• Mu en ik zagen dat er nog geen topic was van deze hilarische anime.

    Kazuhito Harumi is a bookworm to the extreme. He’d rather be reading than doing any other activity, cherishes his bookstore punch cards and above all else, loves reading the work of his favorite author, Shinobu Akiyama. But Kazuhito’s life changes forever when he’s killed in a cafe robbery and reincarnates as... a dachshund puppy?! Luckily for the canine, he’s adopted from the pet store by none other than Shinobu - real name Kirihime - herself, and what’s more, she can read his mind! Unfortunately, she’s also sadistic, loves her sharp pair of scissors, and gets inspired by investigating crimes and the macabre. Kazuhito must now learn to love his furry new body while dodging Kirihime’s attacks and trying to find new reading material!

    Wie kijkt hem nog meer? :3

    Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, and I will eat you whole.

    Hij klinkt echt leuk. Ik zet 'm op mijn plan to watch list. :p

    Let the Night embrace you

    Ik kijk hem idd erg grappige serie. Ik vind het soms iets te overdreven maar verder wel leuk .

    Kawaii ^w^