• Ik ben een beetje bezig met opzoeken hoe alle fans heten, weten jullie er misschien nog een paar.
    1.Beliebers (Justin Bieber)
    2.Directioners (1D)
    3.Potterheads (Harry Potter)
    4.Twihards (Twilight)
    5.Fanpires (Vampiers)
    6.Lovatics (Demi Lovato)
    7.Brat (Cher Lloyd)
    8.Tribute/Gamers (THG)
    9.Demigod (Percy Jackson)
    10.Swifties (Taylor Swift)
    11.J Cats (Union J)
    12.Mixer (Little Mix)
    13.Astronauts (Simple plan)
    14.Mayniacs (Conor Maynard)
    15.Janoskianators (the Janoskians)
    16.(Doctor Who) Whovians
    17.(Glee) Gleek
    18.(Star Trek) Trekkies
    19.-Litlle- Monsters (Lady Gaga)
    20.Team Breezy - Chris Brown
    21.The Echelon - 30STM
    22.Daydreamers - Adele
    23.Beyhives - Beyonce
    24.The Undead Army - Hollywood Undead
    25.Animals - Kesha
    26.Miley Cyrus - Smilers
    27.Selena Gomez - Selenators
    28.Pokémon - Pokemaniacs
    29.Lord Of The Rings - Tolkeinites/Ringers
    30.Hooligans - Bruno Mars
    31.Hoot Owls - Owl City
    32.Musers - Muse
    33.Hetalians - Hetalia Axis Powers
    34. Aliens (Tokio Hotel)
    35. Miley Cyrus - Smilers
    36.‘Pirates of the Carribean ’ - ‘Rum Runner
    37. Pretty Little Liars - liars
    38. Bro's - Pewdiepie
    39. Culés • FC Barcelona
    40. Ajacieden - Ajax
    41. Tukkers • FC Twente
    42.Weezywaiter - Beardlovers
    43.Vlogbrothers - Nerds
    44.Green Day - Idiots
    45.Clouds - Rain
    46.Bronies - My Little Pony
    47. 1TYM: Hip-Hop Village / Black
    48.2AM: I Am / Metallic Grey
    49.2PM: Hottest / Metallic Grey
    50.2NE1: Blackjack (Korea) & Blackjack Nolza (Japan) / Hot Pink
    51.4Minute: 4NIA / Pearl Purple
    52.8EIGHT: Sweet Voice / *NA
    53.A-JAX: A-LIGHT / *NA
    54.AA (Double A): W (Double U) / *NA
    55.A Pink: Pink Panda / Pink
    56.After School: Play Girlz / Yellow
    57.Ailee: Aileeans (Unofficial) / *NA
    58.A Peace: Hana-one / *NA
    59.AST’ 1: Eunice / Pearl Purple
    60.B1A4: BANA / *NA
    61.B2ST: B2UTY / Dark Grey
    62.B.A.P.: Baby / *NA
    63.Baby V.O.X: Baby Angels / Pearl Baby Pink
    64.Baby Vox Re.V: Second Wing / Pink
    65.Battle: Battle Destiny / Pearl Gold
    66.Big Bang: V.I.P. / Black & Yellow
    67.Black Beat: Soul Black / Pearl Black
    68.Black Pearl: *NA / Pearl Black
    69.Blady: Hi Ade / *NA
    70.Block B: BBC (Block B Club) / Purple
    71.BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea) & SOUL (Japan) / Pearl Yellow
    72.Boyfriend: Bestfriend / *NA
    73.Brave Girls: FEARLESS / *NA
    74.Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting / Yellow & Black
    75.BTOB: Melody / *NA
    76.BUZZ: Buzz’s Happy People / Blue
    77.C-CLOWN: *NA / Pearl Forest Green
    78.Chakra: Goddess / Purple
    79.ChAOS: ChaoNyx / *NA
    80.Chi Chi: Shy Girl / *NA
    81.Chocolat: Chocolatier / *NA
    82.C.N. Blue: Boice / Blue
    83.Co-Ed School: Classmates (Unofficial) / *NA
    84.Code-V: V-intage / *NA
    85.Click B: NIZI / Green
    86.C-REAL: C-REALing / *NA
    87.CSJH The Grace: Shapley / Pearl Pink
    88.Dalmatian: Dalmate / *NA
    89.Dal Shabet: Darling / *NA
    90.DBSK/TVXQ: Cassiopeia (Korea) & Big East (Japan) / Pearl Red
    91.Davichi: Girls High / *NA
    92.DGNA (The BOSS): Master / Pearl Terracotta
    93.Diva: *NA / Pearl Purple
    94.DNT: DAY / Chocolate
    95.Epik High: High Skool / Black
    96.EXO: Exotic (Unofficial) / *NA
    97.Eun Ji Won: G-CREW / Silver
    98.EvoL: Voller / *NA
    99.f(x): Plus (Unofficial) / Pearl Light Periwinkle
    100.F. Cuz: For U; Runway (Korea) & F.antasia (Japan) & F1 (China) / Twinkle Light Silver
    101.F.T. Island: Primadonna / Yellow
    102.F.I.X: Polaris / *NA
    103.Fly To The Sky: Fly High / Sky Blue
    104.Fin. K.L: Pinky / Red
    105.G- Dragon & Dara (Daragon): Appler / *NA
    106.Gavy NJ: Happiness / *NA
    107.Girl’s Day: DAI5Y (Daisy) / *NA
    108.Girls’ Generation: S♥NE (So-One) / Pastel Rose
    109.GP Basic: Basically / Purple
    110.Gong Yoo: Yoo & I / *NA
    111.G.Na: G.Ni / *NA
    112.g.o.d: Fan God / Sky Blue
    113.Hello Venus: Hello Cupid / Lime Green
    114.Heo Young Saeng: Y.E.S. (Youngsaeng’s Eternal Supporter) / *NA
    115.HITT: Hitter / *NA
    116.H.O.T: Club H.O.T. (fans referred as White Angels) / White
    117.Ivy: Ivynus / Lime Green
    118.Infinite: Inspirit / Pearl Metal Gold
    119.Isak N Jiyeon: *NA / Pearl Wine
    120.IU:U Ai Na (U Love I) (Unofficial) / *NA
    121.Jang Geun Seuk: Eels / *NA
    122.Jay Park: Jay Effect (fans referred as Jay Walkers) / *NA
    123.Jewelry: Jewel Box / Pearl Blue
    124.JJ Project: JJ Project Endorphins / *NA
    125.KARA: Kamilia / Pearl Peach
    126.Kim Bum (Actor): Bummies / *NA
    127.Kim Hyun Joong: Henecia / *NA
    128.Kim Hyung Jun - Junus (Korea) & Jjunaway (Japan) / *NA
    129.Kim Jong Kook: Papitus / *NA
    130.Kim Kyu Jong: ThanKYU / *NA
    Kim So Eun: Angels / *NA
    Koyote: Little Ssun / Pearl Blue
    LEDApple: LEDA / Pearl Teal
    Lee Min Ho (Actor): Minoz / *NA
    Lee Seung Gi: Airen / Pearl Mint
    M. Peror: Kingdom / *NA
    MBLAQ: A+ / Pearl Chocolate
    M.I.B.: Busterz / *NA
    M.I.L.K: Milky Way / Pink
    Miss A: Say A / *NA
    Monster: *NA / Black
    Moon Child: *NA / Ivory
    MYNAME: MYgirl / *NA
    N-SONIC: Super Sonic / *NA
    Nine Muses: Strutter (Unofficial) / *NA
    NRG: Cheonjae Ilwoo / Pink
    NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E / *NA (uitleg)
    One Way: One Love / *NA
    Outsider: Presto / *NA
    Papaya: *NA / Pink
    Paran: Blue Ciel / Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue
    Park Shin Hye: Star Angel / *NA
    PSY: CHO / Black
    Rain: Clouds / Silver
    Rainbow: Rain-nous / 7 Rainbow Colour
    RaNia: Raniation (fans referred as RANIAN) / *NA
    Se7en: Lucky 7 / Lime Green
    Sechs Kies: DSF (Dear Seichskies Friend) / Yellow
    Secret: Secret Time / *NA
    SeeYa: SeeYa With You / Pearl Light Pink
    S.E.S.: Friend / Pearl Purple
    SG Wannabe: Love Room / Pearl Gold
    S#arp: *NA / Red
    She’z: Holic / *NA
    SHU-I: Was-i / Purple
    SHINee: SHAWOL (SHINee World) / Pearl Aqua
    Shinhwa: Shinhwa Changjo / Orange
    Shinvi: Linos / Pearl Teal
    Sistar: Star 1 (Style) / Fuschia
    SM The Ballad: Balladears / *NA
    SMASH: smaSHE (Korea) & Smile (Japan) / *NA
    SPICA: Mercury / *NA
    SS501: Triple S / Pearl Light Green
    Sugar: Sugar Island / Apricot
    Sunny Hill: H:LLЁR / Sunshine Yellow
    Super Junior: E.L.F (Everlasting Friends) / Pearl Sapphire Blue
    Supernova: Tinkerbell / Pearl
    T-ara: QUEEN’S (Korea) & Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory
    Teen Top: Angel / Pearl Light Lavender
    T-Max: Mighty Max / Midnight Blue
    TRAX: TRAXIAN / Pearl Cobalt Blue
    Tritops: Tristar / *NA
    U-Kiss: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuschia
    V.O.S: Soulmate / Pearl Burgundy
    Wonder Girls: Wonderful / Pearl Burgundy
    X-5: Xenia (Unofficial) / *NA
    Younha: YounHapia / Light Pink
    ZE:A: ZE:A’S (ZE:A Style) / Pearl Gold
    En verder heb ik dus nog niets, weten jullie nog iets?;)

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    [ bericht aangepast door Groningen op 2 juli 2013 - 21:39 ]


    Ik vind die namen altijd zo stom. Ik zeg veel liever; "Ik ben fan van .....". :'D

    [ bericht aangepast door Dauth op 2 juli 2013 - 21:02 ]

    I hope you drown in all the cum you fucking swallow, to get yourself to the top.

    Brat (Cher Lloyd)
    Tribute (THG)
    Demigod (Percy Jackson)

    And in that moment, we were infinite.

    Aliens, van Tokio Hotel, toch? ^^'

    We need a bigger boat.

    Swifties • Taylor Swift
    J Cats • Union J
    Brats • Cher Lloyd
    Mixer • Little Mix

    "Fuck feelings, be a bitch" - Blair Waldorf


    "Fuck feelings, be a bitch" - Blair Waldorf

    DarkSavior schreef:
    Ik vind die namen altijd zo stom. Ik zeg veel liever; "Ik ben fan van .....". :'D

    Ik ook maar vind het wel leuk om te weten;)


    Astronauts - Simple Plan. Verder weet ik het niet, maar het boeit me ook niet zoveel.

    Take risks and conquer your fears.

    Xenophilius schreef:


    Monsters van Lady GaGa. Verder zou ik het niet weten.

    “I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.” - Billy Joel

    Mayniacs - Conor Maynard -weet niet zeker-
    Janoskianators - the Janoskians
    Doctor Who - Whovians
    Glee - Gleek
    Star Trek - Trekkies - no joke :c -
    Miley Cyrus - Smilers
    Selena Gomez - Selenators
    Beyonce - Bey Hive
    Pokémon - Pokemaniacs
    Lord Of The Rings - Tolkeinites/Ringers

    [ bericht aangepast door Keynes op 2 juli 2013 - 21:13 ]

    Team Breezy - Chris Brown
    The Echelon - 30STM
    Daydreamers - Adele
    Beyhives - Beyonce
    The Undead Army - Hollywood Undead
    Animals - Kesha
    Little Monsters - Lady Gaga
    Hooligans - Bruno Mars
    Hoot Owls - Owl City
    Musers - Muse
    Hetalians - Hetalia Axis Powers

    En zo ken ik er nog wel een paar (:

    We need a bigger boat.

    Potterhead - HP, toch? :3

    She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face.

    Ik heb mijn lijstje nog wat aangepast (:

    Gobsmacked schreef:
    Aliens, van Tokio Hotel, toch? ^^'

    Yes. :'D Ik heb geen idee met de dingen waar ik fan van ben, thou. Als iemand weet hoe Walking Dead fans zich noemen, of van Pretty Little Liars hoor ik het graag.

    Your make-up is terrible

    Team jacob en team edward:D

    sommige liefdes zijn perfect, andere zijn vervloekt