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    All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Magic: It's still very much alive in this world. Warlocks, masters of this magic, still live among us, hidden from Human sight. A few centuries ago, a strong warlock made a very strange discovery. When too much magic manifests in an infant's body, it crystallises in the infant's chest in the form of a gemstone. These 'Gem children' grow up as very sickly babies before turning into very strong humans. The warlocks did not care for the child and killed it to harvest the gemstone from its chest. For a while, the warlock was the most powerful of his kind thanks to the raw power of this gemstone. Then his secret came out.
    Ever since, the Gem children have been ruthlessly hunted down. Rare as they are, they already face extinction. Not all Warlocks could be bothered to hunt for this power. And this was how the Hunters were created. Humans were chosen to be charmed with a special strength, and they were blackmailed into doing the Warlocks' dirty work. This was easy until one exceptionally strong Warlock, Raisa Romaine Dvornikov, build a house and charmed it to protect the Gemchildren. Any gemchild was welcome, but Hunters would be unable to breath when they crossed the threshold into the building.
    This RPG follows the gemchildren, the warlocks, their hunters and their stories.

    RPG Rules
    1)English only
    2)6 line minimum per post; (12 minimum if you have two characters in the post)
    3)2 characters maximum;
    4)Anything unrelated to the RPG in the chat topic;
    5)No killing a character without permission of the owner;
    6)No 'perfect characters'. Each character must have a few flaws;
    7)Wait 2-3 posts before replying again;

    Rules related to Gemhearts
    1)They must have one personality trait that related to their Heartstone; (Find the list of traits here)
    2)They can only use their special ability when they are holding a stone similar to their heartstone in their hand;
    3)They are either taken into the protection house by Raisa the Warlock, or they hear about it and find it themselves;
    4)They are allowed to leave the protection house, but it is dangerous.

    Rules related to Warlocks
    1)Warlocks don't just snap their fingers to use their magic. They use long spells, runes and potions to achieve their goals;
    2)They are not all powerful.;
    3)They can't bring people back from the dead.
    4)Warlocks can track the movements of their Hunter, but not read their mind or anything.

    Rules related to Hunters
    1)Hunters are normal non-magical people who get blackmailed by the Warlocks to kill Gemchildren.
    2)They wear an enchanted necklace which gives them more strength than normal Humans and helps them tell Normal children from Gemhearts.


    Gem Children
    1) Female – Diamond – Bella Lumière – Shinibubbles
    2) Male – Lapis Lazuli – Lazu Markl – Escritura
    3) Male – Black Onyx – Fiyero Gabrielle Arch – Theodora
    4) Male – Amethyst– Julian Rowland – Yoda

    Hunters and Warlocks
    1) Hunter – Female – Jazlyn Ophelia Delaney – Tortura
    2) Hunter – Female – Aerilyn Suraya Guangco – PlagueRat
    3) Hunter – Female – Blake Skyler – Ubiquitous
    3) Hunter – Male – Jaimes Avril Ashley – Escritura
    4) Hunter – Male – Alois Amboise – Hashirama
    5) Warlock – Female – Raisa Romaine Dvornikov – Shinibubbles
    6) Warlock – Female – Rosemary Aventurine Albus - PlagueRat
    7) Warlock – Male – Izan Alvaro Ruiz – Tortura
    8) Warlock – Male – Lev Ivor Tsiskaridze – Theodora


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    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Scarletta Chióni Istoría - Warlock

    "I'm Sure your other Hunter Will be here soon. Where is my target?" Jaimes asked. "I'm Sure she Will be here soon indeed. For now, you can Either sit down and shut your mouth or you can make me angry. You were damn late!" The knocking I heard minutes ago was just some stupid bird who flew against it.
    In this case, I could get quote angry. I could wait on something or someone, but if it was important, I couldn't. I threw a book in the air and mumbled some words. The book - a small booklet about some things you could do here - catched fire and become ash. It had a funny smell, which I liked.
    Being a Warlock was just The end. I loved being one.
    "Jaimes, can you give me that knife there?" I asked him as I saw a stupid fly.

    It finally happened - I'm slightly mad! ~ Queen

    Aerilyn Suraya Guangco || hunter

    The engine of her motor roared as she rushed over the empty highway. Her face felt stiff of the tears that had finally dried on her face; the girl she had killed had looked exactly like Suzannah, something Aerilyn had seen only when she'd already ripped the ruby stone out of the girl's chest. It had taken her more than an hour to calm down and when she finally had she was almost caught by the police. The lump in her throat was bothersome and Aerilyn knew that her voice would be hoarse if she'd speak, something she didn't like at all, seeing how she'd meet the other hunter under Scarletta for the first time today. No time to stop for a drink though, since she was already very late. Stopping in front of the house, she stalled her motorbike near a tree, took her helmet off and pulled down the zipper of her leather jacket a little bit, showing a generous cleavage and more leather clothing. Making her way to the door, the woman ran a hand through her hair before knocking firmly on the door three times.

    Your corset is your armour; lace it tightly, breathing is unimportant.

    Jazlyn Delaney.

    With an incredible unexplained headache I woke up. Well, it is not entirely inexplicable; since I had been drinking myself full again this night. Beer, wine, even drinks I don’t remember the names from. Weren’t this the good times you don’t have to remember a shit and …? Who the heck lies on top of me? I managed to get one eye open. I was on a couch, that’s for sure. Is this… Is this a hotel room? Sand brown hair strands tickle my face and a hoarse yawn coming from the person. Well, that one is still in dreamland, time to wake up Cinderella.
    However, the hand from the person wanders towards my chest and laid it there, as if it were a pillow. As if I were a freaking pillow and – ! My mouth drops open. I darted upwards on the irritating couch.
    ‘God damnit, get off me.’ The person in question fell on the ground with a thump. Good for you. I watched the individual stand up. It was a kid; in any case his appearance was younger than me. I estimated him around eighteen, but then again, I’ve always been bad at gambling.
    ‘My goodness, how old are you, boy? Go home.’ I sneered. He didn’t budge, only stared at me with big eyes. Growling I wanted to say another thing, but stopped when I saw the mess. It looked like a dump. Empty and half-empty liquor bottles laid around, spray cans for graffiti and clothing. More than for him and me together, some ripped.
    ‘Jesus Christ. What did we do last night?’ I checked my body. They were all intact. I wouldn’t… would I? My eyes wandered back to the silent boy before me. No, not with a child anyway. As if he could read my thoughts, he opened his mouth. Suddenly he seemed offended.
    ‘I’m no kid.’ Sluggish I raised my eyebrow. Hm, he’s still got some spice in him, after all.
    ‘Didn’t say anything.’
    ‘You did. And your facial expression speaks for itself.’ I sighed. Damn, little kids of today. Without paying attention to him anymore, I walked to my stuff and picked it up. Slowly I put on the leather jacket. If we were truly in a hotel and I had no idea what had happened, I had to be quick. Then this punk could take the fall, with me already three blocks away.
    ‘What are you doing?’ He sounded like a little puppy whose favorite ball had been snatched away. I grinned a little at that fact. After that I rolled my eyes and searched my pockets for cigarettes. My mouth did not open, only when I felt how my hand touched the doorknob.
    ‘Let you alone with this mess. Have fun cleaning up, or mommy shall be upset.’ I teased him, before I opened the door and quickly made my way out of the building. When I finally got outside, I lit a cigarette first. ‘Ah, a smoke is always good.’

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

    I smiled, snuggling Julian. I very softly nommed Julian's chest, as a sign of affection. He was the only person that let me bite him softly, so I tried to behave when I did bite him - although the first time I bit him, I found out he had very tasty meat. That made it a little hard to not turn him into dinner, but.. I smiled happily when he agreed to come out with me. That was great. I was already plotting what to do with him, while I had to myself for the day. A walk around the village, then a smoothie? Not where Lazu worked, obviously.... The last time I tried walking into Costa when Lazu was working, I had trays thrown at my head. Then I started to pull him outside gently, smiling up at him, straightening my hair again. I'd put a lot of effort into looking nice, in a normal way, because I intended to ask Julian to go out with me. I already had my shoes on, and had all my weapons. All properly hidden, naturally. It was the agreement I had with Raisa - I wouldn't go anywhere without my weapons, and she couldn't force me to stay in the house.

    I laugh softly, and cuddled him gently. He seemed a little bit better now, so I've done my job. I was relieved that he was feeling a little better. "That's true." I said, smiling. I was the Queen of Cranky if I didn't sleep enough. Then I blinked at him. "Why?" I asked worriedly. The rest of what he said, didn't really show a sign of illness to me - although it was definitely unusual behavior for her. She was a little batty, Lord love her, but she never turned up the chance for more meat. And she'd never brought food to anyone before. I think, then smile. "Maybe she has a crush." I tease him gently, moving my curls out of my hair. Then I stood - I had to go and make sure that the new girl was alright. "I'm going to go check on Valeria..." I told him, lightly kissing his forehead and ruffling his hair, before heading upstairs to check on her.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Scarletta Chióni Istoría - Warlock

    Again I heard knocking on the door, but the fly was still not dead. That thing had to go to the hell. "Door's open!" I shouted and I picked up a knife and concentrated. I threw the knife at the fly. Bullseye!
    The door went open and my other Hunter walked into the room. Her face was covered with tears. I liked her for being her, but she had to be a little bit less emotional.
    "Aerilyn, this is Jaimes, Jaimes, this is Aerilyn. But now, your task. You both know there are Gemhearts. I want you to Kill them all. I felt there were Gemhearts here and a lot of them. But first, Aerilyn, do you want something to drink dear? Or something to calm down?" I asked her sweet and Nice.

    It finally happened - I'm slightly mad! ~ Queen

    Lazu Jet Markl
    “Inspiration may be a form of super consciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness - I wouldn't know. But I am sure it is the antithesis of self- consciousness." The words came out of my mouth as a gentle whisper to the winds and the grass beneath my feet. I looked around me. I was nearly at work. The village wasn't very busy. I knew nearly everyone in the village, so seeing a new face was rare. Maybe that was why this new face pulled my attention. I stood still and stared openly at the strange woman. She wasn't from around here. Her hair was white as...
    "Snow," I say to her. "A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” I wasn't scared of the strange woman. She confused me. I shouldn't be so easily distracted, I had work to do.
    My fingers fidgeted with my little blue ear ring. Power seemed to race through me while I did this, a dangerous power, one I had never even wanted. Yet, perspective came to me easily. Would she say anything, I would see if she were lying or not.
    “Hello,” I continued, my voice slightly more.. sane. I sounded like a freaking lunatic with that stupid tic. So again, I pretended like I had meant to quote to her. I didn't, but that wasn't to point. My eyes wandered. She was holding a cigarette. I didn't like them, so I shuddered slightly. We were close to Costa, so I could smell coffee. I hated coffee about as much as I hated jeans. And shorts. And jeans shorts, which were from the devil.
    “I don't know you.” I bit my lip uncertainly. Raisa told us to not talk to strangers, but I found them interesting. Especially ones like this, ones that did not belong.

    Jaimes Avril Ashley
    I looked at the woman in front of me. A hunter, like me. She had been crying, not so very long ago. I handed the Warlock the knife in total silence as my eyes wandered.
    “If you are finished, I would like to leave,” I said icily. “Despite the fact that I look even hotter when standing next two average-looking ladies like yourself, I am growing weary of this place already. I have a job to do.”
    My time way running out. Only if I collected a 100 gemstones before my next birthday, would Linda be returned from me. I glanced into the closest mirror and fixed my hair. I looked amazing, but my eyes were drawn to the dried blood under my finger nails. I would do anything to return Linda to me. My little sister had not deserved this fate.
    So the deal was simple. I would get her a 100 gemstones. She would bring Linda back from the realm of the deceased. I would leave and keep my little sister safe from the Hunters. No one would ever try to take her heart again.
    It could've been me. I realized that. But my parents had me examined when I was young, before they died. I was as Human as Father had been. Linda was a gem-heart, like mother.
    I went to the door and opened it.
    “Lovely to meet you,” I said with a flirty smile to the other hunter. “Sorry, what was your name again? It wasn't very memorable.”

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.


    ‘And then the bastard came up to me, with that shit-eating grin. Telling me to fuck off. But hey, I wasn’t the one crossing his path, was I? So I looked him in the eyeball and said: “You got anything on me you bastard?” And his bitches were scared as fuck, I’ll tell you. He didn’t seem to receive the message, so he walked to me and tried to land one punch on my beautiful face. One fucking punch. And I grabbed his wrist, yanked it to the side and smashed that idiot’s face against the cold wall. Well you could hear them scream all right. You could fucking hear them scream. And after that he never said a word to me again. Well, how did I do it? Pretty neat, huh?’ ‘Hm yes, pretty neat.’
    I looked at the old man rather uninterested. I’d probably try and pay attention if he didn’t repeat his story every time I meet him. This man, an old Irishman, seemed to possess an entire library of made-up stories. Somehow he possessed the talent to shake one out of his sleeve every night we come here. He finds me interesting, ‘alluring’ even, but adds quickly that he isn’t gay. But, he still considers himself to be open-minded. I decline his offer to have a ‘fun night’ with him, so he sits by my side like bees attracted to honey until the bar closed down. Dawn came and the Irishman and me parted ways. His name was Ronald, he said. I called him Ronald for the night. I knew he’d come up with a different name when I meet him again. But for now his name is Ronald.
    I had stayed up an entire night and my head was nearly exploding. Not only had I survived listening to the drunk storyteller for four hours straight on, I had collected two gems as well. The killing nearly became a routine for me, but I’ll remember myself that it is a demon’s job to do. I’d never wash the blood from my hands.
    I didn’t look forward to our meeting. I never did. I and ‘my’ warlock didn’t share a lot of similarities, but our aversion against lying and deceiving was a mutual trait. So I always told her the truth, as much as possible. And the truth was that humans were liars. Every single one of them. Even though we like to think different. My name was one of those fabricated lies. And she saw straight through that as well. I had hoped to kill her, but the times I tried weren’t very fruitful. So I led the life of a slave instead. A man who seemingly possessed all the freedom in the world, but was bound to his fate instead. And man, are these shackles heavy.

    Hm okay I think I'll move on to present time in writing from now on. I'm switching...

    I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum

    [[email protected]: could you please not control my character?]

    Aerilyn Suraya Guanco || Hunter

    As the hunter heard the voice of the warlock, she opened the door and slowly entered the place, seeing a man in there as well. With a feeling of disgust she eyed him suspiciously, the helmet under her arm disabling her from crossing her arms. Disdainfully she huffed and turned her back on the man, directing her attention toward Scarletta, who had just found it necessary to kill a fly with a knife and told them about their tasks. So his name was Jaimes, huh? Befitting for his poshy appearance. He was so full of himself that Aerilyn would love to punch him in the face. Hard. "I have another gemstone for you," the hunter announced with a hoarse voice, placing the ruby heartstone onto the table, trying her best to ignore the man, however when he started talking to her directly she turned to him with a dark expression on her face. "I can't say I'm happy to meet you - in fact, I'd be more than happy to never see your ugly mug again, so get that stupid smile of your face, I don't dig people who have something dangling between their legs." With these words she turned her back on the man again and finally answered Scarletta: "No thanks, I'll go find myself a room and drink there. I'm perfectly calm by the way, but you know I hate men, so if you don't mind I'll excuse myself." With a serious look, she stared at the warlock, waiting for permission to leave.

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    Your corset is your armour; lace it tightly, breathing is unimportant.

    Jazlyn Delaney.

    Vaguely I noticed how someone was staring at me, but I tried not to notice that I saw it. It worked, I thought. Until he, or she, suddenly started talking to me.
    ‘Snow,’ the person said to me, as if I felt like a friendly conversation. Not so much. This made it difficult to be those three blocks away.
    ‘Listen kid, I don’t feel like chatting it up right now.’ I looked at the person who had the nerve to talk to me; sky-blue eyes, dressed like a strange person, slender figure and what I’ve noticed first – his hair is dark blue. Odd-looking child it is. But then again: I couldn’t talk, since my hair is snow white.
    ‘A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.’ It was a man, occurred to me, rather a kid. I stared at him with a look of, “Are you fucking kidding me?” His fingers fidgeted with the little ear ring he has, I only noticed just now.
    ‘Interesting to know,’ I took a deep breath. In my voice could clearly be heard the sarcasm I said it with. While I took a pull from the cigarette again, I glanced away annoyed and he spoke again. Doesn’t that kid take the hint? Why does he even speak to me?
    ‘Hello, I don’t know you.’ He bit his lip and for the first time I smirked, somewhat perverted.
    ‘You got that right,’ I said, while licking my lips. I didn’t care what he looked like, I was in the mood for some fun – partly how he had licked his lips. ‘Feel like getting to know me?’
    Suddenly I noticed my necklace, which I received from that damn Warlock, burn my skin under the shirt I wore. Because it was so abrupt, the cigarette burned my fingers and loud swearing I threw it on the floor.
    ‘God damnit, fucking hell…’

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

    Fiyero Gabriel Arch

    "Maybe she has a crush."
    Completely taken off guard, I stare at Raisa as if she had just told me that chickens were raining from the sky. I wiggle my nose, appalled by the mere idea. Just imagine having sex with Bella. Why, I'd be in constant fear she'd bite off my delicate parts in the middle of a steaming session. No, thank you very much, being a Gemheart is bad enough; I'd rather not be a Eunuch aswell. A shiver runs along my spine and I subtly cup my crotch with both of my hands, as if to protect it.
    I look up at Raisa, open-mouthed yet speechless, as she stands.
    "I'm going to go check on Valeria..." she announces, before messing up my hair. Great. Fine. I'll just have to leave it like that, because there's no way I'm looking into a mirror again today. I gruff and stare at the door, through which Raisa has vanished, for a while.
    "That's not fucking funny, Raisa!" I shout, even though I am well aware she won't hear me.
    I take my gaze off the door and look at the book in my lap. I'm not even in the mood for reading anymore. It's not fair of Raisa, making jokes like that. She knows better than anyone how I feel about falling in love or being affectionate. I repress the urge to throw away Lazu's book and instead carefully place away from the pool as far as possible. I have no beef with him...today...yet.
    I walk over to the little storage shed and open the door. From my secret little hiding place, I retrieve my bow and arrows and take the lot outside. Slowly and careful not to be seen, I make my way to the small area behind the shed, where there are a couple of trees, which I've marked with red dots as to make them my targets.
    I start to conciously control my breathing and try to reach that place of utter focus. When I feel like I'm ready, I shoot my first arrow. Bulls eye. Almost immediately the adrenaline starts to rush through my veins. Without thinking and purely acting on instinct, I keep shooting.

    I've no idea of the future, but I can see the past quite well. And the present, if the weather's clear.

    (Sorry @PlagueRat)

    Scarletta Chióni Istoría -Warlock

    "You may leave Aerilyn and indeed, Jaimes, get that stupid smile of your face." I held my knife so that I could threw it at him easily. He was quote annoying when he was smiling and Saying he was beter ten others.
    "Are you Sure you don't want to Stay here Aerilyn? Jaimes was about to leave." I threw the knife into the wall - luckily this is just something I can repair.
    "Still got Another room Free and Jaimes was going to leave this place, so you can Stay id you want?" I asked, trying to let her Stay so that I could talk to her about some things.
    The necklace around my neck was my favorite toy tonight, again I was playing with it

    (Sorry if there are spellingsmistakes)

    It finally happened - I'm slightly mad! ~ Queen

    Julian (gemchild)

    I chuckle when I feel Bella nibble on me. Most of the people in the house would have freaked out by now. Not me. She had only really bitten me once, and it had been unpleasant, yes. But I knew she's not doing this because she wants to eat me. I hope. The only thing that bugged me was the wet stain it left on my shirt. bella gently pulled me outside, I just about managed to grab my trench coat. I wouldn't leave home without that thing.
    "So, where do you want to go first? Or do you just want to walk around?"
    You never knew with her. I only knew I had to go and check for new books and had to look around for some parts. I was highly unlikely I could find them, but it was worth the try. I could always ask Raisa if she could get me some. While walking, I made sure to keep Bella close to me. Not because I was scared of losing her, it just felt more safe. I mean, that girl can kick ass and I couldn't even kill a fly if I tried. That and I didn't want her to wander off. Raisa would kick my ass if anything happened.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    Lazu Jet Markl
    I blinked at the woman. She did not seem very impressed. I was being weird again. Yes, I had calmed down quite a lot since this morning, which was nice. But I was still in a weird mood. My tic was playing up more than normal and my head didn't really seem to be... here.
    I studied the girl.
    “Feel like getting to know me?” she licked her lips. She looked at me with the eyes of a huntress, a tigress getting ready for a chase. My lips worked without my brain catching up. Anne of Green Gables, 1908.
    “It's so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn't it?" I asked her seriously. She was telling the truth. She didn't know me. I looked away, to the sky again. “No clouds today...”
    I chewed my lip, as I usually did when I was uncomfortable. Who was she? She was new... She was no gem-child. He would know if she was.
    “My name is Lazu Markl,” I continue with a polite smile, offering her my hand. “Nice to meet you.” She seemed nice, despite the fact that she seemed a bit weird. I wrinkle my nose slightly when I smell the cigarette smoke. It's disgusting. But he tried to be polite.
    “Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, A medley of extemporanea; And love is a thing that can never go wrong; And I am Marie of Romania,” he whispered to himself after that, a vague smile on his face. He liked that. Was that the tic, or just him? Sometimes, he didn't know any more. It couldn't be healthy...

    Jaimes Avril Ashley
    I laughed, my eyes on both the woman. I got that reaction a lot. Not everyone loved me as much as I did, and that was fine. Fuck them. Well, I would prefer not to, but... I wink at both ladies and throw my jacket over my shoulder.
    “Start every day with a smile and get over it,” I suggested. “See you.” I walked out of the building and headed into the village. It was quite a small village, not many people around. When I did see someone, I checked the necklace I was wearing. So far, no gem-children. God damn it...

    [Jaimes is free to be walked into, if anyone wants to deal with his ego.]

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    I smiled, slipping my hand into his. I had to stick close to him - he couldn't take care of himself in a fight. And well, I liked being close to him. I was starting to find that I actually liked physical contact. I was still getting used to it, but I decided that I liked it.
    "Let's just walk around." I suggested, resting my head on his shoulder. I wrapped my fingers around his, and smiled up at him contently. I was so happy to have some time alone with Julian. I liked spending time with my 'brothers' equally, but I was going to have to talk to Raisa about the sibling thing. It was a little creepy. "How're your clocks coming along?" start the conversation with something he liked... I remembered reading that in a magazine somewhere. Talk about mutual interests, and keep making little touches. I didn't really believe in that stuff, but it gave me something to go on.

    Having a birthday holiday to the Netherlands <3 So excited!! <3

    Jazlyn Delaney.

    ‘It’s so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn’t it?’ The tone he asked me with it was serious and I raised my eyebrow again. This time a little amused. I wanted to touch him. First get out of here.
    ‘Very.’ It was just a reply, nothing else.
    When he started talking about the air, I studied him again. His appearance was quite intriguing, especially when he bit his lip again. He seemed to be feeling uncomfortable, but that did not bother me. I even liked it.
    He introduces himself as Lazu Markl, even holding out his hand. Nice to meet you? Hm, the punk will get to know me sooner or later, and then he’d be changing his mind about it. He wrinkles his nose, probably due to the smoke. Deliberately I blow the last bit of smoke in his direction. I find it funny.
    I took another cigarette from the pack, lit it up and turned back to the young boy. He looks the same age as the kid before. His outstretched hand I ignored, but grabbed his wrist roughly and then pulled him somewhere else. Away from the hotel, before the security is already looking for me. He said something absurd, but I didn’t even respond. It did not even occur to me what he said. Some mumbo-jumbo.
    Finally a block away, I halted and let his wrist go, then looked around before I turned back to him. The necklace had let me know that I had a precious gem child, which would be mine very quickly. Well, first I want to have an enjoyable time with him. A sly grin came upon my lips. In any case, I could introduce myself; he can know his assassin by name.
    ‘Jazz, honey.’ I took his hand, even if he would not like it, and bowed towards it. Then I stuck my tongue out slightly and licked his hand. He tasted sweet.

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    Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.