spread about my kind, but it’s a fact we cannot look into one’s soul. At least, it’s not a trait that comes with our Gems. We aren’t stupid either. But in any case, don’t hide your eyes from anyone. It’s a dying shame.” He chuckles and I kind of want to slap him. Does he truly think all this is funny? I’m about to give him some sort of sharp retort, a witty answer, when he presses himself against me. I can’t breathe again. It’s a different atmosphere than our earlier making out. That had been rough lust. It had been… unemotional. And now, here I am, charged with feelings. Oh no, not feelings for him. More like feelings about Linda. Guilt, anger, grief… It all washes through me freely. And I am so, so sure that it’s visible in my eyes. And that’s why I hate taking my contacts out. I feel like an open book.
    And then he kisses me. That stupid, annoying, gorgeous idiot presses those very perfect lips against my own amazing ones. And I lose myself in it. I hate to admit it, but I can’t help myself. Again, it’s so very different than the first ones. There is no anger. It’s completely free of that emotionless lust. It terrifies me. I hate the way he is making me feel by just… being him. I hate how overwhelmed I feel. I feel irritated, frustrated, hostile, hurt, so angry and yet so serene, playful, confident and energetic. And it is all because of…
    At first, I barely hear it. I’m too lost in the feeling of his body against mine and the wave of emotions that struggles within me. Then it seems to echo around me. Fiyero. He’s given me his real name. I’m… honestly not sure how to react to that. My heart is pounding. I need to… Get away. That’s what I need to do. I need to push him off me. And leave. I need to leave and get to my bag, where I’ve put my contacts.
    “Fiyero?” The name leaves my lips without me really wanting it to. I’ve never heard the name before, but it honestly sounds like something from a fairy tale. I would almost think he has given me another fake name. But something in me doubts it. This is Fiyero: the suicidal little bastard that has broken me into this mess of a man without even really trying. And by God I hate him for it.
    “It sounds like a Goblin name.” I try to look away, I really do. I don’t want him to see the struggle, the emotions flitting through the light green eyes. I hate this so much. Yet all I can do it lay here, watching him as I beg for whatever God is watching to just kill me. This is humiliating.
    And there she is again. Hidden in his black pupils I see her mischievous smile, so very like my own. Only I’m not smiling right now. And the fact that I can see it so very clearly scares the shit out of me. My hallucinations haven’t been this back since I was 15. They were supposed to be rare. Not like this. Never like this. What the hell if this little shit doing to me?
    “Please just go away…” I whisper the words, staring into his pupils, not realizing that I had said those words out loud. I just wanted Linda to leave me alone. I was working on it! I was trying my bloody hardest to get her back. The smile disappeared and I realized what I had just said.
    “I-I mean… You’ve won the game, after all. So what do you want as your prize, sexy?” I tried to summon that flirty, challenging tone. But it just wasn’t there. I couldn’t even manage a smile.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    “Ya tebya yublyu...” I whispered back, resting my head on his lightly, more tears filling my eyes up. The familiar feeling of painful joy rose in my chest when Bella called me mama. It was the same as when Fiyero did it. I wasn't sure if I was even able to have my own children, so when the children I all but legally adopted in most cases called me that, it made me so happy it hurt. I guess the main reason it was so bad from Bella and Fiyero, was that once they'd both yelled at me that I wasn't their mother. That had been like a knife to the heart, but I hadn't let it show.
    The next thing I knew, I was laying on the floor with Lev sitting on top of me, and I was told to give him my family or die. I laughed along with him as he told Bella to pay attention, and used the time he was distracted to turn us over, pinning him down onto the floor by his wrists. I'd missed play-fighting with Lev, it had been a constant familiar part of my childhood. My parents never disagreed with it, knowing it was just playing. And even after I was in the Romanov homes, as long as the children or the media didn't catch me, I was still allowed to play-fight with him. I grinned.
    “He means, sweetheart, pay attention because I'm going to teach you how to get your boyfriend on the floor.” I winked at her. I loved to wind him up – getting older and presumably wiser hadn't stopped that at all. I knew that they weren't dating yet – I didn't want them to be dating yet. It was much too soon. But still... Besides, any chance of making Bella blush must always be undertaken. She looked just, precious with a blush. But she rarely showed any emotion on that pretty porcelain face of hers. I pinned both his wrists under one hand, and started to tickle him with my other one, still grinning.
    “He's most ticklish here, here and here.” I demonstrated for her, still grinning.

    I watched, laughing as Lev tackled my mother to the floor, telling me to pay attention. I knew how to get her down, I knew how to get anyone done. Raisa turned the tables, telling me to pay attention. When I realized that she'd called him my boyfriend, my cheeks turned into a bright red. They felt so hot that I could have fried an egg on it. Really. Still, I sat on the counter, taking advantage of the face that Raisa wouldn't be able to tell me off for it, an watched them play-fight on the floor like a pair of children. I wished that I'd be able to do that with my brothers, but I knew that I'd never be able to. Lazu was terrified of me, Julian wasn't really the type... The only one I could possibly play-fight with, was Fiyero. But he kept pretending that he didn't need us, and now he was angry with me... I fiercely blinked back tears, watching Raisa tickle Lev. They really were like children... It made me smile though, and concentrating on them being silly together gave me something to think about other then the fact that my favourite brother hated me at the moment.
    “Mama, you're supposed to be older then the dinosaurs!” I tease her gently, swinging my legs gently off the counter. “Why're you acting like a toddler?”

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3